Killer Concept: The Mimic

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Difficulty-Very Hard

Weapon: Prop Knife

Thought to be blunt and fake but is now sharp and real.

Power: Perfect Act

After injuring a survivor press the secondary power button to activate Perfect Act.

After a survivor has been injured by a basic attack The Mimic creates a Portrait of the survivor injured, pressing the secondary power button allows The Mimic to cycle through each survivors portrait, once a portrait has been chosen pressing the basic attack button will make The Mimic turn into that survivor, attacking while disguised will make The Mimic go back to normal and they will lose the Portrait of the survivor they were just disguised as. While disguised The Mimic will have their aura shown or force the actual survivor to have their aura shown when another survivor tries to read either's aura, The Mimic will lose their terror radius upon disguising and they can also fake survivor actions such as repairing generators, cleansing totems and vaulting pallets, The Mimic can also fake healing survivors but doing so will remove a health state from the survivor instead and The Mimic will be kicked out of their disguise. While disguised The Mimic can be found out by looking at their face, their eyes will be whited out and a water dripping visual effect can be seen.


When near a survivor while disguised pressing the power button will put The Mimic into a sprint at 5.0m/s.

Stage Prop:

Hold the power button to activate stage prop.

While Stage Prop is activated The Mimic can look at certain objects and transform into it, while transformed The Mimic terror radius is lowered to 10 meters, reading The Mimics aura is only possible when within 8 meters and The Mimic's movement speed is reduced to 3.2m/s.


See The Light:

When a survivor vaults a window during chase See The Light activates.

Gain a movement speed boost of 2.5/3/3.5% for 8 seconds.

This perk has a cooldown of 25 seconds.

Tarnished Respite:

This perk activates after being stunned by any means.

Stun duration is reduced by 30%

Breaking speed is increased by 70%

The survivor who stunned you will not be able to vault pallets or windows for 6/12/18 seconds

This perk has a cooldown of 15 seconds.

Behind The Scenes:

If a survivor enter a locker a loud noise notification will show which locker they entered. Once the survivor leaves the locker they will have Blindness for 30/45/60 seconds.

Grey Addons

Tampered Screw:

Decreases missed attack cooldown while disguised by 50%

Decreases hit attack cooldown while disguised by 20%

Shaved Floorboard:

After gaining a Portrait, gain the undetectable status effect for 10 seconds.

Poisoned Coffee:

After injuring a survivor while disguised that survivor will be afflicted with Blindness for 10 seconds

Studio Map:

Lose 2 available Portraits

While disguised as a survivor that survivor's aura will be permanently shown to you.

Yellow Addons

Soaked Costume:

While using Tricked, The Mimic lunge range will increase by 15%

Swapped Dagger:

After injuring a survivor using Tricked they become inflicted with Mangled.

Safety Equipment:

After putting a survivor in the dying state via fake healing, see the aura of that survivor and any survivors attempting to heal them.

Character's Shoes:

While disguised make no sound while running.

Rough Draft:

If the survivor The Mimic is disguised as is injured, the Portrait of them will not be lost.

Green Addons

Expensive Jacket:

If a survivor is injured during Tricked the become Oblivious for 20 seconds.

Accepted Script:

While disguised if a survivor attempts to read your aura, they become afflicted with Blindness for 15 seconds.

Bloodied Sunglasses:

While disguised, see the aura of every survivor that has a Portrait.

Razor Wire:

After vaulting a window while disguised, that window will be blocked.

Running Shoes:

Makes Tricked 0.3m/s faster.

Purple Addons

Perfect Script:

While using Stage Prop, see the aura of all survivors.

Grotesque Bat:

After injuring a survivor while disguised gain a Portrait of every other survivor.

Actor Manual:

While using Stage Prop, gain normal movement speed, lowers terror radius by 5 meters and aura cannot be read at all.

Backstage Pass:

After using Tricked, The Mimic gains 2% Haste after returning to normal.

Red Addons

Drama Mask:

After attacking while disguised The Mimic will not lose the Portrait

Comedy Mask:

After disguising the survivor that The Mimic is disguised as will become Exposed for 20 seconds.

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