Thoughts on Each Killer?


Im curious to how people think of each killer, and if i just have wild hottakes or smt.

The Trapper - I dont rlly like going against him as hes just a boring M1, and the trappers I get always camp.

The Wraith - I love the Wraith! I used to main him so I know how to go against him rlly well and I like, mindread them when I go against them.

The Hillbilly - SO FUN I LOVE HIM! Hes super easy for me to go against bc most hillbillys go for chainsaws when the shouldnt and Ive done some GOOFY stuff against Hillbillys. Also, they are always super kind. ILY hillybilly mains <3

The Nurse - Good nurses can be fun for me, but I kinda always die bc Im not that good. Baby nurses tho are amazing and I love them.

The Shape - I'd be completely fine with them, BUT MY TEAMMATES ALWAYS GIVE HIM T3 IMMEDIATLEY!!!

The Hag - The few hags Ive had have been so fun! Ive never once had a camping hag, just ones that use traps rlly well in chase and those hags are super fun.

The Doctor - I dont like him. I hate prethrowing pallets and I think his power is just overall boring. I remember my first doctor match and it was so intense and scary, but now hes just boring.

The Huntress - I like them! My ONLY issue with them is sometimes the hitboxes are wild af.

The Cannibal - I <3 Bubba

The Nightmare - Boring to go against, but Ive had some good matches against them. I love playing as him bc he has alot of stragety and involved gaming so I just find him fun :)

The Pig - I like them! I love SAW so im super biased, but usually they let me boop and I like the headttraps.

The Clown - ONE OF MY LEAST FAVORITES! HES SO BORING!!! He just spams the bottles and theres no (fun) counterplay!

The Spirit - Nerds, and just an unfun killer.

The Leigon - Depends on the player, I like leigons that use their ability, and pallet stunning them in frenzy is soooo satisfiying. But, the Leigons that JUST M1 and dont frenzy are so boring :c

The Plague - I love playing as them as vommiting is so funny, and I like dodging the vomit too, but I just dont find them that fun.

The Ghost Face - I like jumpscare Ghosties, but most of my ghosties just camp and dont even stalk.


The Oni - I like him, I just wish my teammates would heal me! Hes fun to loop when hes angy tho.

The Deathslinger -REALLY FUN I love dodging his bullets bc i so good at it, but the usualy play anoyyingly (hard 3 genning, hard camping, etc).

The Executioner - I like when they spam their long range (?) attack bc iits so satisfiying to dodge, but they are usually nerds and camp cages.

The Blight - Hes fun, its just when I get hit the hitboxes are WEIRD.

The Twins - I love crushing victors skull <3

The Trickster - So unfun omfg. His chase is the worst in the whole game, at least with clown or doctor theres some remotley fun counterplay, but for him he just spams and theres nothing I can do (I also only get him on coldwind wich SUCKS)

The Nemesis - Fun to loop, sometimes tentacles shoundlt hit but whatever. My only issue is the zombies, they feel unnecesary and ISTG they used to not be that anoyying but now tey jsut are so anoyying.

The Cenobite - I like his power and I love the movie hes from sm but pinheads are so nerdy.

The Artist - Kinda boring, I hate exit gating against her bc they just spam crows (which is fair, its just not fun).

The Onryo - Kinda boring, but a joy to see.

The Dredge - My main I love him so much and hes SO overrated! He also has the best outfits out of all killers bc the Maurice skin and the doll skin are so good. Going against him tho, I pee myself and despite him being my main, I shutdown and die.

The Mastermind - I still love him no matter how many times I get him. Fun chase power is the key to my heart.

The Knight - I hate people who play him, they always tunnel so hard and I wish the little gaurds where changed somehow, they just arent super fun.

The Skull Merchant - Why behavior...

The Singularity - I love him, hes rarer now despite being the newest release, but I get happy when I get him. His cameras are unique, just too easy to get rid of.

Anyways those are my thoughts, share yours too <3


  • Bloodraven
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    OK here's my take for what it's worth 😁

    The Trapper - The poster boy done dirty by having to collect his power and set it up before even being able to use it only to have it shut down immediately by at least half competent survivors. Still has a soft place in my heart though.

    The Wraith - A mostly well rounded experience either as or against though I mostly lose either way 😅

    The Hillbilly - Love his lore and his aesthetic but keeps getting dealt a rough hand by the devs which is a big shame.

    The Nurse - The only killer that has to do a DC check at the beginning of a match lol, can't stand playing her though as her power makes me feel sick.

    The Shape - 9 times outta 10 I find myself getting stuck like a pig on the end of his knife, buuuut his alright 👍

    The Hag - Scares the piss out of me every time I step near a trap, love play as and against this one 😳

    The Doctor - I just love exploding gen ASMR, nuff said 😅

    The Huntress - If you can dodge an axe you can dodge a dodgeball ... except the axe has a hit box the size of a beachball 🙃

    The Cannibal - "I <3 Bubba" to quote yourself 😅

    The Nightmare - Almost as M1 as the trapper, faced him like 4 times and was meh all the time, never felt the need to play him...ever...

    The Pig - Most of the time I get the boop the snoot piggies 🐷 so a fun killer over all.

    The Clown - "ONE OF MY LEAST FAVORITES! HES SO BORING!!! He just spams the bottles and theres no (fun) counterplay!" I agree with this sentiment entirely.

    The Spirit - Oh so sweaty .... dislike playing as and against this one.

    The Leigon - The chase music for this killer is more obnoxious than Weskers honestly but usually an interesting match, never used them myself tho.

    The Plague - LOVE playing as this one, but I can't handle playing against her as the vomiting the survivors do actually makes me ill 😅

    The Ghost Face - An alright killer to play as but every time I go against one they are the most toxic d-bags of all time.

    The Demogorgon - Come on who doesn't love a good Demodoggy, just a shame I missed out on the stranger things dlc so I can't ever get to play him 😢

    The Oni - The big angry boi just wants a hug bless him.

    The Deathslinger - A killer for COD players through and through this one.

    The Executioner - A decently rounded killer with some truly terrible addons, what's not to enjoy here?

    The Blight - A killer that I would never likely have the skill as well but it's always a good match to verse ... so long as they aren't 4 man slugging of course lol

    The Twins - a sibling duo for the ages these two.

    The Trickster - a painful the verse and a pain the play but dammit there's just something I love about this killer, the lore is great too.

    The Nemesis - STAAAARS! That is all..

    The Cenobite - a decent killer all round and one of my favourite to verse or play as but that cube denial build is just... there is a special place in Hell for those people just saying 😅

    The Artist - about as fun as jumping into a pit of needles...just ask the Pig how that felt...

    The Onryo - SADAKO, SADAKO, SADAKO! A killer that needs to have the damn lullaby removed from her STEALTH power, first killer I started maining at will always enjoy no mutter how bad she is.

    The Dredge - A pretty solid match for and against this one and the skins are just amazing especially the dolls.

    The Mastermind - Best cartoon villain in video gaming ever to be conceived bar none, fantastic killer all round and those voice lines are just *chefs kiss*

    The Knight - gonna have to hate me my guy as this killer is my new main but I don't stand for that 3 gen nonsense, guard sniping is my game hehe. Map of the Realm addon absolutely should be basekit though.

    The Skull Merchant - Never played as or against this one as I don't actually own this killer yet as her perks and power just do not interest me at all. And from the content I have seen of her I feel kind of vindicated there 😅

    Thh Singularity - with a lore that's all over the place and a power that's almost as easy to counter as the trapper the only reason I got this killer were the perks Forced hesitation and Made for This lol.

    That's just my opinion though 😁

  • JustAnotherNewbie
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    I'll probably comment on the killers that have stood out to me.

    Nurse players I hate. They are fun to verse but they don't have a single fun bone in their body, unless they're playing her for a daily. I also had an encounter today or yesterday where the Nurse was playing very suspiciously some tiles, at least from my experience with the average Nurse, but perhaps they had a second account where they played more Nurse...who knows.

    Blight players I also dislike. Number 1 offender of bringing a Mori during anniversaries. Run the most meta perks and strongest add-ons.

    Onryo can go either way. I've come across cuties a few times and we may have a soft spot for each other (they might like Ada...idk)

    Wraiths are Blight players in spirit.

    Myers can be extremely cute or extremely murderous. Somehow I've evaded their mori, I dunno how, I just feel it when they're bring in.

    Ghostfaces are either goofy or extremely murderous as well. I don't think there's an in between. The goofy ones can be pretty fun.

    I just hate Clown. I hate playing vs him, I hate his playstyle. I don't like him at all.

    Wesker players probably have the biggest variety due to everyone and their mother playing him, so I cannot pinpoint something that stands out about the players.

    Pyramid Head - usually are baby killers. Don't remember the last time I faced a good PH.

    Trappers are unfun. Either they are babies or they trap shack or main building. They are also rarely if ever nice.

    Deathslingers can actually be pretty chill. More so than Huntresses. I just think they love the character as well as his playstyle, but hey I can see it, I also find him cool.

    Spirits I usually face aren't that good imo and I don't face them so often. Kind of Sadako level in terms of cuteness. (I wish I met cuter versions of both of them, oh well)

    Last Demo I faced was adorable. We played peekaboo. I think he accidentally killed Bill but hey, I would have made the same mistake cause there were 3 Bills all wearing the same. i couldn't tell them apart either. The second one died to bleed out somehow...

    If there's a baby killer that's more baby than anyone else it's Oni. They could pass right by me and not see me. Idk how it's possible. More experienced Oni's usually will squeeze you out of your blood orbs and then abandon you to one shot your team.

    Twins are also usually babies...but it's so fun kicking Victor, I cannot stop doing it. Why does it feel so fun. I wish we could show some appreciation to Twins so they don't feel that discouraged getting kicked in the face all the time.

    I don't have an opinion on Singularity.

    Knights are pretty annoying. If a new way to play obnoxious was invented tomorrow, I'm sure they'd adopt that as well.

    Doctors I don't have a strong opinion of, maybe they miss a lot of swings for some reason?

    Artist are 99% not nice (except me) but I did meet a nice Artist once. Never met such a honorable killer before or since. She was chasing me and Jill threw a pallet in my face and then I tried to vault it and she was using Any Means Necessary... Artist downed me but let me wiggle off so we could continue our chase <3. I'd like to be that kind of Artist as well.

    Nemesis is the guy who'll drop the chase he's in to go back to his the recently unhooked survivor. I once had one be nice to me as Cheryl on Midwich map. I don't think I've ever encountered a nice one since them (almost a year ago). They also have an extremelly high chance of bring NOED.

    Skull Merchant is Skull Merchant. Have not played against one who is not doing the 3-gen strat, but also I don't see her that often.

    Pinhead's always play seriously, don't know the definition of fun.

    Same with Leatherface. Camping Leatherface is probably like 50% of their playerbase. But there is also a significant amount (the other half) that does not camp on first down.

    Billy's are definite campers. Also doesn't help that usually they're babies so they resort to that.

    Huntress has a propensity for tunneling, especially the more inexperienced she is. She has a bunch of aura reading, you cannot escape her.

    I don't have a stereotype about Legion. Maybe depending on the member you play, it also reveals your personality/playstyle? Who knows.

    Plagues are also always try-hard. Have never encountered a nice or farming Plague.

    Hags as well. They are actually very desperate in their attempts to win.

    I haven't noticed a distinct character for Dredge players so far (I also don't see him that often).

    Freddies will use everything the can. From proxy camping to tunneling. For some reason I feel they are more like Nurse mains in spirit than Blight though.

    Trickster gets on my nerves. Not really the player behind him, I just think they did a great job with his mannerisms and how much of a psycho and obnoxious he is as a character. No other killer makes me feel that way. it's like he's mocking you and being condescending. Despite Wesker having lines of that type I don't feel that way towards Wesker. But Trickster brings out that sort of feeling.

    Pig, I just know they don't wanna be booped 99.999999999% of the time. False advertising.

  • GannTM
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    As a P100 Spirit, I guess I’m a diabolical nerd 💀

  • Sharby
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    The Trapper - Annoying

    The Wraith - Annoying

    The Hillbilly - Fun if they play fun, I usually give them a free kill.

    The Nurse - Annoying

    The Shape - Annoying

    The Hag - Annoying

    The Doctor - Annoying

    The Huntress - Least favorite in the game

    The Cannibal - Annoying

    The Nightmare - Annoying

    The Pig - Annoying

    The Clown - Annoying

    The Spirit - Annoying

    The Leigon - Annoying

    The Plague - Annoying

    The Ghost Face - Fun, the players usually chase a lot, I like playing vs this killer aside from janky reveal mechanic.

    The Demogorgon - Favorite to play vs.

    The Oni - Annoying

    The Deathslinger - Daddy and fun

    The Executioner - Annoying

    The Blight - Fun if they don't tunnel.

    The Twins - Annoying

    The Trickster - Fun.

    The Nemesis - Favorite next to Demo.

    The Cenobite - Annoying

    The Artist - Annoying

    The Onryo - Annoying

    The Dredge - Best designed killer in game

    The Mastermind - Overrated and annoying

    The Knight - Annoying

    The Skull Merchant - Delete

    The Singularity - Annoying

  • UntilValhalla13
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    ^ genuine question: why still play the game if 85% of the killers are annoying?

  • CrusaderNella
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    Trapper - I'm sad that I can't play the poster boy in high MMR without handicapping myself

    Wraith - He is cool. Once you learnt eh art of body blocking, he becomes so fun.

    Hillbilly - Speedy boy. But I am too scared to learn him cause bhvr likes to gut him

    Nurse - My inner hipster does not allow me to play meta killers

    Myers - I love jumpscare Myers. I wish he was better,

    Hag - She is fun. I love how she gives everything a good spanking.

    Doctor - Still learning the ins and outs of him, but he love the mind gaming you can do with him.

    Huntress - My inner hipster does not allow me to play her.

    Cannibal - He does the funny noises when his chainsaw goes from. Also I love his walk cycle.

    Freddy Kruger - Very surprised that he has no cosmetics. Like nothing at all.

    Pig - I like her. Interesting idea, though the ambush can be tweaked a bit.

    Clown - Funny fat man

    Spirit - Inner hipster does not allow me to touch her

    Legion - Should have been a disguise killer

    Plague - The only killer my hipster side allows me to play

    Ghost Face - I like him.

    Demogorgon - He is a good boy,. Be sure to headpat him.

    Oni - I am not skilled enough to learn him.

    Deathslinger - Shooty man. I would like to get better at him.

    Executioner - Personally, I think all hooks should have the anti camping mechanic that Pyramid head's cages have.

    Blight - One of the only killers my hipster side allows me to play. But I don't like to play meta addons. I like the stealth rush build.

    Twins - I've nevr played her before, but I guess you can kick the baby.

    Trickster - Yellow shirted man who throws knifes and got a power from mystical sources. why yes, I do think he is a jojo reference.

    Nemesis - Tied for my favoriate killer. Too bad I am so bad at him that my zombies get more hits than I do,.

    Pinhead - Tied for my favoriate killer. I like his playstyle. Also, insert he came joke.

    Artist - Tried her once, was horrible, never touching her again. Why yes, I am a gigachad.

    The Ring - She is just boring. I just, dont like her. I tried her a bit but she is just so boring.

    Dredge - I like any killer that can potentially jumpscare survivors.

    Wesker - It's wesking Time

    Knight - I think I may be the only person that actually uses his gaurds to gaurd a position and attempt to use them in a chase.

    Skull Merchant - Played her once. That game was already 50% longer than my average match time.

    Singularity - I like him. I wish he wasn't so bad on indoor maps.

  • Depressedlegion
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    Dredge is underated as hell that's all I have to say.

  • toxik_survivor
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    Skullmurchant is simply the best killer in the game by far. In terms of getting kills and ranking up

  • Xernoton
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    Trapper: Not my kind of killer but I'm mostly fine playing against him. As long as it's not a basement Trapper.

    Wraith: I personally do not enjoy playing against him but I do like playing as him every now and then.

    Hillbilly: My beloved child abuse victim with a chainsaw. Incredibly hard to play, super punishing and at times a very infuriarating experience. But sooo worth it when you finally hit that sick curve on a teabagging Ace. Could use some quality of life improvements and better addons but is otherwise fine.

    Nurse: Meh.

    Huntress: I suck at aiming hatchets but I love playing against her. Just please don't snipe all of us across the map. That feels super bad. 😂

    The Shape: "Hihihi, you think I need to hook you before I kill you? Think again, Megan."

    Hag: I don't love playing against her but I'm fine with it every once in a while. Can be quite fun to play too.

    Doctor: My second main. Often underestimated. Now that his strongest perks are gone he is mostly fun to verse too. As long as your team mates don't play like they really lost their sanity.

    Cannibal: Booba.

    Freddy: I don't know why but I have a soft spot for him. I kinda like his animations. I still think he should be reworked.

    Pig: Not my favorite killer to verse. For some reason my team mates seem to love gen rushing through Tempered Timer...

    Clown: Needs help. His coughing doesn't sound healthy at all.

    Spirit: Meh.

    Legion: Stabby, stabby!

    Plague: Someone get that woman an antiemetic!

    Ghostface: I'm indifferent about him.

    Demogorgon: Good Demodoggy.

    Oni: Seriously needs anger management therapy.

    Deathslinger: Still think he needs 1 real bullet.

    Executioner: Have you seen that booty?

    Blight: Gotta go fast.

    Twins: Do. Not. Kick. The baby!

    Trickster: Meh.

    Nemesis: He killed Meg! We all saw it!

    Cenobite: He came.

    Artist: Caw.

    Sadako: Sadako in DBD feels like child abuse. Pure girl crawled out of a well and is now getting bullied.

    Dredge: He is in the game.

    Wesker: Pog performance indeed.

    Knight: Well... Shift + W, I guess.

    Dull Merchant: You disappoint me. Is that the best you've got?

    Singularity: I'm done with this guy. Way too hard for he actually does.

  • Xendritch
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    Trapper: BHVR clearly sees him as a tutorial killer and not for actually ranking up so it's clear he's gonna be F tier forever.

    Wraith: I don't know why but every high rank Wraith camps and tunnels with him which is weird considering he's a zoomy boy. Not complaining it's just weird considering what he's capable of.

    Hillbilly: Actually the hardest killer to play in the game.

    Nurse: The special attack nerf actually did it's job and she's much less annoying to play against now, still don't like her much though.

    Myers: Either A tier or F tier depending on add-ons and I don't think that's healthy.

    Hag: Better than a lot of people suggested for a long time but she's gradually getting left behind.

    Doctor: People who play this killer just wanna hear you scream tbh the kills are secondary.

    Huntress: Huntress should actually replace Trapper as the face of the game IMO. She's more popular been around almost as long and actually strong.

    Bubba-Along with Freddy one of the worst examples of the effects of time crunch I've ever seen.

    Freddy-See above.

    Pig-Should be nerfed.

    Clown-When people know how do use his piss bottles he's actually scary fortunately only 5% of clown players actually do.

    Spirit-I don't really have anything to say here, she's fine.

    Legion-Most overpowered character ever released when they first came out and it's crazy to see how far they've fallen.

    Plague-Should have replaced Spirit in Hooked on You.

    Ghost Face-The memelords of killer players.


    Oni-I feel like everyone who plays this killer plays like they're either rank 20 or rank 1 and nothing in between.

    Deathslinger-Most likely to also play CoD/CSGO

    Executioner-The best licensed killer ever released in terms of staying true to the source material even more than Myers or Wesker.

    Blight-I actually think Blight as surpassed Nurse as the best killer in the game.

    Twins-Scared for the rework.

    Trickster-Literally just Jared Leto in suicide squad

    Nemesis-I feel like Nemesis players are the ones most likely to BM both in game and in chat.

    Cenobite-The most oppressive killer in soloQ if they know box spawn logic.

    Artist-Deserves more mains, the best killer nobody is playing.

    Onryo-The only killer that can still jump scare me.

    Dredge-Literally just Jared Leto IRL.

    Wesker-Least favorite killer doesn't belong in DBD and I'll die on that hill. Gets way too much value for a power that's easy to use.

    Knight-Meh on release but much better now and using guards to flush out survivors with long paths is so much fun but way too add-on reliant.

    Skull Merchant-She's fine I actually think she's the most average killer in the game and people overreact to her ability to 3 gen on most maps.

    Singularity-I predict in a year there will be like 5 Singularity mains that will make him look High A tier and he'll remain a mystery to everyone else.

  • Nikolaifly
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    I only dislike 8 killers tho... (NEVERMIND I realise u where talking to the guy above lol i agree)

  • RaSavage42
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    Since I play Killer more often then Survivor... I will relay my thoughts on playing as the Killers... also I play on console so yea

    Trapper: I find him almost boring... I say almost to mean that picking up and setting (and even resetting) his traps and (for me) not getting a lot of value out of it

    Wraith: Love him... versatile And Memey at the same time

    Hillbilly: I still haven't gotten used to him (since I only started to play him after his nerf)

    Nurse: She's fun but to Skill heavy (which I don't mind)

    Shape: He's fun in his own right... not much else to say

    Hag: I love her strategy gameplay

    Doctor: Kinda boring... But his shocks are fun

    Huntress: She's fun as a FPS player

    Bubba: I don't play him

    Freddie: I don't play him either

    Pig: I main her... I love the SAW series... She's versatile

    Clown: He's fun to play as...

    Spirit: She's good but the player needs a pair of headphones

    Legion: They're decent... but then again they're finnicky

    Plague: She's fun but if the Survivors know what they are doing she underperforms (IMO)

    Ghostface: He's fun... Can sneak around easily but the reveal mechanic

    Demogorgon: He's fun and playing statically

    Oni: He's fun on open maps... and not fun on closed maps

    Deathslinger: Same as Oni

    Pyramid Head: He's ok IMO... His trails can be avoided but I can see why

    Blight: He's not my flavor of Killer... I can't get used to him

    Twins: I like her playstyle... but others don't

    Trickster: OOF... playing him on console is a workout

    Nemesis: He's fun to play as... His zombies could use some help... Also his footsteps are loud AF

    Pinhead: I don't have a lot of experience in playing as him

    Artist: I like her but I still haven't found my playstyle for her

    Sadako: Same as Pinhead

    Dredge: I don't have him

    Wesker: Same as Pinhead

    Knight: He can be fun... I have found a playstyle

    Skull Merchant: Same as Pinhead

    Singularity: Same as Dredge

  • pseudechis
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    The Trapper - Second most played killer after Myers, like the set up aspect, kitted him out to look like Jason as proxy till F13 makes it in. Bit of an outdated M1 killer so making him work well is a challenge but can build for chases or basement shack lock down, both are fun to play and face.

    The Wraith - Should play more, silent bell wraith is great, don't see much as survivor anymore, which is a shame.

    The Hillbilly - Can't steer him to save myself so really bad at him, don't mind facing though, feast or famine killer they tend to land every chainsaw or none of them.

    The Nurse - Great killer wish I was better with her than I am, but can hold my own after a few refresher games. Creepy aesthetic and completely different gameplay. When you hear that first scream as survivor the tension immediately goes up... it either stays up or very quickly dissipates based on how well she hits those blinks.

    The Shape - Best killer in the game! Addons switch up gameplay, ultra rare are strong, Insta-down killer, chase killer, stealth killer all in one. Beautifully captured the feel of the Halloween movie, I hope they never change him. Fav killer to face and play.

    The Hag - Set up killer been playing her again and still enjoy her, haven't faced her in a long time.

    The Doctor - I miss Hawkins where gen killer Doc's terror radius could cover the map. Average killer to play and face but good concept. More punishing to new players than old.

    The Huntress - Hatchets are fun, great killer all round. A fav to face.

    The Cannibal - Another fav, learn to maneuver that chainsaw and unleash the mayhem. Only got better with the changes they made, great to play and face.

    The Nightmare - Only play him when have dream chaser daily, kinda lackluster but not terrible.

    The Pig - Not a fan of SAW, played "AFK" pig a lot as it felt like a puzzle to figure out and counter. Team managed it twice with no deaths. Now that its patched out (which is a good thing it was broken) haven't played her since. (The name AFK pig was misnomer, I never once went AFK playing it and you still have to chase in the endgame, it was just an endgame build).

    The Clown - One of the few killers I have at max prestige. Don't know why just a lot of fun to play, rarely face him sadly.

    The Spirit - Another Max prestige, good overall power, fun to play creepy aesthetic. Was kinda meh on the changes but they didn't break her, so still good. Fun to play and face.

    The Leigon - Kinda dull, thought there would be more to it on release and haven't really changed my mind on it.

    The Plague - Great killer, interesting power, fun to play and face haven't invested much time into her myself. In the "should play more category." Again don't often face her as survivor.

    The Ghost Face - Stealth and insta-down is fun but prefer Myers. Feel like I face this guy a lot, guess people like stealth.

    The Demogorgon - Good lunge, straightforward power but not a lot going on here. Well designed but don't play it much. Enjoy facing it.

    The Oni - Great killer, demon dash and smash is a lot of fun. Somehow can steer this better than Billy. Always seem to die against him no idea why just gets me every time.

    The Deathslinger - Another Fav, the last truly great chapter of DBD. Play a lot, wish I faced him more. I miss quick scope but I understand the changes.

    The Executioner - Got him, played him, don't mind him, don't play him much. Not a big SH fan anyway but a well designed killer I guess. Used to face all the time now days not so much.

    The Blight - Dash is great but pinball bumper play feels silly. Don't play him much but face him a lot for obvious reasons. Not bad but no real surprises you know what to expect.

    The Twins - Meh, played, passed, have never faced.

    The Trickster - Ugh button masher pop clown. Wish he'd pack up his lil glow bat and go home. Thankfully face him very rarely. Hate his chase music. Don't own.

    The Nemesis - Good killer, like the zombie idea, play when have daily. RE 1-3 were great games. The rest meh. Don't face him much.

    The Cenobite - Don't own him, faced him once or twice. Hellraiser films suck (sorry OP). That is all.

    The Artist - Wanted to like her, couldn't get into it. Have rarely faced her as survivor. Wasn't playing much around this release though so meh.

    The Onryo - Ring movies are great, Japanese horror is some of the best. Want to play her more but again released at a time I wasn't playing at all. Came back to have a few games but haven't touched her since.

    The Dredge - Same again, not a bad killer just didn't really play. Faced him once. Cool idea should play more.

    The Mastermind - Cheesy, the RE films and later games aren't great. Face him a lot. Strong power, fun chases just never bought him myself.

    The Knight - 2 games haven't touched him since. Faced once, like the concept feels clunky to play.

    The Skull Merchant - Unimpressed. Stupid half mask costume looks like it was designed by a 10 year old.

    The Singularity - Why bother, never faced. Silly looking cartoon monster. Haven't bought or faced. Hate the map, schlocky budget cartoon Avatar set that feels really small.

  • Marc_go_solo
    Marc_go_solo Member Posts: 4,907

    I'll speak as a survivor on these as I havem't played all the killers:

    The Trapper: Anxiety-inducing killer, who I have a lot of respect for if the player is skilled, being that he's a weaker killer. Still dangerous in the right hands.

    The Wraith: Makes sounds more like a pig than the actual Pig, yet still a threat. Has a rather funny running animation which takes away from the fear though.

    The Hillbilly: Brilliant to face. Not scary, but can be extremely chaotic and throw the trial into anarchy pretty easily. One of my favs to face against (also one of my favourites to play as).

    The Nurse: A cracked Nurse is basically a countdown to destruction for me. I don't often out mindgame them, but that's more on me for doing some dumb plays. Looks menacing as heck from a distance.

    The Shape: Probably the killer I fear most, with the insta-downs and constant threat of being killed instantly. Oddly, I also feel he should keep this unique ability, especially considering how weak he is compared to other killers.

    The Hag: Jump-scare expert, but unfortunately I'm not that affected by jump-scares. Unique addition in terms of that type of horror, but doesn't feel menacing, especially in chase.

    The Doctor: Most Doctors have been evil bastards, so in that respect it's great roleplaying! However, they have been known to be rather dickish at times.

    The Huntress: Fun to face, but for some reason they often seem pissed at me. Most likely killer to hit me on the hook. However, these killers are often fun due to - when I win or lose - it's often a proper trial of skill.

    The Cannibal: Behind the Shape as scary, mainly because you mever know if a dramatic chase will be followed by 2 minutes of boredom. Great presence in the trial.

    The Nightmare: I understand he's not popular, but I enjoy a good Nightmare trial. Adding the extra objective to "wake up" adds a bit of tension which I enjoy. Not very imposing though. In a trial, I'm not often "aware" of him.

    The Pig: Kudos to anyone who plays her, because she definitely is not threatening and I cannot remember every finding her traps an issue. Of someone is good at Pig, they have my ultimate respect.

    The Clown: I do not like facing them. The bottle ability feels quite obnoxious. Not overpowered, but does become very irritating with the drugged effect. Don't like his sound design and clowns are not scary to me.

    The Spirit: She's got decent counters now and is still strong. Enjoyable to face, although the cackling sounds feel rather odd for an undead being (minor pick, but otherwise she's fine).

    The Legion: I don't like them. I'll tolerate a bunny costume Legion, due to my Silent Hill fandom, but these guys aren't intimidating nor that interesting to face. Once the Feral Frenzy has done its bit, they become Trapper without the brains or anxiety.

    The Plague. Her trials can become epics and my most memorable trials have Adris in them more than any other killer. Requires a good team effort and, since I play solo, those trials where the team comes together make for some brilliant trials.

    The Ghost Face: The Scooby-Doo villain of the roster. I've learnt to see the entertainment value in him, when before I used to hate him. Still not a favourite, nor one of the most interesting killers for me, but I'm fine with Ghost Face.

    The Demogorgon: Always a joy to face these guys. Well-balanced killers which are both dangerous yet counterable. One of the best killer designs BHVR made.

    The Oni: Absolutely fantastic to face! Great trial presence, interesting power and intimidating. An improved Hillbilly for me, even though I have a lot of time and respect for Hillbilly.

    The Deathslinger: He's pretty decent and I like the FPS vibe he brings. It's also refreshing to have a killer which isn't really meant to be a horror villain and fts another genre entirely (a steampunk western). Wouldn't mind a couple more killers which don't fit the stereotypical horror role.

    The Executioner: Third most intimidating and scary killer for me, mainly to do with my Silent Hill fandom. Best sound design of any killer and can be very oppressive. Don't see them quite so much as the tunnellers people say they are, but don't doubt this happens.

    The Blight: "Pinball Wizard" still plays in my head when I face them. My reactions aren't great versus a cracked one, but most others I believe are fair, although those infamous add-ons need altering.

    The Twins: Victor is just hilarious, which is a bit of a shame considering how good the trailer was. Charlotte is actually pretty intimidating in her own right and trials can be a lot of fun against them. Shame they're so rare.

    The Trickster: I imagine this is what would have happened to the Joker if Batman was not around to push him. I do admire BHVR for going out of horror again but, unlike the Deathslinger, this chump was a bit of a letdown. Not intimidating at all.

    The Nemesis: The zombies are fun additions and he's a monster to face. His music is cheesy as heck, but at least it fits the cheesy horror of RE. No complaints of trials with him.

    The Cenobite: Easily the second-most annoying power, although it is at least fair. He is great at disrupting the flow of the trial and a good Cenobite can alter their playstyle well tp focus on finding the box above all else.

    The Artist: Love facing this killer, even if the chase music feels like it belongs in "The Wizard of Oz". Great power and chase potential. As a survivor, you need all your wits about you, because of the different ways she deploys her inky crows.

    The Onryō: Heavily underrated, in my opinion. She's a dangerous foe with some interesting stalking styles. She's intimidating and also nerve-racking. Her condemned builds can make playing her more dangerous because of the completely different playstyle.

    The Dredge: Again, I love facing this killer. Greay design all round, scary power that can hit you out of nowhere and the darkness power is something I've wanted for a while up to this. I know some don't like it, but it ramps up the fear factor and excitement for me.

    The Mastermind: A fun killer to face, although a tad oversaturated recently. The power is balanced and he's got counterplay whilst also being a real danger. Cheesy as hell.

    The Knight: I've not experienced him as the true camper some depict him as. He feels like a gen-protector, but not ridiculously-powered. Granted, it's not a fun tactic, but he also excels in pincer attacks and using the right minion at the right time makes him more than a gen protector.

    The Skull Merchant: The worst killer BHVR have ever made by miles.Terrible power idea, crappy lore, animated purely for "sex appeal" (which even that is done terribly) and is just a disgrace. BHVR have made.many brilliant killers. This just shits on their works.

    The Singularity: Only faced 2 of these and both were the worst of tunnellers and campers, which is a shame since I've seen videos of them being played as way more enjoyable.