New Trapper Mechanic Suggestion


I think it would be nice if Trapper's power was changed just a bit. Instead of setting his traps in the semi-slow manner that he does, it might be better if he could throw them down to the ground where he wants them to be placed. Because I assume the Trapper is quite strong throwing beartraps down this way would cause them to automatically slam open where he threw it. It would make for faster gameplay for him. Less time lost, and less capability for survivors to indicate where they saw him place the trap. Just a thought.


  • glitchboi
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    I feel like allowing him to quickly place down a trap by throwing it down and completely disregard a pallet with no chance for a survivor to get away would make his counterplay a little too similar to Skull Merchant where she places a drone at a loop and forces the survivor out of it.

    Currently when Trapper places a trap on a window or a pallet, the survivor still has a chance to get away and Trapper is also capable of faking the trap placing. It also gives Trapper some chase potential as he gets +5% haste after placing down a trap. This gives much more interactive counterplay for both sides chase-wise.

    In my opinion, the issue with Trapper mainly lies upon the spawn locations of the bear traps. Bear traps should always spawn right next to generators (turns out this was already added in 7.3.1!) and not in direct corners of the map. Something that will help him out during his horrible early game is the ability to automatically collect traps from longer distances.

    A passive charge-up (200 seconds/100 charges, +0.5 charges per second) for his power that spikes up each time a survivor disarms a bear trap (+50 seconds/+25 charges). When fully charged up and you have space for another trap, press the Active Ability button to have the Entity grab the selected unarmed trap for you and instantly place it in your inventory.

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  • Emeal
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    When I play trapper I usually force the survivor into a bad side of a loop and then place the trap, If I could just throw the trap idd be like Freddy but 10x times as powerful. I just don't think it would be balanced. The time it takes to place a trap is the time the Survivor has to counter-play, if you removed that Trapper has no counter play.

  • Dninja92
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    Imo, what trapper needs is to lose the trap carry limit and get nerf/buff system based on the number he carries instead. Carrying 1 or no traps gives a bit of haste and a smaller terror radius, for chasing survivors after he's prepped an area, but he gets a slowdown and larger terror radius for carrying over 3 or 4. This way he can pickup and carry more to help with handling bad trap spawns, but is still incentivized to place them down, and make use instead of hoarding them

  • GroßusSchmiedus
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    Just let him get traps out of lockers, his biggest weakness is still having to walk around to collect his traps, which are dependant on RNG.