Someone Should Say It... Background Player is OP?

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In a lot of matches recently playing with my duo, we have been running Background player with Power Struggle Flip Flop.

Nearly every time we go down, if the killer doesn't pick up within a few seconds, I have power struggle.

If they do pick up, my friend has Background player and makes it to the pallet.

Then if they go down, it's vice versa.

This isn't even considering how easy it is now to use Flashbangs with this perk. I get saves off even with the killer looking at the wall, if you can clip through them at the right time and drop it on their feet.

Even now with the new Champion Of Light perk coming out, I think it will be insane with Background player as you can get the angle adjusted way faster.

The speed boost sometimes almost looks like cheating because of how fast it is.

I just don't think this perk belongs in the game at the current state its in. It makes saves almost guaranteed. I of course still love running it, but I think the 200% buff was a little to forgiving.

Either revert it back to 150% (I know people would complain) or make the blind timing way more precise again, because as of right now the window seems massive.


  • fussy
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    I watch streamer, who plays SWF and abuse the hell out of this perk and boons, their matches is nothing but 20-30 minutes of bullying the killer.

    It was already hard enough to pick up, when you play against coordinated team, and they all get down in open space or under the pallet. This perk just demolish any risk to get punished, since you can get save from 20 meters away. And after save get away on another 20 meters back, wow.

    And "oh, they are not on gens" is argument only against Nurse and sometimes Blight, who can get a down in few seconds later, because even 1 person on gen is enough for how much time other teammates buying for team with all these saves and how much time killer needs to rebuild some pressure.

    Some peoples say that it should have 20 seconds of exhaustion and 150% – hell no. Have an attempt of almost guaranteed save literally at every down is also stupid.

    Just revert it.

  • pigslittlepet
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    The devs claim they nerf killer perks because they are to oppressive or have no counter but that clearly is just a lie at this point. There is zero counter to a flash bang delivered by background player. Face a wall, it doesn't help.

  • pigslittlepet
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    Hard to recognize but pre drop I would say. Also limited number of uses.