New Perk Idea for Being Saved from Killer's Grasp/Wiggling Off

MysticFayrie Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 2

Perk idea, if the survior is able to wiggle off the killer's shoulder/killer is stunned/blinded and survivor is saved from the killer's grasp by any means (including perks that let the survivor break free from grasp on their own) the survivor is insta healed once per match. Maybe twice per match if one of those is end game?


  • Seraphor
    Seraphor Member Posts: 8,972

    Throw in a 'if picked up within 60s of being unhooked' and it could be a solid perk.

  • pigslittlepet
    pigslittlepet Member Posts: 432

    Umm no. Free heal for no reason? Needs some sort of pre requisite to earn it. Maybe this much repair time or cleans totems or heal teammates. Not for free though.

  • MysticFayrie
    MysticFayrie Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 2

    true that could be a good anti tunneling counterpart since most likely other teammates would still be nearby to help with the save.

    fair point, the person above you had a good idea with it being within 60 secs of being hooked. Would be a great way to attempt to get away from a killer that is trying to tunnel.

  • StereoGang
    StereoGang Member Posts: 79

    While your idea isn't bad at all, I'm not sure it would be very healthy for the game if it was working for every escape. The killer already get punished quite heavily for letting a survivor wiggleling free/flashlight saved : he gets stunned plus have to chase the survivor again.

    If that survivor was healed on top of that, that would mean that the killer would have lost any benefit of the full chase he had done and won before, which is quite tough for a single mistake on his part.

    I think it might be more fair if it only proc when you wiggle free from the killer's grasp (and not when getting saved by a palet, a flashlight, and so on) because most of the time, it only happen thanks to teamate takings hits for you. Would also punish a bit killers that heavely tunnel as sometime, teamates even go down to prevent the killer from hooking you.