Who is your favourite Killer and why?

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For the first bi-weekly community question, we are starting simple!

Who is your favourite Killer and why?

Do you enjoy The Legion's outfits options? The power and perks of The Cenobite? Or maybe you love Wesker's chase music as much as I do?

Regardless of the reason why The Killer is your favourite, share it with the community!

I look forward to reading your responses!


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  • Header
    Header Member Posts: 308

    Blight because his power is fun to use and strong, even without addons

  • Evan_
    Evan_ Member Posts: 531


    The classic m1 game is satisfying, bottles reward anticipating the moves of survivors - and even my own reaction to them. I also like low-tier. If I do well, I know it was all me and not the powerful tools I picked.

    He also has a jolly, heartfelt laughter that elevates the soul.

  • Phantom_
    Phantom_ Member Posts: 1,236

    Wesker, first and foremost because he is from Resident Evil. Second, he is one of the most well-balanced killers in the game. He is strong but not overbearing, he is great in chase, and both his passive and active powers are good.

    Ghostface: I love his franchise (wish we had Gale/Sydney, but alas the license is just his mask). His insta-down ability is pretty good, and out of most of the killer roster, his brown add-ons are my favourite, they're actually really good AND useful. He is okay-ish in chase/as an M1-killer nothing to write home about, but I like him regardless. Also he has some very nice skins, on which I spent way too much money on :) and probably will do so again.

  • mizark3
    mizark3 Member Posts: 1,886

    Ghosty: Stealth is nearly the only facet of horror left for veteran players, and a properly played Ghosty excels at jumpscares. He is fair, because his counterplay only asks you to be aware, and you can loop him as a normal M1 Killer if he bruteforces the mark. He also can make you feel like a strategic mastermind, as you can have 99's prepped on 2 Survivors, so you start a chase with the last one while waiting to jump one of the others attempting an unhook.

    Most Killers are instant gratification, but Ghosty is sowing seeds, then reaping a large harvest. It just feels good. I'd compare him to Trapper and Hag in the sense that he places traps and can be harried out of having a power by dedicated Survivors, but you place the traps on the Survivors instead of on the map. 'Trapping' the Survivors helps maintain active interaction with the players, compared to the more passive gameplay found in other trap characters.

    It is rare to bring a perk against him and it be totally useless, so that also helps when going against him. Finally, you can weaponize the greatest Survivor tool back against them... the teabag. The only people I can understand disliking Ghosty are streamers, because gen time is basically stare at chat until you hear the skill check noise.

    I do understand revealing complaints, but it most often is user error. People typically line up the head of the Survivor to Ghosty, when they need to line up their armpit instead. I think people associate the head of the Survivor with the center of the screen, then go "I was staring right at him!" when their camera was aimed too high. Most video examples on Youtube have this exact problem.

  • EvilSerje
    EvilSerje Member Posts: 1,070
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    Sadako. Just simp for her, since movie. Plus she is very enjoyable to play, convenient and fun, even before patch.

    Plague. Good looking and super fun to play.

    Hag. Unique gameplay, very different from any other killer.

    Artist, Huntress and Spirit. Just highly gorgeous ladies.

  • BigChapAlien21
    BigChapAlien21 Member Posts: 250

    Xenomorph. I've never had so much fun playing a Killer. Been a huge fan of the Alien franchise since I was barely a teenager.

  • RaSavage42
    RaSavage42 Member Posts: 5,544

    Pig (Amanda):

    SAW fan... And I do like Pig's power I just wish there was more

    Spirit (Rin):

    I like her power

    Huntress (Anna):

    Throwing hatchets is fun

    Hag (Lisa):

    I like the strategy involved

    TL;DR... I like the verity of Killer's powers

  • JPLongstreet
    JPLongstreet Member Posts: 5,515
  • GannTM
    GannTM Member Posts: 10,853

    Spirit: She’s my only P100 character in the game right now. I’ve been enjoying her for 3 years. Love being able to go invisible and listen to where survivor go. Directional audio has made her more interesting as there’s a lot of mind game potential with it.

    Artist: The snipes that come with her are the most satisfying thing in the game for me. Just really love that play style and I still feel like I’m learning new things with her every time I play.

  • UndeddJester
    UndeddJester Member Posts: 2,545

    Pig, because success in every chase on her is all 100% mind games, and requires very deliberate fakes to catch smart survivors more often than not. Also Amanda is a damned cool character from the flims.

    Also Trapper because the devilish smile that creeps on my face whenever a survivor steps in a trap placed ages back is unparalleled 😏

  • Bad_Channels
    Bad_Channels Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 37

    Michael Myers default skin

    Xenomorph default skin

    Ghostface with the classic skin

    Nemesis default skin still waiting for a classic or helmet skin.

  • Beatricks
    Beatricks Member Posts: 857

    Bubba. Not only is he fun to play with a moderately low skill ceiling compared to Killers like Billy, Blight, Nurse, but he is very versatile when it comes to meme builds. And if the survivors were extra toxic, well, the basement is always there...

  • ratcoffee
    ratcoffee Member Posts: 1,166

    My favorite would have to be Dredge

    -has antiloop that feels powerful but not oppressively so, fair amount of counterplay on both sides

    -has decent map mobility, feels good but again not too overly oppressive (maybe he could do with a slight buff to travel time out of nightfall but other than that)

    -nightfall is a unique and very cool mechanic that can be scary while also being somewhat manageable if you know what you're doing

    -handsome boy (v important)

  • radiantHero23
    radiantHero23 Member Posts: 3,600

    Pig for a number of reasons.

    I like the saw movies and enjoyed Amanda young as a character.

    I love the strategic element of the reverse bear trap mechanic.

    I like stealthing around and jumpscaring people.

    I like her ambush and in what funny and effective ways it can be used.

    I like her sound design. (ggggggrrrrraaaaaa)

    I like her cometics. (look out for a pig with the rift head, P3 body and the tactical excellence)

    I like the challenge a weaker killer provides and winning very hard matches.

    I like playing m1 killer and all the Mindgames you can do. That's what is most fun about dbd for me.

    And last but not least: BOOP! 🐽

  • Nightmarefan
    Nightmarefan Member Posts: 65

    Pig and Michael because I love that stealth/horror gameplay.

  • DBD78
    DBD78 Member Posts: 3,455

    Of all time it's Trapper. Right now probably Pyramid Head.

    It's sad that they chose Trapper to be the worst killer in the game because he is super fun otherwise but it's not fun in the long run more frustrating being so weak when you reach higher MMR.

    Pyramid Head I really like to just teleport survivors instead of having to pick up and take the time to hook, deal with Boil over on console or having to think of pallet or flashlight saves, body blocking etc. Also nice to play a strong killer that can deal with SWFs.

  • KaTo1337
    KaTo1337 Member Posts: 500
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    I have to say Freddy, even if it hurts me saying it, because he is so unbelievable clunky and bad. Losing his power over the game (Teleport) is something I have never seen on any killer, which hurts my eyes as well.

    His best part is the Dreamworld-Filter, because maps look more like a Horror-Game then. I desperately wait for love for this poor soul. The last AMA was another huge disappointment from the Freddy-View.

    For killers which are not as bad as Freddy, but fun and strong, I would say Wesker, Oni and Blight.

  • awustzdn
    awustzdn Member Posts: 317

    Bubba. He's simple, effective, makes deadzones super fast, doesn't care about MFT, barely cares about Endurance, and can be played fairly mindlessly with Bambooze + Superior Anatomy.

  • Vanishlord
    Vanishlord Member Posts: 503

    Pig!!! I got her recently and have been a fan of Saw for a while now and she has so many playstyles in my opinion.

  • Alice_pbg
    Alice_pbg Member Posts: 6,556
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    Is was always and shall forever be... the poster boy himself! Trapper! (Unless someone I enjoy more gets released of course XD)

    Because this...

    Has always been my favorite thing about this game.

    That satisfying clamp noise, the "I won" walk pictured above, the satisfaction of knowing the survivors choose the path that was trapped, the absolute paranoia I know even experienced survivors feel when you are the killer... there's nothing else quite like it.

    Just wish trapper spawned some extra grass in the maps... he can take up gardening.

    Edit- forgot... he also has some amazing outfits! Just missing a pickaxe!

  • Archael
    Archael Member Posts: 782

    I have two:

    Wraith - He become invisible. He is fast and have good mindgame potential. Also, he is based on Predator, or at least have much simmilarities.

    Nurse - She is different. Also, i find her a tragic character, maybe brainwashed at some point due to her trauma.

    But i love all ghostly killers. Those are stereotypes i love to see in horror movies.

  • tjt85
    tjt85 Member Posts: 750
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    To play as:

    The Legion.

    They speak to my inner angry teenager and I love their grungy 90's aesthetic (which is my kinda era of music). I like that there are four of them, each with their own styles and personalities.

    I will never, ever get bored with their top tier chase theme (especially with Julie's and Susie's Mixtape add-ons).

    And their power is just inherently fun to use. It's such a blast to be charging after survivors at supersonic speeds, vaulting pallets and windows just like they do. Even when I'm losing, I'm still having fun. It's also really satisfying to land a rare 5th hit feral frenzy down.

    They're very versatile killers, able to use most killer perks very effectively. So it's fun to experiment with new perk loadouts.

    To face as Survivor:

    An extra spooky Myers playing mostly for scares.

    One that stays at Tier 1 for as long as possible or runs the mirror add-ons and aims for the biggest jump scares. I love Myers players that try their best to really be Michael Myers. As if they're trying to create their own mini Halloween movie with us all.

    One of my favourite Survivor games ever was against a Myers in Midwich Elementary School. He genuinely scared the hell out of me at least 3 times in that match. So tense! It was so much fun (and if you're wondering, yes he did kill us all).

  • Xxjwaynexx
    Xxjwaynexx Member Posts: 286

    My favorite is nurse, I fell in love with nurse about a few weeks after I picked this game up, she was unlike any killer in this game, and knowing nothing about the game and weeks and weeks of getting my teeth kicked in I finally learned the basics and I could compete, learning the blinks and predicting the survivors movement is what kept me.

    Freddy is my favorite M1 killer, at times he can be weak but I still love him idk what is about him. I wish he had another rework or from what I've seen vets talk about even a reversal to his old state. Either way we're stuck in this fog together

  • Vorahk08
    Vorahk08 Member Posts: 244

    My favorite is probably Singularity. He seems weak at first, but he's powerful in a lot of places. His power might be one of the best information powers in the game if you place the cameras in the right places, negating the need for a lot of info perks. The ability to place the pods mid-chase actually makes them great anti-loop as well, because you can trigger Overclock to vault and break pallets without losing distance. Finally, the ability to teleport across the map to a survivor is an incredible feeling when you pull it off. After putting a decent number of hours into him, I feel like he has potential to be really oppressive if played well. He also works with a ton of different builds since he's an M1 killer. I play on console, but have never really had issues with him (I play at high sensitivity).

    My second favorite would probably be the Xenomorph. It's already my favorite monster of all time, but its power is so well implemented. The tunnels are the most interactive and unusual form of map traversal in the game. The runner mode is a great chase power with the tail strike, making chasing with the Xeno feel unique. The Xenomorph feels powerful without being un-counterable.

    Overall I think I like both because they're high action killers that always have you doing something. They also have great back and forth with the survivors.

  • Sadako_Best_Girl
    Sadako_Best_Girl Member Posts: 658

    It's in the name. Ringu is one of my all-time favorites, I have always found the movie extremely elegant in it's approach to horror. I think BHVR did a pretty good job at adapting her power with the tools they had, I just wish they did more with the way the condemnation spreads.

  • Thusly_Boned
    Thusly_Boned Member Posts: 2,819

    I have two:

    Onryo, because I am an old school JHorror superfan, and her aesthetic/audio design are excellent. Her kit isn't where I would like it to be, but I am encouraged that she got a rework.

    Xenomorph, because I am also a big time sci-fi horror fan, and Xeno terrified me as a kid. Being able to play as Xeno is a trip.

    It should be said that I have a spot (perhaps the top one) reserved for Jason Voorhees, should that ever come to fruition.

  • Tatariu
    Tatariu Member Posts: 3,013

    Legion is my favourite, followed by Cannibal.

    Yes, I like Legion's outfits ^-^

  • SirCracken
    SirCracken Member Posts: 1,414


    I've always wanted to play a killer that has the power of commanding minions to help them. And even though Knight is very buggy, I still have lots of fun with him most of the time.

    Plus he has a cool look, good lore, and a brutal mori. There's nothing quite like seeing your buddies stab, brand and then cleave a survivor before dealing the finishing blow yourself. It instils a sense of comradery and brotherhood in me.

  • Horrorcomicnerd
    Horrorcomicnerd Member Posts: 51

    Eddie when he comes out next year

  • theblimp
    theblimp Member Posts: 153

    Legion, because they have the best chase soundtrack

  • WaveyTrey
    WaveyTrey Member Posts: 643

    Trappper should be buffed with a secondary power.

    Gain the ability to tie a X-Meter chain to an armed trap. Allowing Trapper to drag the trap behind him before releasing it. Trapper cannot arm any traps until the drag trap is released. The trap icon will glow to indicate that he can release it behind him. So he doesn’t always have to turn around per se.

    The big question is how many Meters would the chain be.

  • D0NN1ED4RK0
    D0NN1ED4RK0 Member Posts: 776

    Pyramid bread: he’s fun to play and was the whole silent hill chapter was the main reason I decided to start playing dbd after watching content about it since 2016

  • BlightedDolphin
    BlightedDolphin Member Posts: 1,752


    I really like the more strategic gameplay of him and how even if it appears you are losing, you can quickly change the outcome of the game if you’ve prepared and got a sneaky 99% off earlier.

    Also having someone 99 their healing and then finish healing in your face only to become exposed a second later because you’ve already 99 stalked them is the funniest thing.

  • WaveyTrey
    WaveyTrey Member Posts: 643
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    Hate me all you want. I like Skull Merchant. Which wasn’t at first. This is only recently after Alien came out…

    Why? Well… It’s a long story… My VERY first killer was Pig. I bought DBD because of her! I loved how pig can trap players, giving them a separate objective that you could intervene if you wanted. After playing different killers I became intrigued by Hexes. I always thought basekit totems should be a thing. Whenever a generator is done a totem lights. A totem could block a random generator. Vaults get blocked within a range indicated by a miasma ring. Blinds all survivors. Basically The Entity helps the killer if survivors doesn’t do bones. Since this element doesn’t happen without selecting Hex perks… Survivors typically have one objective!

    Anywho, I started using defensive killers who can protect Hexes. Trapper, and Hag. Then I tried Demo. Lastly, Knight. They can all defend totems, but they couldn’t do other objectives simultaneously. You still have to worry about totems being on a hill, or in the middle of the darn corn... You will always lose your totems if you dedicate to something else fully.

    Then Skull Merchant came... A killer that can protect an objective remotely while engaging with survivors. People only gen lock when she can do so much more. I can’t stop using DH and TotH on her. I can say screw gens. Dedicate to chases for stacks. With TotH there’s a 50/50 chance they won’t break Devour. It’s so chaotically spicy. I haven’t had a killer where I can effectively get use of DH every match. Let alone Mori everyone more than ever before.

    Skull now holds a special place in my heart… I consider her to be THE Hex Killer. It makes sense too. She uses skulls for her drones. She makes the best use of all the bones!