"Disconnection from Host"

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Platform: PC/Windows

Description: At least 1-3 times every day I get disconnected from my matches because of "Disconnection from Host" or something very similar to it. This is not a problem on my end, I have almost perfect wifi connection when playing and then I randomly get kicked either at the very end of the game or at the start of the game. I then end up getting a queue time ban and now it is up to 30 minutes. This makes me very unhappy and unmotivated to play as I just keep getting queue time punishments. There should be a system that detects when somebody is kicked/crashed from the game and bypasses the queue lock!!!

Occurs: 1-3 times a day!

I don't have any screenshots, I just leave and get frustrated after getting kicked/alerted over this problem. If it happens again I'll get a screenshot.

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