I thank you for buffing survivors but what about killers?

Of course I play survivors more than I do killers but when will killers get something sweet? Aren't they getting a fov slider at some point? Give these guys something good too you're leaving them out for no good reason.



  • C3Tooth
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    Visual heart beat for hard hearing people, that was a strong buff.

  • Raconteurminator
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    Friendo, you're the only person talking about anti-facecamp here (and I certainly see no-one in here calling it a nerf). Who are you even responding to?

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    They were trying to fix vaults because fast vaults were basically medium vaults and that isn’t how they always were nor how they were meant to be. But they did revert the change so fast vaults once again equal medium vaults (although they do plan on fixing this eventually). The HUD was added to help solo queue survivors who make up the lion’s share of players yet have the worst experiences in the game. And even then it’s not exactly gamebreaking. You could literally do the same thing with a handful of perks. So those are two quality of life changes, one of which was reverted. If by anti-tunnel you mean basekit BT, that wasn’t a buff but another quality of life change so that survivors got a chance to play the game and weren’t deleted within 1 minute of joining a match by being tunneled out.

  • JoaoVanBlizzard
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    I think this depends on each person who plays, for example I always thought that in my games the killers have much more advantages than the survivors, they almost always get 4 kills and use very strong builds, but for others I know it may seem like more difficult, the MMr can be one of the causes of the problem, no matter how much he tries to match fair matches, he rarely succeeds

    about the killers, if you compare, nowadays it's much easier to start a chase, before the killer needed to find stealth survs, put perks like "ruin" and stand in front of a hooked surv when he captured someone, and then when the surv was saved the killer simply tunneled it

    Today, killers have the resources to find and capture faster survs, but they need to do more chases and break more generators to win, in other words, the devs want killers to play more and sit around less, which is a good thing for everyone, The biggest problem with survs is that every time a new killer comes, their objective is always the same, to repair generators, so the only thing that changes is the way the surv is tortured by the killer, the devs even try to create resources for the survs to use against these killers, but the objective ends up being the same, if in the future there were simpler objectives against Nurses and more complex ones against a pig, perhaps it would be more interesting to play survivor

  • Rickprado
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    I wish BHVR added soon the Finisher Mori system. It would be a nice to end matches quickly.

    Another thing the could add - this FAR MORE controverse - its a 30s basekit Corrupt Intervention. This way, killer could have a better start of match and be less reliant on mobility powers and RNG

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    i like where the game balance is now except a few issues that buffing killers wouldn't solve, namely mft, ftp+buckle up combo and majority of maps. basekit shadowborn is coming soon too, better late than never.

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    This was something I was wary of back when 6.1.0 was announced. While there have been some detours and bumps along the way, it does feel like the game is steering back to this direction.

  • Firellius
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    Folks so caught up in 'us vs. them' this is the first I've seen of most of these suggestions.

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    The same reason why 0(!)/1 hook Mori's, 5omega blink nurse, instasaw billy, machine gun builds, burger king Myers, og wraith/spirit, forever Freddy/legion, old ruin, etc aren't a thing anymore.

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    I am confused because your post is sort of split.

    When are killer's getting something sweet?

    What exactly are you talking about? Technically killer's get something sweet every patch... an entire killer. Survivors really only usually get a skin and 3 perks.. maybe 6 if the devs are spicy but the killer's get a whole new killer to play around with. The last major thing you could say that killer's got was Xenomorph. Most killer's are very strong and the majority could use a small nerf addon wise, but other then that sit in a good 50-60% kill rate. This is not prefect but is a good indication of something close to balance.

    But then you also go on about FOV and that is a good question? But considering how long it took for the devs to introduce a colour blind option, will likely be a while.

  • burt0r
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    From my understanding they and others with similar threads mean something sweet as in not balance but QoL related.

    Like FoV slider, individual hook counter or base kit early gen slowdown.

    In response to base kit BT, new HUD, basekit antifacecamp and so on.

  • Icaurs
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    So the FOV slider is a more serous issue because certain FOV can affect people's motion, and is something that should be addressed but again took how many years for colour blind feature, so.. sit back because it might be awhile.

    I don't know why killer's would need induvial hook counters. It doesn't really offer much of a benefit and even it does, you can just keep track. It's a good way of separating experienced players form the inexperienced.

    Basekit early gen slowdown is bad. Killer's are in a good spot, they don't need anything to strengthen them. I support the idea of an optional second objective for survivors. This may help slow down matches by rewarding survivors for not focusing on gens completely. Things like glyphs ect.

    basekit bt and the anti camp were less quality of life improvements and more gameplay changes made to discourage certain strategies. I can't blame the killer base for this honestly the devs have flip flopped hard on their stance. First it was ok, then it was bad, then it was ok again. They have now decided it is not ok and are now trying to end this strategy. It's different then simple quality of life when actual gameplay is being affected.

    As for the HUD.. I mean do you want a new killer Hud? I think the current killer Hud is perfect and personally prefer the old survivor Hud. The new Hud was an attempt to try to create more of a balance between swf and solo q.

    Which is again why this post confuses me, killers got an entire new killer roughly a month ago and is also a good one.