What are some perk buffs you would like to see that would make underused perks good?

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And I just mean good not meta great. For me a couple would be:

Aftercare- Remove the stipulation that you lose it on hook.

Surveillance- These colors override other perks such as COB and Eruption. In addition the color change only happens if a gen gains any amount of progress as opposed to stop regressing.

Pharmacy- Make it work when not injured, OR when anyone is injured. OR change it completely to match others where healing with a med kit grants an additional effect until injured and you can scavange for a med kit once per game.

Better than new- Buff the numbers to at least leaders numbers

Leader- Include Booning

Hangman's trick- Increase the radius to like 16 ya know kindred range or decrease the radius back to 6 and make it occur always not just when carrying a survivor

Huntress lullaby- At 5 stacks give it pentimento treatment where it cannot be cleansed.

Third Seal- Make it act like Plaything where no hex at the start but each person gets their own

CALM SPIRIT- FOR THE LOVE OF THE ENTITY REMOVE THE NERF IT GOT A YEAR AND A HALF AGO. - Or you dont get the penalties for perks that make you scream- ie if you leave a locker and have iron maiden- no expose if ultimate weapon, no blind.


  • D0NN1ED4RK0
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    I love your change for third seal

    that will kill the annoying playstyle that’s commonly used with this perk

  • sharpef3rn
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    right now why run third seal when ultimate weapon exists, cannot be cleansed and doesnt require hitting people first

  • MoNosEmpire
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    I want perks in general to feel stronger and more scary.

    Today I had a game with chucky where the exit door opening time was increased to 50 seconds LOL and every survivor was inflicted with broken for 30 seconds. It was a thrill to say the least, very unexpected but it was a new experience. This is how all perks should interact with each other, not just overlap and one feeling more useful than the other.

    As for specifics for perk changes, I couldn't tell you right now.

  • EffenBlue
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    Deliverance needs to be able to be used on 2nd hook. If you're the first person to get hooked it's a dead perk. The new anti-camp shows that you can get off the hook during the 2nd hook, give me 5 seconds to use Deliverance on the 2nd hook.

  • Chilli_man2400
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    I want both scavenger and residuel manifest to get rid of the item rummage mechanic and just make it so you start the game with the flashlight and toolbox. here’s how I would buff both

    Residuel manifest

    When you blind the killer by any means they gain the blindness effect for 35/40/45 seconds. At the start of the trial when empty handed start the game with a basic flashlight.


    When you have an empty toolbox the perk activates. Hitting 4 great skillchecks will replenish all charges. Recharging the toolbox reduces repair speed by 50% for 30/25/20 seconds. Start the game with a basic toolbox at the start of the trial

  • itstofuuu99
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    i would be more inclined to use iron will if it actually silenced my survivor when injured instead of just like 75% quieter.

    and if light footed worked when injured i would feel more of a need to buy ellen for her perks bc it feels quite useless atm esp since it deactivates after after a rushed action