I really don't get no mither


Other then David's Adept and a challenge No Mither is a perk i don't get let's look at it alone with no other perks. It gives you Iron will for free okay okay but why don't I just use Iron will? Or Bite the bullet? Now it allows you to pick yourself up from the ground constantly. Alright Alright no other perks does that but when would the killer keep you on the ground to fully recover at 25% speed increase which is nice but still if the killer realizes that they can insta down and pick you up(remember this is if your just using No Mither). Now while your no longer leave blood pools you still make noise not loudly but still. Now let's give you two killers who basically can just out right remove No mither(aka the effects no longer work on them) Spirit as far as I know most Spirit players have their volume at max surprised they haven't gone deaf yet but there is the killer that thrives on No Mither. Oni you basically are giving him his power just by being injured. Now now settle down I won't be railing on the perk while it is useful for either pallet stun builds with Power struggle, Flip Flop and Plot Twist or Gen builds with Resilience and Deja vu(I think people use it with gen builds?) Alone it isn't to much of a nice perk. Now let's go back to solo perks no combos or anything I'll grab a perk I think everyone has deemed terrible This is not happening. Now before you start thinking that I'm saying "oh both are terrible perks" no I think they both have pros and cons

No mither

Pro: no mither an extra challenge to your game and free pick ups if the killer decides to slug

Con: it basically means a free down for the killer or facing an Oni his power

This is not happening

Pro: This is not happening is useful for players just starting to play the game or nice practice hitting great skill checks because you might be rusty

Con: At higher ranks its not going to be use to often as your going need to try hitting normal skill checks.

Now alone both perks overall aren't to good with the fact of one you need to be injured to use TINH and No mither your probably going to be the killer's number one target. Now the reason why I don't get the point of the perk is simple any time I've played with a team and someone brought No mither usually we end up dead because well that person died off quickly because of No mither. Now would I say the perks needs a nerf or buff? No not in the slightest I just don't like when I go into a match as survivor and realize someone or two people brought no mither because I quickly enter the I know we're going to die feel because of the number matches I've had where we died because of no mither.