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Killer Idea: The Horseman

Speed: 4.6m/s

Terror Radius: 32m

Height: Average

Killer Power:

Spreading the End: The Horseman starts the trial with five gore pile tokens. He can place them down in the map. He cannot place a gore pile within 32 meters of another gore pile. It takes 30 seconds to generate another token. Maximum of ten tokens can be held at once. A maximum of ten gore piles can be placed at once. Once at the maximun number of gore piles, the horseman cannot place anymore gore piles unless the amount of gore piles goes bellow ten.

Gore Piles: They emit a 20 meter radius (indicated by a green circle) which if survivors enter, they will start coughing, and if they stay in the 20 meter radius for 30 seconds, they become injured and broken for 120 seconds. Gore piles can be destroyed by throwing a torch onto it. Doing so will create a loud noise notification for both the killer and survivors.

Torches: Around the map, there will be 8 poles that each have a torch on them. The torches start lit up at the beginning of the match. Survivors can pick up torches, this will not replace their current item. If a torch is picked up this way, it will take 120 seconds before that pole has a torch available again. The killer can also go to this poles and blow out the torches, if a torch is destoryed this way, it will take 60 seconds before the pole has a torch available again. All poles auras are revealed to survivors at all times. When a survivor has a torch, they light up the area around them, making them easy to spot.

Hastening the End: The Horseman can teleport to any gore pile on the map, if he does this, the gore pile is destroyed. Any survivor within 20 meters of the gore pile and in line of sight of the gore pile is injured and broken for 120 seconds if healthy and downed when injured when the Horseman destroys a gore pile this way. The power has a cooldown of 40 seconds. The Horseman cannot teleport to a gore pile within 32 meters of a hooked survivor.

The End is Here: Whenever a survivor becomes broken by any means (except for No Mither), The Horseman gains a token. The progress of tokens can be seen by survivors (kinda like dredge's nightfall) and by the Horseman. At 4 tokens, all tokens are consumed and The End begins. During the End, the Horseman can't gain tokens.

The End: The End lasts for 30 seconds. During the end, one of four events will occur at random-

• Conquest: During Conquest, The sky becomes White with a bit of orange, Whenever a survivor drops a pallet, that pallet is broken instantly by the entity and whenever a survior vaults a window, that window is blocked by the entity, The Horseman gains 5% movement speed during the End.

• War: During War, The sky becomes blood red, whenever the Horseman damages a generator, that gen will regress 50% of its total progress and all gens that are currently being worked on are blocked by the entity for the remainder of the End. Generators are highlighted white if they are being worked on during the End.

• Pestilence: During Pestilence, the sky becomes pitch black with a bit of green, whenever the Horseman uses Hastening the End it doesn't destroy the gore pile, all torches despawn during the duration of the End, Hastening the End doesn't have a cooldown, survivors cough in the terror radius of the Horseman, whenever a survivor is hit with a basic attack, they become broken for 150 seconds.

• Death: During Death, the sky becomes a silky white or cream with a bit of black, all survivors become exposed, the Horseman loses his terror radius and all survivors auras are revealed for the duration of the End.


2 Ultra Rare:

Hellish Offering: The End is active at the beginning of the match, and the End activates once all generators are done. "Lore Text" -Quote

Iridescent Scroll: Reduce the amount of tokens it requires to activated the End by 2 (total now of 2) "Lore Text" -Quote

4 Very Rare:

Scroll of Conquest: During the End, only Conquest is selected. "Lore Text" -Quote

Scroll of War: During the End, only War is selected. "Lore Text" -Quote

Scroll of Pestilence: During the End, only Pestilence is selected. "Lore Text" -Quote

Scroll of Death: During the End, only Death is selected. "Lore Text" -Quote

5 Rare:

Hollow Bones: Increases the time of the End by 10 seconds (New total of 40 seconds) "Lore Text" -Quote

Severed Arm: Reduces the cooldown of Hastening the End by 10 seconds (New total of 30 seconds) "Lore Text" -Quote

Pile of Intestines: Whenever you injure a survivor within the radius of a gore pile, they become broken for 120 seconds.

Broken Helmet: The trial begins with three less poles (A total of 5) "Lore Text" -Quote

Severed Jaw: Whenever you enter the radius of a gore pile you become undectable and gain undectable for 5 seconds after leaving the gore pile's radius. "Lore Text" -Quote

5 Uncommon:

Demonic Staff: The radius of gore piles increases by 4 meters. (New total of 24 meters) "Lore Text" -Quote

Fractured Bones: Increases the time of the end by 5 seconds (New total of 35 seconds) "Lore Text" -Quote

Severed Leg: Reduceds the cooldown of Hastening the End by 5 seconds. (New total of 35 seconds) "Lore Text" -Quote

Broken Sword: The trial begins with two less poles (A total of 6) "Lore Text" -Quote

Rusty Cage: Whenever a survivor is injured within the radius of a gore pile, that survivor is inflicted with the mangled status effect. "Lore Text" -Quote

4 Common:

Rusted Toy Car: Increases the amount of tokens it requires to activate the end by four (Now total of eight tokens), increases the time of the End by 30 seconds. (Now total of 60 seconds) "Lore Text" -Quote

Burnt Children Book: Gore piles can no longer be destroyed by Hastening the End, you can only have a maximum of five tokens, and only a maxium of five gore piles can exist at the same time. Increases the radius of the gore pile by 12 meters (total now of 32 meters) and reduces the cooldown of Hastening the End by 20 seconds. (total now 20 seconds) "Lore Text" -Quote

Ripped Scroll of Atonement: You begin the trial with seven tokens (was 5). "Lore Text" -Quote

Broken Door Handle: Survivors injured in the radius of a gore pile is inflicted with the blindness status effect. "Lore Text" -Quote


Hex: Tormenting Pain:

Anytime you injure a survivor with a basic attack a total of 4/3/2 times, and if there is not yet a Hex Totem already associated with Hex: Tormenting Pain and there is at least one Dull Totem remaining in the Trial Grounds, Hex: Tormenting Pain activates on a random Totem: All survivors that are injured are broken. Once any survivor is killed by any means, Hex: Tormenting Pain is deactivated and reverts its Hex totem to a dull totem. "Lore Text" -Quote

Scourge Hook: Hopeless Efforts:

At the start of the trial, up to 4 random hooks are changed into scourge hooks. You see their auras in white. Whenever a survivor is hooked on a scourge hook, all other survivors in the trial repair generators and heal 10%/15%/20% slower until the survivor on the scourge hook is unhooked. Once any survivor is killed by any means, Scourge Hook: Hopeless Efforts is deactivated. "Lore Text" -Quote

Scourge Hook: Armageddon:

At the start of the trial, up to 4 random hooks are changed into scourge hooks. You see their auras in white. Whenever a survivor is hooked on a scourge hook, all other survivors are inflicted with the exhausted status effect for 30 seconds and for the next 40/50/60 seconds, the next time a survivor other than the hooked survivor drops a pallet, the Entity breaks that pallet. "Lore Text" -Quote


Editors note: Maybe have downs add tokens to the The End is Here but I would have to increase the amount of tokens it takes and/or nerf the events during The End. Also I haven't thought of Lore or a chapter title yet, but I know I want it something akin to a child in modern sacrificed to this cult that wants the four Horseman to come to the earth now to destroy human kind. I would like feedback on this idea.


  • Critical_Fish
    Critical_Fish Member Posts: 615

    Now, there are a lot of things to comment on here so I apologize for my long-winded comment in advance. Continuing on...

    First and foremost, the aspects of this Killer are above average. The mere trait of being a 4.6 m/s Killer who is also Average height means looping becomes significantly harder. As we'll get to later, as well, there is no balancing factor for this in the power. Killers with shorter statures tend to have concessions elsewhere in their kit; Pig lacks chase power, Legion lacks the ability to down Survivors, Ghostface lacks slowdown and mobility. The only Killers who seem to contradict this are Nurse, Spirit, and Wesker, but it must be said that the Nurse is slower than a Survivor (she's still broken I won't deny that, BUT the concession for her height has been paid), Spirit is slow as well and lacks slowdown, and Wesker has a huge terror radius. The Horseman makes no such concessions; even Nurse pays her fair share more than Horseman does.

    First and foremost, Gore Piles. 10 Gore Piles is immense, especially since each covers a 20 meter radius and they cannot be within 32 meters of each other. This total count could be halved with no change to gameplay. Additionally, time to place is not listed, which is major in determining how long it would take for The Horseman to set up early in the game: the only time he's in any way a fair Killer.

    In terms of functionality, as well, Gore Piles are absurd. Full area denial that can cover multiple loops and generators, within which Survivors can be hooked and chased with no penalties, that injures and breaks a Survivor passively and for 120 seconds???

    Yes, torches exist as counter play to the Piles, but here's a couple things that already exist that you can use as comparisons for powers with built-in counter play. Nemesis, Plague, Wesker, and Singularity cannot prevent the Survivor from using the counter play, and simply must cope with it. The Alien must actively flee from its counter play, which wholly deletes its power in moments.

    The torches, though? They can be removed before even being used, have a minute long cooldown minimum, and can't possibly keep up with limiting the Horseman's output of Piles. Just do the math: 8 torches at the start, that can be put out for free by the Horseman. 5 Piles at the start. Those 5 Piles will be gone quickly, but the torches will also be gone. The torches take anywhere from 60 seconds to 120 seconds to recharge. Piles take 30. The math isn't mathing.

    Hastening the End just adds more to the immense strength of Piles, enabling both map mobility and free damage to multiple Survivors at once. The limitation of not allowing teleportation near a hooked Survivor is standard to these sorts of Killers, it deserves no mention nor any concession. Much weaker Killers (who are still strong), such as the Singularity, have even harsher limits to their teleportation despite for the Singularity the teleportation being the power. No, the lengthy cooldown doesn't help either. Piles are still too strong even with Hastening the End, this is just icing on the cake.

    For the cherry on top, The End is Here. Gaining Tokens for a power whenever someone unhooks with Deliverance, uses Second Wind, gets hit by any number of Killer perks, etc is ridiculous, especially when the threshold is as low as 4. Especially with a Killer who so effortlessly inflicts excessive amounts of the Broken status condition. Given the strength of The End, as well, this low of a threshold is... insane.

    The End has 4 possible effects.

    • Conquest just makes chase impossible for 30 seconds, no if's, and's, or but's. Comparing to other "you will die in this chase" Killers, specifically Oni, the ease of activating this effect and the amount this effect chews through materials even compared to Oni is absurd. Again, Oni's entire power is lesser compared to Conquest alone. This is a theme with this Killer.
    • War erases all progress full stop, and gives complete ability to tell where every Survivor is. This amount of passive game delay, coupled with perks like Pop and Pain Resonance makes progress impossible. Pig, whose entire power might as well be her traps, can seldom achieve this level of regression and game delay.
    • Pestilence prevents all counterplay from Survivors, allows for Hastening the End to just... not have a cost, and offers additional Broken. Something this Killer really doesn't need.
    • Death Exposes all Survivors, makes the Horseman Undetectable, and reveals the auras of all Survivors. All of this for 30 seconds. This amount of lethality wasn't even mimicked by Starstruck Agitation Nurse before her post-blink attacks were nerfed to be Special attacks. Especially with map offerings, this can become an instant loss based on a 1 in 4 chance.

    No, the End isn't saved by its randomness.

    Let's see how the Add-ons jive; I cross my fingers aggressively. I'll also only cover ones that I find interesting or worth unique comment; they'll all be covered as a whole after that.

    • Hellish Offering: Makes the early game, the Horseman's only mild flaw, incredibly strong. Makes the end game even stronger.
    • Iridescent Scroll: Exasperates the issues this Killer has as a whole; numbers that are too strong, immense Breaking, and extreme pressure for no cost or demand of skill.
    • Scroll of Conquest: Selecting Conquest for free is incredibly strong; no pallets will exist after the second activation of The End, of which there will be a minimum of 4 each game.
    • Scroll of War: Well, 4 free perk slots now that you don't need game delay because this add-on does everything for you.
    • Scroll of Pestilence: By far the worst scroll, but denies all counter play for Survivors and adds additional anti-healing to a Killer already not lacking in it. With this and Hellish Offering, torches may as well not exist.
    • Scroll of Death: Win.
    • ALL SCROLLS: What happens if these add-ons are used in tandem?
    • Broken Helmet + Broken Sword: Only 3 poles exist. Wow.
    • Rusty Cage: Usually that injury will come with being Broken about 2 seconds after; what's the point of Mangled?
    • Rusted Toy Car: This is a Very Rare add-on. Usually you'll find gimmicky stuff that massively changes playstyle EXTREMELY far up the rarity spectrum; Commons are minor buffs, QOL changes, or meme add-ons exclusively.
    • Burnt Children Book: This is about 1 add-on for each page in this book. About 19 too many.
    • Ripped Scroll of Atonement: Only worsens the issue of the Survivors being unable to adequately use their counter play by giving extra Piles.

    Overall, these add-ons read like Blight add-ons if they were all buffed twice and given the same crack cocaine old Hillbilly add-ons were on. For a base kit rivalling the Nurse's, that's... wild.

    Please let the perks be cool please let the perks be cool.

    Hex: Tormenting Pain

    I really don't get how this is functioning, but I will assume the following: Hex: Tormenting Pain activates once 2 injuries have been afflicted via basic attack to a Survivor(s), and after activation all injured Survivors are permanently Broken. This is... okay, allow me to describe why Broken is so powerful, because it doesn't seem like you respect it.

    Broken, as a Status Effect, removes a third of the Survivor's entire game. They lose a ton of perks, they are forced to play incredibly safe lest they immediately die, and they become complete fodder for Dead By Daylight's abundant cheese. There's a reason it's easier to be afflicted with Broken by a Survivor Perk than a Killer through any means; IT REALLY SUCKS TO HAVE.

    Now, the counterplay to any stealth Killer (even Pig) is to be constantly fully healed. Imagine having to play against a Wraith who has Hex: Tormenting Pain. You automatically lose, because you will ALWAYS get decimated by the hit and run strategies the Wraith already excels with, and the Wraith has enough mobility to protect the Totem and the objective at the same time (also Undying exists).

    Now imagine Nurse with this perk.

    Scourge Hook: Hopeless Efforts

    I wish to face camp and be rewarded for it. Seriously though, this perk completely misunderstands why perks that slow down the progression of the objective, without directly regressing it, work the way they do. Thanatophobia is easy to limit the effects of; keep 1 Survivor healed and it isn't strong anymore. Even then, its slowdown is only equivalent to what this perk offers for... hooking a Survivor. Injure all Survivors and keep them all injured, or hook a guy; one is oddly easier than the other.

    Hex: Pentimento is the other perk that comes to mind that does what Hopeless Efforts does. And it mandates an entire build around it. Pentimento limits the number of gen regression perks you could have to 1 or MAYBE 2 if you're a masochist who runs Hex: Ruin. Otherwise, it's just those 4 uses of Pain Res and that 30% reduction to repairs, baby. And Pentimento can be removed at any time; Hopeless Efforts doesn't have that flaw.

    So not only does it synergize super well with degenerate strategies such as proxy camping, but this perk synergizes amazingly with Pop Goes the Weasel and Pain Resonance, something no other perk that does what it does can say.

    Scourge Hook: Armageddon

    Again I have to make assumptions regarding this perk because of how vaguely it's written; I will assume that the first pallet dropped within 60 seconds after a Survivor is hooked on a Scourge Hook is broken, and nothing more. This is a super generous concession, aaaand the perk is still broken. 30 seconds of Exhaustion on everybody is WILD, as it shuts off the best perks in the entire game for a very long time. Additionally, it stacks, meaning if you keep hooking Survivors (which will be easier since they don't have their Exhaustion perks active) you can permanently turn off Exhaustion perks.

    Also free Spirit Fury just... isn't.

    Overall, while there is nothing wrong with the concept of the Horseman, the execution is far too extreme and powerful for me to give good words to. And throughout this perk selection, I'm really not seeing any sort of healthy design, making it difficult to find something to praise here. I recommend, if you were to rework this Killer and/or if you were to design new ones, that you study what other Killers can do and how their abilities compare to those your Killer possesses. Additionally, I'd suggest you keep in mind what other perks in the game can already do, and how they compare to your perk concepts. Doing this will also naturally give you resources to improve how you write and elaborate on Killer powers and perks.

    Best of luck in your future endeavors.

  • UtopianSlayer
    UtopianSlayer Member Posts: 8

    Thank you for the feedback. It is very much appreciated and I plan to make a 2.0 for this killer so it isn't as busted.