I ran a Distressing Build on Wesker and got told to Tie a Noose

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I decided to create a terror radius gimmick build on Wesker because I was bored. I brought an offering for Autohaven Wreckers because I didn't want to get sent to any of the maps with increased chance to be selected, (RPD, Shattered Square, Garden of Joy), because those maps are awful.

On my very first game on Blood Lodge I bumped into an Ada who I managed to grab as she was attempting to vault shack window. She then killed herself on hook, dooming her team mates, and stuck around for the rest of the game to message me in the end-game chat.

This is what she said:

I've since reported her for toxicity. And I'm left wondering what goes on inside the mind of a player who has a mental breakdown when they bump into a killer running Distressing and Unnerving Presence.

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  • RaSavage42
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    It's more like they weren't expecting it and you messed up whatever they were planning on doing... or that you won (sore loser)

    So rather then learn that players will use whatever perks they want... they'll say those magic words

    I've been wanting to try something like that... I wonder if I'll get the same messages (console player)

  • mikewelk
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    So uncivilized...

  • SirCracken
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    I have no idea what she was planning on doing if that's the case. She had Resilience so you would think that she would benefit from a build that's designed to slow down healing.

    It's not even a strong build. But I don't think players like her really care.

  • SirCracken
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    This is what happens when you don't have your daily Snickers Bar.

  • Nazzzak
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    Sounds like her issue was with lag. Not sure why she took it out on you.

  • thrawn3054
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    Definitely an over reaction on their part. That said ######### that build. I hate it so much.

  • Marc_go_solo
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    Whelp, glad you reported her pathetic ass! The fact she even thought this was acceptable for one vault grab is laughable and I hope BHVR levy her with a perma-ban.

    Sorry you had to deal with that wanker. However, you handled it like a pro!

  • MrSlayer
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    Lol. Good old Internet, so many happy memories come to mind. I'm surprised Ada didn't say anything about your parents.

    I think about it this way - the basement was hot, unwashed body itched and you just took a last shred of dignity that person had.

  • NerfDHalready
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    wish bhvr was more strict towards those kind of players. she doesnt deserve any less than a perma ban.

  • CorvusCorax86
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    Very interesting build! I think I'll borrow it and I'll let you know of the (endgame chat) results. 🤗

    On a more serious note you did well and this was a compliment but with the use of various other synonymes.

    TBH her build is completely generic - level 39 is getting close to the 50-100 range where people are entitled to their opinion which must be considered universal truth for the community.

  • MimiDBD
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    I played Wesker exclusively when he released and one of my builds was Distressing, Infectious, Starstruck, Agitation and the hate was real. The build worked quite well on most maps but bonus points if you use Midwich/The game offerings.

  • Rizzo
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    I'm closing this here.

    I'm sorry you encountered this kind of behaviour, however I want to ask you to please just report it, posting it here can lead to naming and shaming and it's not something we want to encourage.

    Thank you.

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