Alien is a P2W Huntress/


There's no denying or hiding it anymore,BHVR!

With the Nicholas and Alien bonus cosmetics you've went fully monetisation interests

But I never thought you'll stoop this low...

This Alien chapter has truly revealed it,Alien's simply a better Huntress..the pay to win kind.

Alien's so much better than Huntress that it's not even a "Haha...1st of April we just got a P2W Huntress"

There's no counterplay to it has no windup for the tail,it has no directional awarness,it's model will show it's moving 1 direction and the tail another one,it has no notification it's going to hit.

Turrets are useless,they're getting you killed because,idk if it's an add-on or feature,but the Alien will know if you're nearby a tunnel and if you pick the goddamn turret you'll not be able to move,not to mention the slow animation to drop it when the alien will just come out of that tunnel.

We've had bad and uninteractive killer such as "Knight,SM,Legion 2018,Trickster and Artist"

We've had busted killers "Nurse,Blight,Billy(insta downs) and Spirit"

Now we have the P2W overpriced ones "Alien"

Thank you for giving me the boot with this update,I won't be able to play DBD for atleast 2 weeks until Killer mains realise just how easy to 4K is with this killer...then praise it's design..


  • Devil_hit11
    Devil_hit11 Member Posts: 7,032

    huntress has unlimited range with her hatchets. she hit surivors from 12-18 meters+. the killer have different designs and different advantages/disadvantages.

  • Crowman
    Crowman Member Posts: 9,015

    You said Alien is an upgraded Huntress. Huntress can land hits from 20m away. So can Alien do that?

  • Snowball777
    Snowball777 Member Posts: 143

    Alien is Nemesis 2.0, without pallet breaking but better map pressure and no vaccines/3 health states

  • mca240
    mca240 Member Posts: 456

    Alien is fine. If anything it is a hybrid between Pyramid Head and Nemesis. Instead of complaining on day 1, get familiar with the killer and learn how to play against it. It isn’t that hard.

  • Viktor1853
    Viktor1853 Member Posts: 932

    Bad bait

  • fussy
    fussy Member Posts: 1,238

    >busted killers

    >Billy (instadowns)