Who is your favourite Survivor and why?

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There was such a great turn out for the first community question thread! Thank you all so much for the great responses and feedback!

For the second community question, we are flipping the script and focusing on the Survivors!

Who is your favourite Survivor and why?

Are you interested in a specific Survivor's backstory? Or maybe you enjoy the perks that came along with the character. Maybe you find Mikaela's outfits to be the most fashionable (like me)! Or maybe, Dwight! (That is all)

Regardless of the reason why The Survivor is your favourite, share it with the community!

I look forward to reading your responses!



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  • Xyvielia
    Xyvielia Member Posts: 2,415


    Started playing close to her release and we immediately vibed☺️

    Same w Nurse on the Killer side❣️

    …although, still holding out hope for my fav Killer JVoorhees🤞🏽🙏🏽

  • Horrorcomicnerd
    Horrorcomicnerd Member Posts: 51
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    Nicolas Cage

    Because he was always one of my favorite actors. I hope he gets more cosmetics soon like a beard less cosmetic and a Nicky Cage skin. A Ghost Rider skin would be amazing but licensing would be a issue.

    Ash Williams

    One of the best horror characters period. He definitely needs cosmetics from the original trilogy but those are separate licenses. I would main Evil Dead 1 Ash.

    Ace Visconti

    My original main since I started playing back in 2017. Always been a cool character and when they added his Rockabilly skin I've used it everytime I play Ace.

  • Farya
    Farya Member Posts: 94

    Jane Romero

    Just because of the looks. I like it, that she is the only one who is a little chubby, so she sticks out a little.

  • HerInfernalMajesty
    HerInfernalMajesty Member Posts: 1,122

    My favorite Survivor would have to be Nea. I love her black pixie cut cosmetic because it reminds me of when I use to have a pixie cut. Also, I can relate to acting out for not wanting to move.

    Second would have to be Yun-Jin Lee. She has the coolest blazer jacket cosmetics. Her latest jacket unlock in the rift is just so cool I almost can’t take it.

    Honorable mentions would go to Yui and Detective Tapp because they’re such badasses.

    Last but not least to Rebecca Chambers because she just seems so sweet.

  • Boons123
    Boons123 Member Posts: 695

    Leon and Renato

    I love all the perks for this survivor , and they are all fun and I love the challenge of using them in the same match

    I love playing as Leon because I love the Resident Evil game series , as for Renato, he is similar to me in personality. I mean, there are things in common

    DBDSM Member Posts: 130

    My favorite survivor WAS Jonah Vasquez, until the recent voice change made him sound like some sort of dehydrated caveman who has been working as a product tester for Marlboro for two decades, rendering him unplayable to me. Now I just drift aimlessly from survivor to survivor, in fruitless attempts to find a suitable replacement.

    I liked him initially because he is the only male survivor who had shorts and shoes suitable for running in, and I found his voice to be the most pleasant of all the survivors. After I acquired his backwards hat from that one tome and his "Pi on Pie" shirt I don't think I played as anyone else until Nic Cage.

    Please consider re-casting his voice again. If you were going to, please try to get the actor who played Dom in the Gears of War franchise. He was great in those games and as far as I know he is not going to cause you any problems.

  • drsoontm
    drsoontm Member Posts: 4,194


    When I started to play, the concept of Blendette was a thing. (Nowadays it makes little sense with all the bright maps and Ormond)

    DBDSM Member Posts: 130

    I don't want to be mean-spirited about it because I'm sure the new actor did his best, but I can't stand the new voice. I've played him (and DBD in general) significantly less since the change. I also have no reason to buy his new cosmetics now either. I was hoping that the change would be temporary but so far there has been no communication from the devs on the topic.

  • Nightmarefan
    Nightmarefan Member Posts: 65

    Claire(Jill) since I'm a big RE fan(and fanservice/friends brought me to this game). Only thing I dont like about her is how loud she is when injured.

    Rebecca, Ash and Feng are close behind.

  • Vanishlord
    Vanishlord Member Posts: 490

    I started off as Feng then Mickala then I took a break I came back bought Yui and she's been my main for months now. I tried Jill but she is quite loud and I'm not a god at the game yet to dominate chases. Yui is my favourite even though she doesn't have a lot of nice cosmetics I love her lore and her character as a whole. Jill maybe one day.

  • KateMain86
    KateMain86 Member Posts: 2,258

    Kate is my favorite survivor. I think they should include her in more cinematics done for the game.

  • sizzlingmario4
    sizzlingmario4 Member Posts: 6,553

    Feng, mainly because I just always liked the green bunny outfit. When I was a new player I started mostly with Meg and then switched to Feng and almost exclusively played her for about my first 1k hours, then I started branching out to more survivors and now I play almost everyone at least a little bit. What I do now is I keep different perk builds on different survivors and the build I feel like playing basically decides who I will play; I have every survivor to at least P3 so I can use anyone’s perks on anyone (and I actually make a point of NOT using any survivor’s own perks on them, because I’m weird like that). But she’s still my favorite.

  • rha
    rha Member Posts: 410

    Jeff and Claudette ...

    Jeff because he reminds me of the guys who used to run my local record store back then, who always had good music playing and who knew my music taste and recommended me stuff I like better than any algorithm does. The only male character in DbD I'd like to hang out with IRL.

    Claudette was the survivor I discovered the game with, went through a lot together with her. Won't forget that. She therefore has the most complete inventory full of memories, including retired offerings (brown maps, moonlight).

  • UndeddJester
    UndeddJester Member Posts: 2,399
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    Originally Jeff, because as a fellow tall metal head, he's the only one remotely close to myself. Though I have to wear his yellow face mask, cause otherwise I'd be stricken with massive beard envy.

    However now it's Kate, because thanks to her and an ill-fated scan through the cosmetics store, I have learned that I'm apparently a hopeless simp for black lipstick... a weakness I'm now trying to eradicate in myself with over exposure (though currently failing miserably)...

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    09SHARKBOSS Member Posts: 1,157

    ash bc ashy slashy

  • Hex_Ignored
    Hex_Ignored Member Posts: 1,633

    Licensed: Carlos

    Original: Gabriel

    I just like how they look. That is basically the only thing that matters when picking a survivor.

  • radiantHero23
    radiantHero23 Member Posts: 3,530


    Liked him a lot in Stranger things and he was one reason I bought dbd. He's goofy and funny. What more reason do you need?

  • Chordyceps
    Chordyceps Member Posts: 1,695

    My favorite survivor is Jeff, and the reason for that is very simple. I look at this dude and go "omg, he's literally me"

    I look really similar to Jeff, enjoy the same kinda music as him, and I also consider myself a quiet person who likes to find solace in creative endeavors.

    Also I think his leather jackets are sick.

  • Header
    Header Member Posts: 307


  • TotemSeeker91
    TotemSeeker91 Member Posts: 2,358


    ... she's hot

  • Beatricks
    Beatricks Member Posts: 857

    Meg. I mained Zoey in Left 4 Dead for years, so it was an absolute no brainer that I would stick with her given the cosmetics. It's also fun either dispelling or reinforcing the Meghead meme =)

  • CorvusCorax86
    CorvusCorax86 Member Posts: 1,061


    Love his background and his moral (violence is not the solution), plus, his Italian and 2 years ago I passed an Italian exam. Just love the language. And him being a bit "older" is a plus, too. His voice acting is great. Love playing with him and hooking him.

  • hermitkermit
    hermitkermit Member Posts: 216

    Dwight! I love all of his perks and his design. I love that he's anxious and somewhat shy, almost insecure. I feel like most of the other survivors are all very confident which is great but it's nice to see a survivor who doesnt' seem to be enjoying their time stuck in the entities realm haha.

  • Coffeecrashing
    Coffeecrashing Member Posts: 3,343

    I main Dwight, because he has a wide variety of cosmetics that were given out in rifts, and given out in events, so I got them for free. Dwight also has a lot of cheap (yellow rarity and green rarity) outfits, that actually have a variety to them. Many newer survivors just have a bunch of recolor outfits, unless it an expensive (purple rarity or higher) outfit.

    This means that when I buy a cosmetic, I have a wide variety of outfits to mix and match with it. And yes, this means that I hate almost all the linked sets, because I want to mix and match the pieces, and I can't.

  • Evan_
    Evan_ Member Posts: 529

    The one that's doing literally anything else than a gen.

  • caipt
    caipt Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 401

    Claudette. shes smart, pretty, her cosmetics are great, and I love her personality.

  • Rulebreaker
    Rulebreaker Member Posts: 1,560

    We're fans of Silent Hill so our top vote goes to Cheryl/James. Though if we had to pick an original it'd probably be David or Mikayla, they usually get cosmetics we like.

  • jesterkind
    jesterkind Member Posts: 7,142

    When I first started the game (and I didn't play as much survivor in general) I was really drawn to Jane. She has a cool look, her backstory is interesting, and her perks.... well, she has a cool look and her backstory is interesting. She's the only survivor I have with the pre-6.1.0 Prestige background that got given out, since I played her so much that I cycled through a few old bloodweb prestige levels.

    But, more recently, I've drifted more towards Claudette. Similarly, she has a nice aesthetic and I like her backstory quite a bit, but she also has perks that actually lean in to my playstyle a little more. I like being team healer and going for other altruistic plays, so Botany Knowledge and Empathy (especially after 6.1.0 hyper-buffed BK) are great picks for me. I've been going through and getting every survivor to Prestige 3 in order recently, but after I'm done with that, I'm either sticking with Claudette or I'm changing to Jill on account of being such a gigantic RE fan lol.

    Though, Ripley was added recently, and she is tempting... I'll just have to cycle through a few different survivors, I think. Honourable mentions already go to Haddie, Meg, and Mikaela, so...

  • tenoresax
    tenoresax Member Posts: 793


    I'm a big fan of cute girls

  • ironligma
    ironligma Member Posts: 117

    I gotta say #1 goes to felix. In any game I'll be found running the suited skins, I just like the classy look to most of them. I also like how felix is an architect as I like engineering/architecture. He also seems like the man who'll risk himself to help others like I always run desprate measures it's a fun perk.

    #2 gotta be bill I love that character so much, and having a soldier in game is so cool to me.

    #3 Yui. She's Yui.

    I suppose I should mention dwight as he's really similar to me and I like that such a thing exists. Oh and ace, I mained ace because he's goofy.

  • UntilValhalla13
    UntilValhalla13 Member Posts: 177


    I have a weakness for goth girls and redheads to begin with. XD

  • Kaitsja
    Kaitsja Member Posts: 1,706

    Kate. At first I picked her because she was the most attractive, but since then I've come to really like her cosmetics.

  • DelusionalHubris
    DelusionalHubris Member Posts: 17

    Jeff because he’s a hottie. Also he’s closest Survivor to I look in real life.

  • Talwuzhere
    Talwuzhere Member Posts: 15


    She was more or less my first main through base dbd characters cus she was sneaky and like all new players - we're scared and hide lmfao. Over time she's grown with me and seen me through the ups and downs so she has a special place in my heart.

    Also her cosmetics are just pretty. I play her entirely different than when I first started. <3

    Feng and Yui are my other favorite mains also cus they got cute cosmetics and I enjoy dress up simulator.

  • Bran
    Bran Member Posts: 2,087

    Gonna go with Jeff

  • Marc_go_solo
    Marc_go_solo Member Posts: 4,907

    For licensed characters: Ellen Ripley

    Up until the "Alien" chapter, Cheryl Mason was top. However, Ripley was an absolutely amazing character who subverted the idea of the heroine and how they were often depicted. She's gutsy, intelligent, strong .. pretty much every good quality to have in a protagonist role. Sigourney Weaver was an absolutely titan in that role and, although Weaver isn't the VA for Ellen here, the spirit definitely lives on.

    Honorable mentions: Cheryl Mason, Nicolas Cage

    For non-licensed character: Yui Kimura

    Closely followed by Jeffrey Johansen, Yui Kimura is a great character with great lore and also a fun collection of perks. Again, she's a powerful individual who had obstacles to overcome and proven herself as a fight. Also part of a great chapter alongside The Oni.

    Honorable mentions: Jeffrey Johansen, Dwight Fairfield