Freddy not being on the roadmap is really disappointing.


One of the greatest slasher icons and he’s stuck as the most boring killer to play while also being bottom tier. And for some reason he keeps getting nerfed and the only slightly fun thing about him (snares through walls) was removed this patch.

And now Huntress, one of the most popular and balanced killers, is somehow a higher priority than Freddy is, the third least played killer according to Nightlight. And Onryo is getting a second rework months after her first one while Freddy has been waiting years (and I bet this pushed Freddy further down the balance list).

Once Hag and Twins receive their changes Freddy is going to take their place as the least played killer on the game and seeing Freddy Krueger be the least popular character just feels wrong.

Please BHVR, can we get some idea when we can expect to see Freddy changes? He has nothing going for him. He’s not fun, he has no skill ceiling, he’s incredibly weak, he has next to no good add ons, and he’s not even fun to play against. Please just give him anything.