Will you be buying Alien DLC next week? and are you excited for it?


Title question(s) + reasoning if you want.

Personaly it's amazing we finaly have dream come true as Alien coming to DbD, but I am not as hyped as I thought I would be.



  • mustdogen
    mustdogen Member Posts: 356


    Too busy to play Baldur's Gate III right now.

  • humanbeing1704
    humanbeing1704 Member Posts: 8,750

    Not the xenomorph just looks like them going back to killers that are significantly harder to play with a controller lol

  • Nun_So_Vile
    Nun_So_Vile Member Posts: 2,084

    No, because i'm poor.

  • radiantHero23
    radiantHero23 Member Posts: 3,467


    I'm very happy with the quality of the dlc.

    The killer seems like I actually want to play them in comparison to the last 3 (I'm very sorry hux.... I really gave you a chance)

    The map seems to be the most fair map for over 2 years with tons of great Easter eggs.

    Perks seem fairly good and balanced.

    Overall: really looking forward

  • Z0mbiv0r
    Z0mbiv0r Member Posts: 277

    I am totally going to buy it day one. I had so much fun in the PTB and I'm eager to play as and against him. I'm usually terrible at aiming with pretty much any killer, and while Alien's tail thrust seems to have an acceptable hitbox, I'm sure I'll have lots of problems with it, which makes me want to play as him even more. I want to master it.

  • bm33
    bm33 Member Posts: 8,092

    Nope. Might check out Fog Whisperer stream and see if I can win it like I have with other licensed DLC but I'm not going to buy it.

  • Dustin
    Dustin Member Posts: 2,247
    edited August 2023

    Will be playing Armored Core 6 so no. Will likely pick up later on.

  • Nirgendwohin
    Nirgendwohin Member Posts: 1,251

    no and yes because i don't have other goals left in this game

  • Kius
    Kius Member Posts: 140

    No, I will not buy the killer or the survivor.

    The flamethrowers reminds me of the singularity for some odd reason. So for me I can't justify paying for it.. the killer perks seems niche and some might work on certain killers but still not worth to get only for the perks..

  • Evan_
    Evan_ Member Posts: 527

    I'm hyped, but I'm not going to buy instantly - mainly for I have a big enough backlog of killers I want to play decently, and there's more improving to do with my main. I'm not highly interested in the perks either.

    I'll grab it when it's on discount.

  • A_Can_Of_Air
    A_Can_Of_Air Member Posts: 2,015

    Yes, I’ve wanted Alien for years so it’s a dream come true. I felt similarity with Hellraiser but Pinheads power feels a bit too difficult to use consistently and the purple wire add-on feels necessary for great value out of chains, but it feels kinda gross to use.

    Ultimatly, The Xenomorph feels simple to use and fun with the tunnel system and tail attack. Flamethrowers are cool and not too bothersome but still a manageable obstacle that needs dealt with. The map is amazing and Ellen was done well, despite the likeness not being there.

    Overall, big yes. I’m happy with the chapter and wouldn’t change much about it.

  • Bran
    Bran Member Posts: 2,087

    I thought it was cool until I read "The Xenomorph has entered the fog" only to realize it has in fact not entered the fog.

    I'll still take a look at it though.

  • HoodedWildKard
    HoodedWildKard Member Posts: 2,013

    Ehhh idk. Want to see how xenomorph players get on. Before I drop any money on it. And I'm not hugely interested in Ripley's perks

  • Alice_pbg
    Alice_pbg Member Posts: 6,544

    probably... even if not at launch, I will.

    weird thing to say. since modern horror takes so much from the classics. alien being one of the big ones that inspiration is taken from.

    and that we have modern alien movies... which are not as good.

    so what do you want? fnaf? train to busan? hush? it follows? terrifier? bird box?

    we also have ash as a final girl... people keep forgetting him.

  • Aven_Fallen
    Aven_Fallen Member Posts: 15,502
    edited August 2023

    Yeah, I will buy it.

    Not really excited, I was never really bothered with the Franchise so far so it is not really anything special for me, just another DBD-Chapter.

  • Seraphor
    Seraphor Member Posts: 8,904
    edited August 2023

    Yes and mostly.

    Not as hyped as I would have been if it's power wasn't another anti-controller one, but I'm still gonna get it and give it my best shot. I can mostly manage as Nemesis, and have no problem resorting to M1s.

    I'm more hyped that it's in the game than I am to actually play as the Xenomorph tbh. Future Ripley main by all accounts.

  • BlueHorkew
    BlueHorkew Member Posts: 1,079

    Might get alien, but not on release.

    Positive for the chapter overall, but not really super excited.

  • IlliterateGenocide
    IlliterateGenocide Member Posts: 5,994

    I'll probably buy it, no not excited. Unfun to play against

  • CrowVortex
    CrowVortex Member Posts: 947

    Nope, Tail attack power wise it seems clunky at least on controller, other aspect of his power is pretty much the same as my dredge, only with tunnels. so nope, will not buy. Perks maybe but doubt i'll use them.

    September i will be playing Baldur's Gate 3 anyway for a while.

  • ReikoMori
    ReikoMori Member Posts: 3,333

    Matchmaking is working as intended and the game isn't doing a strict elo to start with.

    It's literally vague number number that marginally separates players, but often times doesn't matter because matchmaking speed trumps all.

  • Luv2NotHateDBD
    Luv2NotHateDBD Member Posts: 37


    The thing with limiting family sharing is BS. So now me and the BF have to decide which crap to rebuy.

    They are reverting fast vaults.

    I'm done with this game for a while.

  • Xendritch
    Xendritch Member Posts: 1,842

    Yes and I may main Xeno, haven't decided yet.

    Not sure why so many people are calling Xeno anti-controller, they felt fine to me.

  • Alice_pbg
    Alice_pbg Member Posts: 6,544
  • Necrobot
    Necrobot Member Posts: 46

    Vague number. Yeahhh it's really vague. Maybe you are on a better server, play at different time... I don't know. It's not the case here (EU, i play in the morning for the most part) like baby survivor with 10 hours versing 10 K hours blight and nurse and stuff like that ALL THE TIME and new killer vs experimented survivors. It goes both ways. It's really vague, yeahh.... My games are either stomp or be stomped, no middleground. 1 game out of 10 is like a fair and tense game. I don't want a strict elo, i just want the matchmaking to work and it's not from my experience. I'm not lying.

    When you see some streamers, you can see that kind of stuff frequently.

  • totallynotamegmain
    totallynotamegmain Member Posts: 452

    No i will be yogurting

  • Melinko
    Melinko Member Posts: 291

    Not excited and this is the first DLC I won't buy.

    I've said it before on this forum, we just had a Sci-Fi update with Singularity and End Transmission. There is no chance Alien just got a call and said, sure here is the rights and it was all taken care of quickly. They had to be working on this for a bit, so why but out End Transmission if this was on tap next.

    Just doesn't move the needle for me at all. So many other quality choices available. Alien is a huge miss.

  • DemonDaddy
    DemonDaddy Member Posts: 4,167

    Wait until mid-chapter patch to get a better idea of the "final" product. Its more common to see changes than killers left as released.

  • CrowVortex
    CrowVortex Member Posts: 947

    Yeah i loved Divinity Original sin series, so no doubt i would love this too, plus LS dev team is truely in it for the people and not for the money grab.

    Also Mortal Kombat 1 in september too, so yeah, probably won't touch DBD at all in september / October XD

  • HansLollos2
    HansLollos2 Member Posts: 145

    Will buy it asap, when i have da money. This month is hard, since so much stuff. Baldur's Gate 3 and Mortal Kombat 1 cost me some money...

  • thrawn3054
    thrawn3054 Member Posts: 5,897

    Nope. No interest.

  • CatnipLove
    CatnipLove Member Posts: 1,006


    The Xenomorph looks great. The Ellen Ripley cosplayer however...

  • Melinko
    Melinko Member Posts: 291

    Indeed, and what new horror movie is really that amazing?

    I'd rather see any of the following:


    Cujo (killer dog would be interesting)

    The Thing - with an ability to mimic survivors or possess them and R.J. MacReady as the survivor

    Fright Night

    Phantasm - hunting people with Angus Scrimm and that orb!

    Trick 'r Treat - Sam's creepy little self

    Child's Play - Cause Chucky is iconic

    Pumpkinhead - For the look and the vines.

    The Fly - Goldblum

    Puppet Master - So many cool things that could be done with the puppets.

    The Howling or An American Werewolf in Paris - Having a full moon effect and werewolf would be fun.

    And my personal favorite

    John Carpenter's Vampires - Sure Vampires.. neat... but it's more about the survivor, JAMES WOODS baby!!!

    Also could go with Lost Boys and have David and Michael.

  • Melinko
    Melinko Member Posts: 291
    edited August 2023

    As a zookeeper, I can appreciate and support that. And to be fair, Cujo wasn't a bad dog or a villain. Just got rabies :(

    What modern horror would you like to see added?

    The Nun, Annabelle?

    Jeepers Creepers would be cool.

    Terrifer is cool but much like IT, there is already a clown in game.

    I'd be all for Tucker and Dale vs Evil as survivors!

  • Seraphor
    Seraphor Member Posts: 8,904
    edited August 2023

    Apart from Terrifier, these are all at least 10yrs old.

    And Alien Isolation released in 2014. The franchise is practically timeless.

    So I'm not really sure where this 'old' vs 'new' horror thing is coming from.

  • Smoe
    Smoe Member Posts: 2,527
    edited August 2023


    Based choice

    The Tall Man is without question one of the few true pre-2000 cult classic horror movie icons and his inclusion is more than warranted.

  • Marc_123
    Marc_123 Member Posts: 3,318

    Yes and not yet very excited. We will see.

    I wanted a complete indoor map :-(

    But i was pleasantly surprised by the double Fragments week. Because i have to get these damn rifts done twice.

  • Mew
    Mew Member Posts: 1,827

    No and sort of

    the characters dont really interest me at all, neither do the perks. and xenos power doesnt really look like something id wanna use for longer than a day, id rather play nemesis

    i am sort of excited though because the map looks cool as hell and i love the easter eggs on it.

  • arthurrz
    arthurrz Member Posts: 13

    Yeah and I'll probably main Ripley. But let's just wait to see

  • Alice_pbg
    Alice_pbg Member Posts: 6,544

    apparently in the book you get his pov sometimes and he just does not understand what is going on and wonders if he is being a bad dog based on how people react to him.

    and in the movie, you NEVER see the lady actually hit cujo. they edited so it was just implied. because they realized, rabies or not, no one wants to see a dog get beat up. (and john wick is here to prove that we accept mass murder as the expected course of action after someone kills a dog)

    on the other part... let's not touch jeepers creepers with a 10 foot pole.

  • SMitchell8
    SMitchell8 Member Posts: 3,301

    Yes, not overly excited though. Think the game needs something gamechanging like a different game mode or something.

  • Thusly_Boned
    Thusly_Boned Member Posts: 2,806

    Yes and yes. I am an old school hardcore Alien fan, and I think the chapter looks good (really good relative to the last three).

    Low key bummed that we didn't get Sigourney Weaver's likeness, but still pretty excited overall.