How are killers feeling about lights out mode?

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Just asking

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  • JeanGreyarea
    JeanGreyarea Member Posts: 498

    Devs i would like to see the kill rates for this mode

  • GeneralV
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    It is amazing, I loved it.

    It is unfortunate that I cannot play my main, but other than that I have no complaints.

  • flotaku
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    Yesterday played 2x as survivor with 2 friends, killer got all 4 survivors quite easily, being quite sweaty too.

    Today played 3x as killer, got 4k's in all 3 matches without having to play very intensely. And I am not a great killer player.

  • Caiman
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    I very quickly got bored of only being able to track survivors through bloodstains on the ground. Strained my eyes too much.

  • Nathan13
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    It’s fun but the thing is getting kills is more easier if you play certain killers. When I play solo survivor I have a rough time. You

  • BubbaxBilly
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    Easy Peezy. Just ran around as bubba. Downs felt pretty free. It got boring after a couple or games so I stopped playing it.

  • Coffeecrashing
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    I've only been playing lights out.

    I don't have to deal with survivors pre-leaving generators at the first hint of a visual terror radius. And with the limited map vision, it's much harder for SWFs to use voice comms to warn each other of which direction I'm going.

  • The_Yosh
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    I've been using it to farm my old tomes. It is super easy, and I have completed some difficult ones that I was going to save for last.

  • TragicSolitude
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    I can't see anything. I don't know how the hell killers are able to chase me when I play survivor, unless the visibility is a lot better on PC than on console, because I sure as hell can't chase survivors as killer. I felt a lot blinder as killer than as survivor in Lights Out mode.

  • JeanGreyarea
    JeanGreyarea Member Posts: 498

    Oh yeah i know killer players are super ecstatic about this new mode

  • JeanGreyarea
    JeanGreyarea Member Posts: 498

    Well it depends what killer you play. I have played wraith in that mode and its really easy since he is always close to the survivor. I can see how someone like huntress would struggle since she needs to aim

  • Rivyn
    Rivyn Member Posts: 3,006

    Hit or miss. Some matches I dominate, other matches the survivors disappear around every turn. It's fun for the most part, though.

  • TragicSolitude
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    If I remember correctly, I tried as Legion, Chucky, Demo, and Nemesis. I felt equally blind as all of them.

    My friend says Dredge is good, since you can see the survivors better in night mode. I reached 2 million BP and have nothing to spend it on, though, so my time playing Lights Out is already finished. If the mode returns, I'll try Dredge.

  • SweetTerror
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    As killer, it's nice having everyone on the same playing field. No perks makes for a more interesting match, but as survivor it's miserable.

    So long as the killer isn't a try hard, then it's not too bad. But I had two matches back to back that had a Bubba camp the hook, and a Trapper place traps around the hook while again camping. After that I stopped playing survivor. Personally, I don't know why BHVR took out the anti-camp mechanic. Without it, killers just go right back to doing camping. It was boring.

  • bazarama
    bazarama Member Posts: 227

    Yeah on console I sometimes struggle to get second hit as survivors dissappear into the darkness whilst I recover from first hit.

    And hooks can be hard to find.

    But on the whole I enjoyed the change.

    I tried different killers and found chucky and ghostface the best.

    Chucky because he's small and ghostface because you can expose survivors from a distance as you can see the gen and survivors can't see you.

    It's not the best sure but fair play to devs for introducing something new.

  • I_Cant_Loop
    I_Cant_Loop Member Posts: 274

    I got bored with it after about 3 matches. It's just not fun or engaging at all IMO.

  • Azulra
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    It kinda gets boring if you aren't playing as a killer who has an easy time in the mode like Myers, but other than that I just like the mode since, in my opinion at least, it lowers the amount of sweatiness in the game due to the fact that there's no loadouts allowed.

  • ReverseVelocity
    ReverseVelocity Member Posts: 3,478

    I can't see anything!!!!

    I get that that's the point but it's just not my thing i guess. As killer anyway.

  • Xendritch
    Xendritch Member Posts: 1,842

    Apparently it makes Wraith impossible to see as I can literally run up next to them to uncloak and they don't react until they hear the bell.

  • Atom7k
    Atom7k Member Posts: 224

    Have you tried making it more challenging for yourself by choosing a killer which is put at a disadvantage like huntress, nurse, blight or so?

    Why would you set a game to easy mode and then complain that it's boring lol. Ramp up the difficulty then

  • Skillfulstone
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    Some Killers, most notably Killers having some kind of insta-down, are extremely strong in this modifier.

    One of my friends literally makes streams/videos out of 5-gen chases against Bubbas or surviving a tunnelling Killer all the while talking to people, in this mode he's focusing against basically any 4.6m Killer since every Killer might as well be the equivalent Myers in tier 2 using Dead Rabbit and Monitor & Abuse for how much time you have to react before you're in striking range.

    The modifier ironically makes lots of weaker Killers much stronger and, despite having no perks, grants decent "slowdown" since Survivors tend to wander around, especially newcomers. In fact this modifier as a whole further widens the "beginners vs experienced" gap since not a lot changes for Killer navigation but Survivors rely essentially on sound and can't plan a chase route ahead of time and are working with tile knowledge on the fly.

    It's incredibly unbalanced BUT it's not meant to be and was decent fun while it lasted, it'll probably come back at some point but it just wouldn't work as a permanent "game mode" since the lack of perks and difficulty for newcomers/casuals would make it stale and almost forgotten pretty quickly.

    I wouldn't mind having modifiers be permanent in custom games though, when playing with friends or playing certain Killers that aren't really viable normally it's pretty fun!

  • Reinami
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    Its a fun novelty, but it exemplifies this games biggest problems. The average solo queue survivor stands even less of a chance in this mode than they do in the regular one, and SWF on coms are far stronger than they are in the regular game, leading to 0 hook 5 gen rush games against them.

  • xEa
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    It was insanly boring.

    Playing against bots is honestlys more challanging.

    I played a lot of killers but eventually i sticked with Bubba to go through the Tome as fast as possible. In total (!!) they finished across all rounds maybe 7-8 generators. Most games were 4K 5gen while going easy on them.

    Its just a shame how unware BHVR's Ballance team is. Especially when compared to the Sound team or the license department ;)

  • GRIG0
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    I'm loving it as stealth killers, i think is the dream of those of us who love jumpscaring ppl. The setting is great and maps like Lery's truly make dbd feel like a horror game.

    It doesn't mean is perfect and im sure it could be improved, but knowing that it will be completely removed saddens me. I wish we could keep both queues, one for the core game and another one for modifiers that acts as a pool of future (+ lights out) modifiers where you get a random one each time.

    Really want to see which modifiers we get in the future <3

  • SMitchell8
    SMitchell8 Member Posts: 3,301

    5 kills from 5 matches as Knight who sucks without addons (detection range and chase time) and trying to steer patrols in the dark. Response from my opponents has been that he is atleast scary to face.

    Really enjoyed the mode though.

  • Coffeecrashing
    Coffeecrashing Member Posts: 3,444

    I’ve also been playing as survivor too. It’s a limited time game mode. I can play regular DBD whenever I want, but I can only play Lights out for a few more days.

  • baharuto48
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    So, was this a marketing technique to appease killer players who aren't able to play effectively in normal matches?

  • tjt85
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    I've enjoyed it. I've not really been playing to win though, so I've had quite a few 4E games. I don't use headphones, so this mode is actually more difficult than the standard game to me. Winning means nothing in this mode anyway. It's been disappointing to see so many Killers tryharding in my Survivor games.

    What I've enjoyed most so far: Playing Deathslinger and literally taking a shot in the dark at a gen in the hope of reeling in a Survivor or two. I've done it a few times so far and it never gets old.

    Yoinking Survivors off gens as any Killer like you're a tier 1 Myers is always fun too.

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  • Vorahk08
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    It's less stress than normal killer, that's for sure 😑.

    I'm enjoying being able to use it to practice with newer killers. Chucky is fun, and for me, Demogorgon is a new killer since I only got ST when it came back. It's also really fun that Singularity is stronger than usual in this mode, since he's my main.

    I can see it getting boring, though. There's no build variety, and some of the killers like Xenomorph just don't work in this mode. It's a fun novelty, but it really feels like a dry run for more ambitious modes in the future.

    It also feels like this is a good test for how the game works when it's stripped back down to barebones gameplay. No perks, no items, and no add-ons. The no TR thing is probably going to yield some interesting data as well. I hope BHVR shows us some data after this week ends.

  • YamamuraVideoRentals

    Funny thing is I've played against at least 3-4 xenomorph and the whole team's gotten destroyed by them. Then again, I doubt any of us were experts at looping, especially in the dark.

    This mode seems way more in favor of killer. Even with no scratch marks.. well, let's be honest, scratch marks are usually very little help in the regular game mode anyway. Any killer can now sneak up to generators and get a free hit or grab. They all pretty much have basekit insidious. Once survivors are injured, it's much easier to track them in the dark by sound.

    Keep in mind, while the killer gets no perks or addons, neither do the survivors, so you don't have to deal with garbage like iron will, decisive strike, dead hard, lithe, off the record, or any other number of second chance perks. Overall, this is mainly the reason why I say the game mode is more killer sided.

    I still do find it fun though. It's a real challenge for survivor, that's for sure.

  • Archael
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    I often lost track of survs due to lack of scratchmarks, especially when survs can see my red stain, but its quite okay.

    What is not okay is that this fog does not cover vision, but rather apply some filter or something which has few consequences:

    1. I cannot see auras of gens/hook if i have straight line of sight to those even tho i cannot see them due to this thick fog. I often have to intentionally cover my vision by weapon, to see things.
    2. Shape can stalk people he cannot see, which can be used to track survivors.
    3. Dredge power is op.
    4. Sometimes chase music starts so i know there is someone even tho i couldnt see survivor (they could see my red stain and run in different direction).
    5. mods that alters colors and filters can remove reduced vision provided by this gamemode.
    6. SWFs are OP here since they know all the things soloQ have disabled compared to regular game.
  • LapisInfernalis
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    I really love it to play chill killer matches again, without getting 4 outed every time. It is the perfect game mode for someone like me who does not like to tunnel.

    Survivor is a lot harder, not because of the absence of perks, but because the vision is limited. Even with 7k hrs of experience, I don't always know the exact layout of a map, making it quite hard to find everything. Also killers like to camp and tunnel a lot, as there are no perks that help against that.

  • Emeal
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    I thought it was okay.

  • BubbaxBilly
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    I played 5 matches on killer, bubba, billy, twins, artist and trapper. If I have to play specific characters for the game mode to be fun then it isn't fun for me. Every match was just people floundering around. I would rather just go back and play the regular game, so I did.