some little changes for niche/underused perks for killers and survivors


some perks have a really cool concept but it fails when you put it into the actual game (like skull merchant´s perks), so i want to give some ideas to change them and see if people like it


Felix perk, Visionary

Visionary no longer deactvates after repairing a gen

Jake perk, calm spirit

calm spirit no longer make you bless totens and open chests 30% slower

Nea perk, streetwise

Increase the % to 30 instead of 25

Quentin perk, Pharmacy

New effect: every time you gets injuried you get a token, you can use this token to search a green medkit in chests (just like residual manifest and scavenger)

Bill perk, left behind

Shows the aura of the hatch even before it actually spawns in the map

David perk, no mither

You starts the match healthy, after taking a damage, the perk activates

Adam perk, Autodidact

New effect: increases the changes to get a skill check while healing by 5 or 10% (and keep the current one obviously)

Jane perk, Poised

New effect: hide your scratch marks and pools of blood while you´re 8 meters next to a repaired generator

Steve perk, camaraderie

New effect: Pauses the struggle timer for 34 seconds if the killer is 20 meters next to your hook (activates after 7 seconds to give the killer a chance to not activate it like the anti camp)

Elodie perk, appraisal

gives you 1 token for each chest in the map

Jill perk, counterforce

increase the % by 10% (so 30% faster totem breaking)

Thalita perk, cut-loose

Decrease the cooldown by 20 seconds

Renato, bloodrush

You can use it 1 time for each hook state


Wraith perk, predator

New effect: Hex: predator, survivors leaves scratch marks while walking

Huntress perk, territorial imperative

New effect: Shows the aura of every survivor who interacts with objects you have interacted before (if you open a locker, kick a gen, vault a window and the survivor interacts with it, you see his aura)

Huntress perk, beast of prey

New effect: Hex: Beast of prey, the bloodlust accumulates outside of chase

Ghost face perk, i´m all ears

Decrease the cooldown by 20 seconds

Oni perk, Blood echo

New effect: scourge hook blood echo, after hooking a survivor in a scourge hook, every injuried survivor suffers from exhausted, heamorrhage and mangled for 80 seconds

Executioner perk, Deathbound

New effect: After a survivor finish the healing action, his aura gets revealed for the killer by 10 seconds and he suffers from the oblivious status effect for 30 seconds

Blight perk, Dragon´s grip

reduce the cooldown by 40 seconds and decrease the exposed by 20 seconds

Onryõ perk, Call of brine

Increase the the time by 20 or 30 seconds and increase the regression by 50%

Skull merchant perk, THWACK!

New effect: every time you hook a survivor you gain a token (max 5 tokens), the next time you break a wall or a pallet every survivor in a 40 meter radius from you scream and reveal their aura for 5 seconds

Skull merchant perk, Leverage

Increase the activated time by 15 seconds, increase the penalty by 1%, max of 11 tokens instead of 10


Most of the survivors´ perks i listed feels awful to use (not because they´re weak)

And the killers´ ones are just weak in general, sometimes they works but, meh