Why don't more people use Deja Vu?

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For Solo Q it lets you permanently see the auras of the gens that are closest to each other and can help prevent a 3 gen, not to mention you get a permanent 6% gen repair boost on those highlighted gens in a game where sometimes seconds are the difference between winning and losing


  • MikaelaWantsYourBoon
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    Because generators are the most boring part of the game. Gen perks are also boring.

  • dwight444
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    good perk w/ the right build

    useless in solo q cause your teammates are unreliable when it comes to gens. Or unreliable in general when it comes to efficiency during the match

  • Chocolate_Cosmos
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    Same as Kindred that I see offten among the most picked perks in my games with Deja Vu.

    SoloQ. It allows you bandait fix some of the issues vs SWF groups. Also bar goes yellow = fast = brain feel good.

  • Hermit
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    Quite a lot of people are running it from my experience. Combined with resilience you get quite a nice boost.

    And, although I don’t like nightlight stats but most people here seem to have no problem with it, deja vu is the 6th most used survivor perk. With resilience taking spot no. 4.

  • Seraphor
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    So why wouldn't you want the most boring part of the game to be over faster?

  • OrangeBear
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    I don't run it because in solo queue even if you see the three gen you alone cannot stop it.

    Also, it makes me repair generators that i shouldn't, the killer will defend them and i die early.

    To deal with 3 gens i use Prove Thyself, Blast mine and or repressed alliance.

  • D0NN1ED4RK0
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    Perk is probably somewhat underrated but isn’t much worth of the slot

    like it’s pretty nice to have any possible 3 gen dealt with early instead of it being a problem later on but still not rlly worth a perk slot if you can tell which gens are where

    the speed boost is nice but I still don’t rlly know how to feel about the perk still

    its pretty much like the perk vigil

    a very underrated perk that’s mostly used in niche builds despite having some sort of better potential in other cases

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    I like running it for the sake of knowing exactly where gens are. While some gens are in fixed locations, others can be in several spots within an area. This cuts down on those times where you're running around a house to find the gen spawn THIS time. All of a sudden indoor maps like Lery's arnt as much of a pain.

    Also it saves you from wasting time running to a gen location you DO know, just to realize it's already done.

  • Nos37
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    "Can help prevent a 3-gen" only applies if the killer doesn't stick to 3-gens from the start.

    Until they "fix 3-gens," they should have buffed Potential Energy (the ACTUAL counter to 3-gens), not Deja Vu.

  • Nos37
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    A statement that holds true for both sides. Love it! But I hate that it has to be said in the first place 😔

  • Seraphor
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    Most 3 gen scenario's are the survivors doing. Which is what Deja Vu prevents.

  • Devil_hit11
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    yes it makes no sense. deja vu encourages gen-rushing. with 4 people with deja vu entirely revert gen speed nerfs and with just 1 person running prove thyself, you get 43 second gens. with just 3 great skill-checks, you have same speed as pre-nerfed generators.

  • Nos37
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    Yes, you are correct, but my point was they buffed the wrong perk. Buffing Deja Vu was not the best temporary band-aid while they "fix 3-gens."

    The devs buffed the perk back when Knight and Skull Merchant were setting up and sitting on 3-gens from the very start of the match. Something that Deja Vu is ineffective against.

    Simply SEEING the 3-gen will not make the killer leave. The increased repair speed means nothing if the killer does not let you repair the generator. 🤷‍♂️

  • Devil_hit11
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    no, most 3 gens is killer planning 3 gen and camping hooks from very start of the game. camping itself is play-style. a defensive play-style. the reason why it is strong is because survivor cannot control it. It is same reason why tunneling is strong. it is out of survivor control other than survivor who is being tunneled to loop the killer for 5 gens. you can't stop killer from 3 gens camping and hook camping. It is just that defensive play-style for killer is not that good because survivors have 4x as much progression as killer. the killer is not good at regressing generators, so if survivor knows how to counter 3 gens, they will outpace killer regression. in cases, where you do not outpace regression, than you get that 50 minute skull merchant type game problem if gen-kick perks are any good.

  • Seraphor
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    Not in my experience as someone who runs Deja Vu a lot as a solo survivor. Being aware of the 3 closest gens and watching as my team mates repair all the other ones first.

  • Gastongard
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    Deja vu is amazing, im running SB, WoO, Resilience and Deja Vu lately, and so far so good, works like a charm even in solo q

  • HerInfernalMajesty
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    I love using Deja Vu. Especially when the team only has one generator left to do.

  • tjt85
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    I really like this perk. It's like Windows of Opportunity for gens and seeing the yellow speed boost bar makes me feel good. It also makes hard to navigate indoor maps a bit more bearable.

    If I'm honest with myself, doing gens (as well as going for saves and heals) is the best way I can help the team and I don't tend to take items, so that's why I run it.

    I do think it might get the Spine Chill treatment and be nerfed back to the previous version once BHVR have their solution to 3 gen situations, though. So enjoy it while you can.

    Though I do see it fairly often in my games, I don't know how popular it really is.