Proof that you BHVR still need to fix your game.


If you wont listen to words alone then here is a video, it's not the best example but please watch it and take into consideration some of these things or something to fix major problems in the gameplay of your game. Maybe even 5 perk slots instead of 4 there is a suggestion, anyways please watch this.


  • Optx
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    "It's literally a lose situation at that point"

    Yes, it quite literally is, well put. It's not a major problem, survivors lost, that's how that works.

    Slugging for the final kill is unfathomably boring, I agree, but you're blowing things way out of proportion.

  • Emeal
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    Yes. you are losing the game. YES the KILLER is securing maximum Kills. But that isnt a problem-

  • VomitMommy
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    What is the problem exactly?

    Killer slugged to get 4k and didn't play for hatch. How is number of perks related to it?

  • Batusalen
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    So, the guy is watching someone with an inactivity crow on their head, just staring at the killer in the distance with just one gen left... "It's a lose situation". Well, of course it is a lose situation if you just give up or didn't even try in the first place. In there, at least 1 of you could have got out of there alive, both if you play it correctly and have a little luck.

    Then, after losing any chances of survival by their teammates actions making it a total lost game, "What can the survivor do in this situation? Fix this, BHVR", which basically means "Make it so I can escape even when I have already lost".

    There is a lot of problems that need to be fixed in this game. Survivors being able to lose is not one of them.

  • Ariel_Starshine
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    I just use tenacity and often times I do crawl and find the hatch lol. Oh boy do they complain in the chat. I just ignore them.

  • LordGlint
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    This guy has a total of 3 posts, where he started 3 different threads to complain. He posts a video complaining that killers shouldn't be able to close hatch, and if they DO... then the exit gates should open.

    I have a really hard time taking anyone seriously when their entire presence on the forum is... this. At least this TTV didn't complain about stream sniping...