real question concerning Victor and Chucky


Why can you kick Victor but not tackle chuckly? they are pretty much the same size, the only different is one has a knife, 1v1 can be dangerous but 2 they can easily take him down, so why no survivors fight chucky? also why not use like a tire or a chair? anything around them to help against him? he's a doll, it's not like any other killer where it would do nothing to 90% of them, I just cannot understand how they don't fight a simple doll.


  • Xyvielia
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    lol, love this

    ikr, pick him up and toss him into that barrel of fire!

    edit: Didn’t realize you were being completely serious…

    Because DBD wasn’t designed that way, and Devs making those retaliation options available for Survivors would send the community into an uproar over the unfair nature (fr, pallets are too much to manage for some players) besides causing for too many variables of the game to be adjusted, it simply wouldn’t be plausible.

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    Because Chucky isn't balanced around being tackled or kicked, and Victor is. It's that simple.

    If you want a lore reason, it's because the Entity said so. That sums up every balance decision in the game.

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    1. He's Carrying a knife, A very large knife

    2.He has the strength of an adult male

    3.He's human ?After not successfully transferring his soul into a new body because he became human in the doll body,so there's weight to his doll body, like he's kind of heavy maybe 65 pounds solid organs and bones.

    4.He has razor sharp reflex.( Reference example 1)