Event Challenge Encore! Encore! Bugged

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I play on Steam and encountered a bug today. The final challenge in the event tome, page 2, is bugged and doesn't finish when completed in match.

I have attached a video showing the progress happening in match but the challenge not being completed afterwards.

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  • HarlockTaliesin
    HarlockTaliesin Member Posts: 763

    The issue I've had is the description in the tome entry says to activate any of the invitation's effects one time, but when in trial what pops up appears to show that three times are required. I've not been able to catch it for a screenshot as it only shows up for a split second, but it appears to give credit for 1/3. I've been attempting to get three uses done, but after the first one no further pop-ups appear. Regardless, no credit/completion received at all at the end of the trial.

    Screenshot of tome entry:

  • Z0mbiv0r
    Z0mbiv0r Member Posts: 277

    Same. I completed it now, it did show up as if it had to be done 3 times, I'm quite sure I did plenty more and still it didn't go up the first one.

  • Underwear_Model
    Underwear_Model Member Posts: 94

    Is it 3 times in a single trial? If so that's a chore.

  • kisfenkin
    kisfenkin Member Posts: 613

    This challenge isn't working for me either. As killer I used the invitation to expose, and to break pallets and it didn't finish. It did pop up in the top left corner one time when I broke a pallet but then at the end screen it wasn't complete...

  • senpi0
    senpi0 Member Posts: 16

    Can confirm, just tried it and didn't work for me too.

  • zeemgeem
    zeemgeem Member Posts: 34

    Seems like more challenges in this event are bugged than ones that aren't. I'm also getting no progress on this one.

  • Frys_Dog
    Frys_Dog Member Posts: 92

    Just did it, although it says 1 time it is 3 in fact.

  • SDBmania
    SDBmania Member Posts: 3

    I just got it as killer and I broke 3 pallets. Perhaps it's supposed to be done 3 times in a single match?

  • bunthos
    bunthos Member Posts: 5

    I am having the same issure with "Strategic Alliane"

    Playing on Windows Pc, as Rebecca Chambers, once on RCPD, once on Autohaven.

    Both times the ingame notification came up saying the quest was complete. Post lobby and other out of game menus showed no completion, and is still stuck on the same progress.

    Kinda tired of how many bugs the last couple of patches are having -_-

  • Z0mbiv0r
    Z0mbiv0r Member Posts: 277

    So basically the problem is the description of the challenge does not relate to the actual challenge, and instead of being 'While in chase, activate any of the invitation's effect once' should be 'While in chase, use an invitation to destroy a pallet 3 times'? I'll try that next chance I have. This would make sense, since I do remember using it to destroy a pallet first and that counted, and then I used it (not willingly) to endure any stun and (willingly) to make a survivor suffer from the Exposed status effect, and they did not count towards the challenge.

  • Zokenay
    Zokenay Member Posts: 1,158

    Same here, ive used an invitation mid chase multiple times and got nothing.

  • bookie
    bookie Member Posts: 18

    Had the same issue on this challenge and on the challenge Take One For Your Team...Of One.

  • drsoontm
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    Same here. Happened twice (and I will not try a third time until I know it's fixed)

    I've played a match as killer (Blight) twice.

    Both times, I've broken a pallet and I've set a survivor as exposed (both times using the invitation power) and yet I didn't get the rift.

    I did it the same way twice.

    The first time I've let the four survivors escape.

    The second time I've killed three.

    I didn't get the rift.

  • Quink
    Quink Member Posts: 53

    wow 5 busted challenges in the event tomes. Keep it up BHVR! Impressing the masses as always!

  • Z0mbiv0r
    Z0mbiv0r Member Posts: 277

    I can confirm. Just played a match as killer and use the invitation to break a pallet 3 times and I got the challenge done.

  • nekopunch
    nekopunch Member Posts: 3


    this is true.

    I just completed the challenge, can confirm that the challenge is indeed use the invitation power 3 times instead of 1 time within 1 single trial.

  • Tinkbenz
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    Same it still says not finished. You have to activate it three different times in one game. Crazy

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  • Scary_Punk_Ghost
    Scary_Punk_Ghost Member Posts: 31

    I just got it, had to do ot 3 times according to the tracker ingame. Yet it only tracked it a second time and never told me I finished it.

  • Coder
    Coder Member Posts: 747
    edited July 2023

    The description is wrong.

    You have to do it 3 times in the same match. Like as survivor block a window and create 2 pallets.

  • ShyPirate
    ShyPirate Member Posts: 369

    Can confirm this as well. It appears the challenge isn't bugged so much as the description is incorrect. Probably easiest to do as killer breaking pallets and breakable walls 3 times.

  • Psychedelic
    Psychedelic Member Posts: 13

    Thanks for suggestions! Will try 3 times on killer.

  • Cyn0_0
    Cyn0_0 Member Posts: 84

    Just confirmed it completes when using it 3 times in chase as survivor as well.

  • Ariel_Starshine
    Ariel_Starshine Member Posts: 937

    It's not working for me either. Same bugs.

  • Deathslinger1of2
    Deathslinger1of2 Member Posts: 96

    Thank you, I am experiencing the same problem

  • Phantom_
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    Ooh! My in-game tracker is bugged as well, it doesn't show just gives an audio-cue that it has "shown" so I didn't see that either 😓 going to do that then, ty!

    Edit: that doesn't work either.

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  • Drakonic212
    Drakonic212 Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 2

    Yo I found the fix you need both previous challenges completed to complete it that's why it shows it needing 3 in stead of 1 because it's trying to do the challenge before it

  • Drakonic212
    Drakonic212 Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 2

    Yo I've found a fix the 2 challenges before it both need to be completed

  • Rudjohns
    Rudjohns Member Posts: 1,807

    Not working for me either