DBD isn’t fun anymore

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that’s it. that’s the post.

this game makes me so sad now :(

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    Could we have a giant mace for Knight with customized animations?

  • itstofuuu99
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    i’ve got over 4k hours and i used to enjoy it so much but i feel survivor experience is getting worse and worse :( i try playing killer but its just boring to me, i ended up guarding basement chest as bubba and meme-ing

  • itstofuuu99
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    i just feel like all of the fun aspects of survivor are being taken away whilst killers get all these buffs (which would be great if i enjoyed playing killer) but i don’t, and survivor just feels like a chore now :((

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    I guess we have different definitions of hate. In light of that, if it makes you feel better, I hope you don't find a funner game to play.

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    It's fine to play other games. You don't need to only play DBD and it's probably better you do take breaks to play other games, because burnout is quite real.

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    Which buffs did killers get?

    All the latest major buffs or QoL Changes have been for Survivors.

    Removing Hook grabs, HUD, Anti Camp, Anti Tunnel, gen regression nuked to the ground...

    What exactly did killers get in return?

    0,x buffs to animations and a rework in healing which didnt really effect stuff like syringes or syptic...

  • itstofuuu99
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    skull merchant despite being a rework some could argue is a buff to her chase playstyle, i would. although now she hasn’t got the ability to hold a game hostage. especially with the haste gain from drone-marked survivors

    trapper has been buffed and now gets 5% haste after trapping a tile and can push you away and still catch up to you bc of the haste

    trickster is about to get a strong OP buff

    i know it’s not a buff but xeno is a super strong killer recently added who can fake his power and hit you if you choose to try and dodge or can hit you even if you try to vault away so it’s a win win for him, with his perk that is free information

    singulaity, again isn’t a buff but is a super strong killer who can constantly be on your back (i know there’s emps but once the emp is gone and you are slipstreamed again you can’t exactly stop mid chase and pick up another emp, thus inevitabily going down bc of his ability to teleport on you and swing through pallets when in his power after slipstreaming

    but survivors get made for this which is like the only beneficial strong perk in months and suddenly there’s an uproar, dramaturgy was ok but it got nerfed, dead hard nerfed, medkits nerfed, anti camp got nerfed, bots got nerfed - next patch falling from a height into a vault is being nerfed to force stagger which is effectively a buff to all killers

    like this is where my frustration comes from, survivor isn’t fun anymore(to me) and the things that make it fun are being taken away whilst killers get all this good stuff

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    If you're going to post negativity, maybe don't immediately say someone sucks for being negative.

    Your original post was also meant to be inflammatory. What did you expect?

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    I meant that genuinely. Not sure why that would be negative or hateful. But saying something isn't fun and not explaining further, I honestly don't know what you wanted to hear.

    Explain why you don't have fun and the people on this forum will suggest many ways to make the game more enjoyable for yourself. If you aren't interested in that, then pick a different game. One that you have fun playing.

    We don't know why you don't have fun with DBD, we don't know how long you've been playing and we don't know you. Give us a bit to work with and there will be a few suggestions to help you out. But if nothing helps, then you shouldn't play DBD. At least for a while.

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    You weren't trying to start a discussion. There was nothing constructive in your post at all. What was your intention when you made it? You just wanted to get your negativity out into the world and then get mad at people. Mission accomplished, I guess.

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    I honestly feel this. Being a long time gamer yes playing killer is totally easy and with everything is basically handed to the killers. There are some drawbacks to it as in some SWF's know how to combine the perks or annoy with flashlights but you can counter. The thing with this community mindset is that the killers feel they need to win every time and they heavily base everything off of streaming. A lot of matches are screwing around. I find survivor much more challenging especially soloq. Everything is hard in soloq, but if you have a at least a 3 person swf it is easier and most don't have that. Then again some killer behaviors have gone on for so long that when they don't get their way they throw tantrums and quit.

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    I don't blame you; the game is generally anti-solo queue and is incredibly lopsided otherwise. It's bafflingly bad how one-sided they're making the game in the majority of matches. It's simply not fun to touch this game anymore.

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    Honestly, nothing to say but take a break or quit altogether. I don't mean that as negative as it sounds but I took a break for like 3 months just because I got so SICK of DBD. I'm back now and love it like I used to. So that was real feedback, not me taking a jab at you. But those are your only two options aside from playing a game you don't enjoy. No video game is worth your time if you don't enjoy it.

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    My issue is that your complaints are completely survivor-biased and based around the fact that needed nerfs are coming to that side. This thread is a cry for sympathy when the reason is that you are mad about losing.

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    Complain on game not fun and just get comments mocking your opinion. Better just opening a ticket for Feedback that way you don't have to hear it from anyone else.

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    It's about time DBD gets the Fortnite treatment. Dead by Daylight OG will save the game: old maps, old killer powers (7 blink Nurse and crack Billy), old perks... Player counts will skyrocket just like Fortnite's. Take notes BHVR.

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    Ehhh, as a fellow solo-Q survivor I get it. Sometimes it does feel like matches are harder, and that's because they are -- MMR has made the game more competitive, and I notice it the most when I end up randomly getting into a match with a 3 man SWF. I run fun builds though, that cover my bases (healing / gen / chase usually), and I just expect to lose half the time. I am not out here trying to be the best, because I'd have to be playing a lot more than I do for that. It's really what you make it.

    All that said, I got sick for about 3 months and ended up taking a 6 month break. Really made me enjoy the game more, even though getting back into the swing of it made me feel like a noob, lol. Switch it up for a bit, and when you miss it, come play again. Finding a friend to die with also makes it a different game. I've played with my kids, husband, and some friends over the years, but sadly I'm the only one who really stuck with it.

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    Where is that good stuff you are refering to? On all the "buffs" you listed, you also said that those don´t count as buffs.

    Best advice i can give you is to take a break from the game. You clearly don´t enjoy killer (why should others?) and you find survivor to be a chore. So just take a break.

    Steam sale starts today, you might find something fun to play there.

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    Closing this here, as OP decided to attack other users instead of having a discussion with people who have a different opinion.

    As Peanits mentioned, if you want to suggest things that can improve the game from your point of view, please use the correct section and keep it constructive and respectful.

    Thank you.

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