The Hate For Wesker Is Very Ridiculous

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I really don’t understand the hate for Wesker at all. I understand that facing the same the killer can be boring. But I don’t try to complain every time I face a certain character I don’t like.

I swear I get so tired of this mentality. Just let people enjoy things. Don’t go bullying and go yippie your favorite is not available to play lol. How would you feel if your favorite was broken? I keep seeing this mentality on Twitter. I know I should just ignore them.

It’s just getting annoying and frustrating to seeing this type of behavior everywhere. If you don’t like Wesker that’s fine, just don’t mess with people.

Edit: Putting this here but I fully get why some people think Wesker all the time is boring. I understand variety is good to have sometimes. I probably should of looked at the situation differently.But I was just tried of the consent bad behavior towards others. Cause looking at it I should take the opportunity to level up my other favorite characters.

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