rework dc ban/penalty

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Why am I punished for not liking the match? Isn't this a ´´party´´ game? killers and soloQ are not hurting anyone by leaving the match (they are actually helping other players giving them a better teammate aka bot or just making every survivor win the game in 1 second aka killer dcing),

[[and for some reason your servers are being powered by potatoes now, I´ve accumulated a one hour ban because I was disconnected from the servers for some reason]]

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  • Viktor1853
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    The dc penalty are fine

  • Crowman
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    Being a "party" game doesn't excuse bad manners. Neither side should just be able to quit out of a match without penalty.

  • Lixadonna
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    First sentence is asking why punished for not liking a match.Last sentence blames servers. Sounding sus.

  • pigslittlepet
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    As a killer please don't. I have no interest in playing against a bot. If I wanted bots I would go play fortnite or something. When I have a bot in my games I ignore them. Game state can be bad I don't care. I don't have any interest in hunting or hooking a bot.

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    I drafted my comment poorly, I would like to clarify it

    I would like a way to ´´give up´´ as a killer or survivor, disconnecting as a killer is nothing more than giving up because the game ends immediately

    for example, yesterday I disconnected from the match because the survivors were playing ´´immersively´´aka stealth, basically torture for me, the match was boring, there was no interaction at all, I was literally just existing

    I made the comment about the servers due to the fact that being disconnected by the servers counts as ´´dc´´, I purposely disconnected twice, but I received almost an hour penalty due to the fact that the servers had a problem and ´´ DC me from matches repeatedly´´ (I'm sure it wasn't my internet), I think they should recreate this punishment, and a different system for it