Is Annoymous Mode really necessary in DbD?

lav3 Member Posts: 758

In my opinion, unless you are doing intentional troll or enjoy making people angry (by slugging everyone or dropping every pallets from start etc), I don't see any reason why this is needed in Dead by Daylight.

I mean you don't need anonymous mode if you play normal: doing gen, interacting with teammates occasionally , catch survivors.

Because people harass while you are not in anonymous mode?

Isn't shutting down game chat and blocking comments on your steam profile enough?

(Sorry because I don't know about console version.)

Many people already ridicule others for stupid reasons. Why bother?

I have never used anonymous mode at all and won't use it ever.

Because "every cheaters I've witnessed were using anonymous mode in high rate" and I don't want to give such impression to others.

I don't care if you use it or not.

Just remember you don't need to turn it on if you are doing nothing wrong and confident of what you are doing. It doesn't matter you are good or bad at the game.

People call you dirty camper, tunneler or say 'undeserved 4k', 'useless teammate'?

I swear people who say such thing will try to mess with others for more stupid and silly reasons.

Just get over it.

Personally I wish there was an option that don't get matchmaking with anonymous mode players.


  • JPLongstreet
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    Xbox players: This game has an Anonymous Mode?

  • lav3
    lav3 Member Posts: 758
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    I think BHVR should penalize such people with long ban duration.

    Also anonymous mode ironically 'protect' people who harass others.

    NODD3RS Member Posts: 112
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    I honestly dont even know why bhvr implemented it. I’ve only seen it used maliciously and for streamers. Every person that has been a terrible human on dbd has used anonymous mode, who would figure?

  • Crowman
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    Any harassment in end game chat is easily reportable. BVHR can't really do anything if these people harass you out of game.

  • Nazzzak
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    I've started using it when I play at night. There's a few killers I was getting matched with so frequently at night that I noticed they started giving me hatch or letting me leave a fair bit. I don't want other players to feel like they have to play nice just because we play together often. I found this stopped once I started playing anonymously. Another reason is that I get matched with alot of ttvs at night, and I don't really get "stage fright" when I play in anonymous mode. I don't mind playing with or against ttvs at all (most aren't actually even live) but I am conscious of the fact that I'm being watched.

  • CatnipLove
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    Honestly, when I meet survivors and killers using anonymous mode, they are usually really chill.

    But I live in a world where Hag is common and Nemesis never tunnels.

  • CountOfTheFog
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    I always play Killer in anonymous mode. Try ending up in a Survivor Queue with someone you just killed in the previous match while you were playing Killer. Not a fun experience.

    Also, anonymous mode does nothing to help cheaters. Report them as usual, they are not anonymous on Behaviour's back end.

  • RpTheHotrod
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    I play in anonymous as killer so I can play a bit more friendly, as I have nothing to prove, and survivors won't have anyone to trash talk and drag through the dirt with insults because they think they may have "crushed it" since I would go out of my way not to tunnel and allow people to safely unhook. With me being anonymous, they have no idea who i am, so their bully comments go nowhere.

  • pokerdeck1
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    they should never ever remove this feature. this feature has got me playing more survivor. it blocks out all the random targeting toxicity

  • Raconteurminator
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    Anonymous Mode is necessary in DBD because it's, well, DBD. The reputation the community has for extreme amounts of toxicity and borderline sociopathic behaviour isn't entirely unearned. No-one wants to be stalked from platform to platform or have their friends targeted because of a perceived slight.

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  • scrunkly
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    can someone explain to me why theres this strange bias or concern about anonymous players? i genuinely dont care if someone is anonymous or not, but ive seen it brought up in negative connotation multiple times especially when its a killer that has tunneled/camped etc.

    to me players will play however they would like anon mode or not, and before anon mode the complaint was about private profiles on steam. why is there so much hostility towards anonymity?

  • Nazzzak
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    Not 100% sure but I know when the anonymity option was introduced there were alot of posts on here complaining about the difficulty they were having in reporting cheaters (who obviously are more likely to use anonymous mode). So I feel like there's this perception that because all cheaters use anonymous mode, that everyone who is anonymous is a potential cheater. I don't see it that way obviously but I feel that has something to do with it.

  • Blinckx
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    I started to use Anonymus mode after a brunch of idiots wrote very unpleasant comment on my steam profile. I don't care if they write stupid things like "tunneler" or things like that but once you begin to write homophobic slur well...

    I know i could block the profile but i don't want those people even see my profile, not even my name, that's why the Anonymus mode was a good choice for me

  • Aven_Fallen
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    Harassment is one thing. This happens usually to streamers, so it is a feature for them. However, this can also happen to regular players. Back in the day there was a small Streamer who seemingly hated me. Apparently I went to his chat to insult him (at least this is what he said when I watched the VOD of a game we played against each other). Obviously I dont do such things, I watch the VODs of Streamers I go against, but I dont interact with them (neither in a positive nor negative way).

    And back in the day switching Killer in Lobby was still possible. So this streamer always switched to Nurse with a Mori when I was in their Lobby. Back then an anonymous mode would have made sense for a regular player like me. (I did not really encounter said streamer back then, Dedicated Servers increased the player size I encounter so much that I rarely go against the same person twice nowadays. But I have faced them in fact a few weeks ago, and they were still targetting me, lol)

    Another things is just that some people dont want to go full private on their profile. They enjoy that other see their profile, but dont want DBD-players to see it. One reason might be comments since this community is really whiny and you get some childish -rep-comment on your profile for basically everything. Also maybe they want to hide things which might lead to increased queuetimes. Like, my profile is private because of my high hours in DBD. This leads to a lot of dodging, so I just go private to avoid this and get games in a reasonable time. If I would play other Onlinegames on Steam where I want people to see my profile, I would not go private on Steam but use anonymous mode.

    It is good that the feature exists. It was asked for this for a long time.

    DEMONANCE Member Posts: 799

    good feature with unfortunate side effects

    some awful people use it to play as worse as possible and not get flamed.

    or target people while hiding behind anon mode and you can't prove it's the same person.

  • zarr
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    I don't mind the feature, it's likely used to avoid unnecessary drama at least as much as it is used to further it.

    What I think the game should additionally consider is having the option to hide yourself on the in-game friends list. Anyone that is friends with you can always see whether you are playing or not, and there are legitimate reasons why people might not want to broadcast to everyone they're "friends" with whenever they're on. This also plays into protecting players from being "sniped", as people in their friends list can see whether they are currently in a match or lobby, and these people can then be trying to snipe them, on anon mode if need be.