The Thing 1982 killer concept!

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"Killer power: The living host.

Mimicry: At the start of a match, the thing has the form of a survivor currently in the trial, while in this form the thing can interact with totems, generators, even heal other survivor's, this form will also have 0 terror radius. The thing while in this form moves at 100% movement speed. Press the ability button in order to show it's true self. Once the ability is active, the power of mimicry enters a 30 second could down. The thing cannot attack while in this form.

Assimilation process: While working on a generator, healing or upon touching a totem, the thing infects what it touches. If another survivor interacts with touched generator, totem or has aided in the healing of a survivor along with the thing while it uses mimicry, the DNA of that survivor now transfers to the thing, allowing it to transform into that survivor at will once enough DNA has been collected. The survivor can be selected by pressed the action button, once the survivor has been chosen the thing can use mimicry once the cool down has stopped."

Killer perks:

Hex: They'll sleep too

Upon all 5 generators being completed, the survivor's face a 5% haste debuff.

Its one of us:

Upon hitting a survivor with a basic attack, you gain the aura reading ability on another injured survivor for 10 seconds.

Back into the ice:

Upon completion of a generator, survivor's will become exposed for 10 seconds.

Although the perks are a bit lack luster, im pleased with the killer power! Please let me know your thoughts, what you would change/add to the concept, or tell me your own power ideas! Thank you all for reading <3


  • the_honey_badger
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    I should say it looked a bit confusing, the thing cant attack while in mimicry, it would have to leave that form*

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    I like the idea and the 1982 version of The Thing is a license I'm eagerly waiting for.

  • the_honey_badger
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    Thank you <3 Same here, thats my biggest hope for a chapter tbh

  • UnknownKiller
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    I would make something like

    Parasyte cells: Hold M2 to make a tendril like harpoon ( yeah like xeno ) that surv will be on deep wound.Press control to have for a brief time killer instinct to those affected by Parasyte cells, each certain time you can hold control M1 to teleport to an infected surv (animation in the floor like The singularity recomposing)

    Each time you hit someone with tendrill you will adopt the form of that surv for 30 secs till you attack another surv.