I dislike new game modes

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Probably an unpopular opinion, but i dislike the idea that we will get new game modes.

As i mentioned already months and even years ago, Lights out already proves to methat it might become a very problematic topic for the larger skale of the game. Here are a few reasons:

  1. Lights out, while being probably the most simple one we will ever get, is VERY unballanced. Ballancing this will take years. Imagine 2v8. There is no way they will ballance this even halfway decent within the lifespan of DBD.
  2. Its a flash in the pan. I can see myself playing this for a few rounds and then never touch it again - going back to the original game. Some remaining DBD players i know are already tired of it.
  3. Having multible game modes will split the playerbase and eventually lead to longer queue times, for both the original and the added aditions. Longer queue times are a bad thing.
  4. Spending developing time on these game modes will cost a lot of resources. Resources the original game needs desperatly.

Share your opinion please.


  • Nazzzak
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    I'm not a fan of Lights Out, but as long as regular mode is still available I'm not fussed by them having these modifiers. Others will enjoy them, and I might find another I like.

  • Nos482
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    Lights Out feels like it's minimal effort. On the plus side it's only for one week. I dread the fabled 2v8 mode as people would start demanding a Kill with friends mode. Then would probably descend into a Nurse and Blight team up.

  • CrypticGirl
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    How is this mode unbalanced? I think it's the most balanced gameplay we've ever had. With no perks for either side, we don't have to worry about four gen-slowdowns or anti-heal or anti-stealth. On the other side, you don't have to worry about gen rushing perks or sprinting speed exhaustion perks, MFT, Hope, Adrenaline, etc. The gameplay is all skill- and sense-based.

  • Chiky
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    so, you dialike the idea of having new game modes even when thr normal mode is still there? ok

  • xEa
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    Yes. I pointed out the reasons why i do. You disagree with any of those?

    It is the core game with basicaly no balance adjustment, but with no vision, no scratch marks and no terror radius. And yes, no perks either. It is absolutly wild to think this could possible be slightly ballanced. Even the devs admited that this will be a very unballanced experience.