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Report System

Quizzy Member Posts: 862

Anyone know how reliable the report system is? Ive done a couple reports with video evidence but they never get back to me. Im just tired of certain people working with the killer and give them my location all because we are losing.


  • Heyitsben
    Heyitsben Member Posts: 8

    It's best to record you game play and send in clips of your gameplay as proof through the customer service. There is this page and use the tab/observer on the bottom right to report what happened in game here through the bot customer support.

  • Musxussu575
    Musxussu575 Member Posts: 30

    What actually happens when you submit a report? Is it just, "Person X reported Person Y for doing Z" and that's it?

    I assume (given Heyitsben's response) each game isn't recorded into a file database in case reference is needed? Maybe that would be a benefit that BHVR should look into implementing, though it might slow frames.

    I guess what I'm asking is - what is the purpose of reporting anyone if there is no evidence/proof of wrongdoing other than one person's word? Is it only that reports are tied to an account, and after several reports on the same player, the developers will say, "OK, this account is actually problematic"?