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Does BBQ Invitation gives more bloodpoints than Terrormisu during this event?

Lenny197 Member Posts: 134

Does BBQ Invitation gives more bloodpoints than Terrormisu during this event if the Terrormisu is more rare and less people burn it so it doesn't stack as much as BBQ Invitation?


  • bearr_trap
    bearr_trap Member Posts: 120

    This one had me thinking.

    I feel the BBQ invitation has potential for a hefty amount of points, especially for the Killer and anyone who is a gen jockey. If you get to barely touch a gen for the entire trial because you're looping or the one unhooking and healing or what have you, you'll lack in points.

    Then we have the Terrormisu

    The ALL CATEGORIES lures me in since I can benefit from Altruism as well as Boldness instead of just the Objective but this also buffs other offerings, which boosts anyone who brought a BBQ invitation.

    Personally, Ive been swapping from one to the other every match or so.

  • NoOneKnowsNova
    NoOneKnowsNova Member Posts: 2,784

    I cant recall how much players used the BBQ offering, but I hit a 98k game earlier iirc.

    I need to upload the screenshot tomorrow morning to make sure I ain't tripping.

    Terrorismu is better but can be used whenever. Hence, Id use my BBQ offerings.

  • EliskaMM
    EliskaMM Member Posts: 145

    Cake works on everything while invitation works only if you FINISH the stupid gen.. so if you do 99% of the gen and get chase off, I finish it, you get 0 I get all the points.. Bc this event si stupid AF, so cake is actually way better.

  • TragicSolitude
    TragicSolitude Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 6,832

    Teammates sandbagging me on a gen and then popping it are why I am keeping my BBQ Invitations as souvenirs.

    Every survivor (or at least every survivor who touched the gen) should get points when it pops. The unsportsmanlike behavior the current system encourages is ruining matches.

  • EliskaMM
    EliskaMM Member Posts: 145

    yeeah, I agree.. I also have ppl with bond running into me.. Back in the day, it was global for everyone bringing the offering.. but I guess toxicity is more important this year :)

  • Ivanynakov
    Ivanynakov Member Posts: 235

    BBQ seems to work only during event. Cakes will work even after, so I am saving cakes for later.