So can we give Blight an actual nerf please?


He's still OP, now he's just S- instead of S+. Any why the hell did Adrenaline Vial get buffed? I just don't get it man, Sadako shows hints of being strong and gets gutted into the dirt, but BHVRs favorite Golden boi Blight can literally never not be the 2nd strongest killer in the game apparently. And if Nurse didn't break the game he'd be the best and it's not even close. The difference in power between Nurse and Blight and every single other killer (Yes even Chucky and Spirit the 3rd and 4th strongest) is so disgusting and it's still just as bad as before his Addons changes. At least you changed the Iris so he wouldn't actually be stronger than before, but I am just so sick of playing against Blight almost every single game man.


  • Iron_Cutlass
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    Adrenaline Vial still got nerfed with the update compared to before the update, I know they buffed it from PTB to live servers but it's still a considerable nerf.

    • Token Recharge: 7 seconds => 14 seconds
    • Maximum Tokens: (Unchanged)
    • Movement Speed Increase: 10% => 5%
    • Look Angle Increase: 50% => 20%
    • Reduced Turn Rate: (Removed)

    That is still a nerf considering how busted the original version was, the recharge for his power is basically double what it was before (with the addon) and the look angle, the main appeal of the addon, also got nerfed as well.

    That being said, I feel as if it still should be completely reworked entirely, it's just a weird addon that has never really had a niche or identity since it's been changed so much and had so many effects added and removed over the years.

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    They need to nerf him down to the A tier and be done with it. There is no justifiable reason for why S tier killers still exist in 2024 after the many nerfs survivors have received. No one is playing against comp teams in pub matches so killers this strong are completely unnecessary. It'd be nice if they stopped wasting time constantly reworking killers like Onryo and actually focused on the ones that are a real problem.

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    They wouldn’t have to “waste” time working on killers like her if it was done right the first time.

    nobody asked for this busted version, and nobody asked for the 2.0 version either.

    We wanted to keep the original sadako as she was but Her condemn power to be more threatening. She was a D tier killer at best, she definitely needed it….Respectfully

  • o7o
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    Have you actually used Vial after the update? It is still pretty good, and the recharge time isn't just the problem with Vial.