Time to do something about Toolboxes.


This should have been addressed way before Med Kits/healing. I'm sick of getting gen rushed at this point. I barely find a person once gane starts and one or 2 gens pop before I can start my first chase. The sabo boxes need to be seprate from the gen repair boxes and all gen repain speed removed from gen repair toolboxes. Also gut Comodius already. Also can we get most co-op perks to be done with an empty hand? I don't get why Clarvoyance has to have an empty hand of all perks when you need both hands for Potential Energy's animation for example. You shouldn't be able to progress a gen fast with an item in your hand it makes no sense. Also you can make skill checks harder to hit if you don't want to touch them for any reason. I think toolboxes need to be addressed already especially with how janky mmr is I get the sweat lords.