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it would be cool if there was an option added to hide prestige levels in pregame lobby, kind of like hiding the usernames of other players. it was hidden for the longest time however now i can see them again and while playing killer it just sometimes gets in my head.

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  • KolbyKolbyKolby
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    They should be off by default until the end game screen. When I play with my higher prestige survivors and happen to be playign with a friend using theirs, we'll see ourselves dodged 9-10 times a lobby, sometimes extending the time beyond 10 minutes when it only took us 20 seconds to get into the lobby.

    As killer, it makes me question whether I should change my build up a little, or possibly even knowingly target lower prestige survivors if I need a little pressure, which isn't really fair for them either.

    Better for the game the less information each side knows about the other at the start, after all, survivors can't shop around for a lower prestige killer, why should they have the same opportunity.

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    I'm hoping prestige levels will be hidden with these player cards coming soon

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    i agree, i really enjoyed the time when they were hidden, i know it was a test for certain players but im upset they revert mines