Deadlock needs to be nerfed


Deadlock is a perk that any time a gen is finished, the gen with the most progress is blocked for 30 seconds

It's a simple perk and functional but hear me out, this perk has 0 skill to use, because it's very simple, you have to do nothing to get it's value, you can go afk and you would still gain it's value

Another fact is, every killer that uses deadlock just hard tunnel because they have more time doing it because of deadlock, survivors are punished for doing the objective, and imo this is not okay

I suggest put a token system in this perk, like No way out, my nerf would be like

Deadlock blocks the gen with the most progress for 10 seconds, however, any time you hook a survivor for the first time, gains a token, each token increases the block duration for 5 seconds (This is tier 3 btw)

This perk would basically be the same, but having a skill requirement would be the best ideia to balance this perk!