Why is no one talking about how busted gen speeds are?

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Even without gen speed perks or toolboxes, add that in the mix and you're lucky if the game lasts 5 minutes against a swf.

I see people keep complaining about how it sucks to be hard tunneled completely ignoring why killers do that in the first place in the current state of the game.

Every time killers get a strong perk like ultimate weapon(I won't include grim embrace because the perk is considered more op than it actually is by survivors) we see so much backlash when the biggest problem in the game is games going too fast because of gen rush you don't have time to have any fun because you blink, 2 gens gone, you lose a single mindgame, 2 gens gone.

It's honestly boring because most games are either stomp or get stomped if survivors play good, the only way a killer can win is if survivors make big mistakes.

Game is too fast paced for either side to have any fun and most killers can't afford not stacking up gen regression if they wanna have any chance.

This won't change until killers get more objectives before being able to escape, like survivors having to cleanse at least 4 dull totems before being able to escape, that would at least be something.

Most games are gen rush, get out as survivor.

As killer are hard tunnel because that's the most efficient way to slow gens down.

I can't wait for lights out mode because that will actually make gens not go so fast anymore and that will actually be fun and won't force me as killer to hard tunnel just to have a chance.