Balance Choices, Made by AI + Perks and Addons


How Ai Would balance Survivors:

- Information Sharing: Improve the solo survivor experience by providing more information, similar to what is available to Survivors Within Friends (SWF) groups through communication

(I think a proximity voice chat would be cool, that both killer and survivors can hear)

- Perk Adjustments: Review and balance perks like “Balanced Landing” to ensure they offer benefits without being overpowered. Adjustments could include modifying the effects or cooldowns to prevent abuse of powerful perks

(Ai does not like balanced landing lol, I dont blame it)

-Endgame Scenarios: Balance the endgame to provide survivors with a fair chance to escape even when the exit gates are powered. This could involve tweaking the mechanics of the hatch or the exit gates.

-Objective Diversity: Add new secondary objectives for survivors that can provide alternative ways to escape or assist in survival, diversifying gameplay and strategies.

- Perk Balancing: Review and adjust existing survivor perks to ensure they offer benefits without becoming crutches that negate killer strategies.

(cough distortion, cough)

-Survivor Skills: Introduce a skill system where survivors can gradually improve certain abilities throughout a match, rewarding skillful play.

(this would be cool, imagine leveling up your healing mid game bc you healed alot so your heal speeds are perma boosted)

-Fair Altruism: Design perks that reward altruistic behavior but also have cooldowns or conditions to prevent abuse.

(if only it was fair..... against swfs its miserable)

Secondary Objective Ideas (made by AI)

-Parts Collection: Survivors must find and collect parts scattered around the map to repair generators1.

(this would be cool, like 2 gens on the map you need to find a part in order to start repairing, this would make the game flow so much better)

-Repair Hotboxes: Introduce hotboxes that survivors must repair to unlock the ability to power the exit gates1.

(Id be down for this)

- Wandering Souls: Survivors start with debuffs and must collect their lost souls scattered across the map to regain full abilities

(would be weird but could replace corrupt tbh)

-Environmental Interaction: Survivors must interact with the environment, such as performing a blood sacrifice at an altar or completing a task given by a ghostly figure3.

-Escape Kit Assembly: Survivors must assemble an escape kit from items found in chests before the exit gates can be opened.

-Generator Overhaul: Certain generators require specific tools found in the map to be repaired.

(this would be cool)

-Rescue Missions: Designated survivors must be rescued from cages or traps placed around the map.

imagine finding a NPC dwight, saving him then he gets taken by the entity bc he is spawning in another match, so instead of waiting in the lobby you can wait in a game so to speak)

-Resource Gathering: Collect resources to create items

(workbench would be cool)


How Ai Would balance Killers:

- Power Scaling: Balance the power levels of killers to ensure that all have viable strategies and can compete effectively, regardless of the survivors’ skill level

- Addressing SWF: Consider the information advantage that SWF groups have and adjust killer abilities to counteract this, possibly through mechanics that limit the effectiveness of communication among survivors

- Speed Adjustments: Modify the movement speed of killers to prevent them from being either too slow to catch survivors or too fast to make escape impossible.

(If anything I would bump up the slowest killers by 5% since they struggle in chases alot, more so if they are a m1 killer)

-Map Design: Ensure that the design of maps does not heavily favor killers or survivors. This could involve removing or altering features that give an unfair advantage to one side.

(cough Ormond infinite window)

-Map Pressure: Increase the base movement speed of killers slightly to help them patrol generators more effectively

(Even just a 5% increase would be so nice on m1 killers...)

- Improved Lunge: Increase the lunge distance for killers to make hitting survivors more consistent.

(This would be so nice on m1 killers)

-Generator Pressure: Introduce a mechanic where the killer’s presence near a generator can passively regress its progress. (could be a ruin rework or something idk)

-Efficient Breaking: Reduce the time it takes for killers to break pallets and generators to keep the momentum.

(This is much needed considering how much distance survivors get just by pre-dropping a pallet

-Bloodlust Rework: Adjust the Bloodlust mechanic to be more impactful in chases without being overbearing.

-Proximity Penalties: Implement a system where survivors’ repair speeds are slightly reduced when the killer is within a certain range, encouraging killers to roam.

(Overwhelming Prescence Rework idea?)



-Hex: Wanderlust: Gain a token for each 10 seconds spent more than 24 meters away from a hooked survivor. Tokens can be consumed for a speed boost that lasts 30 seconds


-Vengeful Spirit: If no survivors are hit within 15 seconds of hooking, your next attack automatically applies the Deep Wound status.

(This would be WILD on legion lol)

-Territorial Fury: Gain a stackable buff to breaking actions for each survivor hooked in different parts of the map.

(Id love this it would be like another fire up)

-Predator’s Instinct: After hooking a survivor, see the aura of the survivor with the most objective progress.

(this would be so good against gen rush squads)

-Spectral Chase: Gain the ability to phase through walls for a short duration after hooking a survivor.

(this would be a DOPE scourge hook could work for every first hook)

-Cruel Efficiency: Successfully hitting a survivor shortly after hooking another reduces all your cooldowns.

(could be cool)

-Hex: Shifting Focus: Each time a survivor is hooked, gain a token that increases action speed.

(Fire up but with hooks nice)

-Hex: Endless Chase: Survivors who complete a generator are exposed for a short duration.

(now this is a hex perk)

-Invisible Menace: After hooking a survivor, gain the ability to see survivors’ auras when standing still for a short time.

(Perfect for Myers or Ghost Face)

-Hex: Unseen Force: The Entity creates a fake aura of the killer near the hook, deterring camping and confusing survivors.

(sounds like it would just make camping worse ngl)


How AI would balance Blight and Nurse


- Blink Mechanic: Limit the number of consecutive blinks to prevent excessive map traversal without impacting her core gameplay

-Fatigue Penalty: Increase the fatigue time after blinking to add more risk to missed attacks and encourage strategic use of her power

-Perk Interaction: Adjust how certain perks interact with her blink ability to prevent overly powerful combinations


-Rush Attack Adjustments: Reduce the turn rate bonus per consecutive rush to make it more challenging for the Blight to land hits during rapid chain rushes.

-Add-on Balancing: Review and adjust the Blight’s add-ons, particularly those that significantly enhance his rush ability, to ensure they don’t provide an unfair advantage3.

-Collision Mechanics: Refine the collision mechanics during his rushes to prevent unpredictable or unfair hits on survivors.


WESKER addons

-Virulent Bound Mastery: Reduce the cooldown of Virulent Bound and increase the distance Wesker can travel with it.

(could replace his pallet break addon, imo its garbage)

  1. T-Virus Sample: Increases infection rate from basic attacks.
  2. Wesker’s Glasses: Gain increased movement speed when a survivor is fully infected.
  3. Virus Canister: Infected survivors’ repair, healing, and sabotage speeds are slightly decreased.
  4. Experimental Virus: Survivors who are infected for an extended period begin to scream periodically, revealing their location.
  5. (this would be cool)
  6. G-Virus Strain: Survivors who take a protection hit for an infected survivor become infected themselves.
  7. (YESSSSSSS i always thought it was odd when you slam one into another they only get deep wounded)
  8. Prototype Eyepiece: Increases the lunge range of Virulent Bound.
  9. STARS Badge: Gain a token for each survivor hit with Virulent Bound. Tokens can be consumed to instantly break pallets or walls.
  10. Uroboros Syringe: Infected survivors leave behind a trail that Wesker can see.
  11. Viral Agent: Survivors who are infected have a chance to infect items they interact with, which can then infect other survivors.
  12. (bro imagine infecting a gen and all 4 getting infected LOL)
  13. Umbrella Operative’s Watch: Wesker’s Virulent Bound cooldown is significantly reduced, allowing for rapid movement across the map.
  14. (could be a cool iri idea)
  15. Wesker’s Custom Handgun: Hitting survivors with a basic attack causes them to drop their items.
  16. Wesker’s Sunglasses: Wesker becomes undetectable for a short duration after using Virulent Bound.
  17. Viral Mutation: Survivors who cleanse the infection scream, revealing their location to Wesker.
  18. G-Virus Antigen: Survivors who are infected for an extended period begin to hallucinate, seeing fake auras of Wesker.
  19. (this would be insane)
  20. Iridescent Virus: Infected survivors’ auras are revealed when within 12 meters of Wesker.
  21. Iridescent Outbreak: Wesker’s presence causes all pallets within 8 meters to be highlighted.
  22. Iridescent Mutation: Wesker gains a token for each infected survivor, increasing his movement speed.
  23. Iridescent Research: Wesker can infect generators, causing them to regress when touched by survivors.
  24. Iridescent Experiment: Wesker can teleport to any infected survivor once every 120 seconds.
  25. (ok this would be borderline op, but the requirements and conditions being fully infected it would be super cool, but against insanely op)
  26. Iridescent Mastery: Wesker’s lunge range is increased by 50%.
  27. Iridescent Nemesis: Wesker can instantly down any survivor who has been infected twice.
  28. Iridescent Power: Wesker’s infection causes survivors’ item efficiency to be halved.



  1. Lead Ring: Increases the duration of trails left by Rites of Judgement by 15 seconds.
  2. Crimson Ceremony Book: Automatically creates Rites of Judgement while walking but decreases movement speed slightly.
  3. Cinderella Music Box: Survivors who step on Rites of Judgement trails suffer from the Hindered status effect for a short duration.
  4. (Id be so down for this)
  5. Misty Day, Remains of Judgement: Increases the width of Punishment of the Damned, allowing it to hit multiple survivors more easily.
  6. Iridescent Seal of Metatron: While Tormented, survivors suffer from the Exhausted status effect.
  7. (this would be GOATED on his iri)
  8. Iridescent Punishment: Pyramid Head’s Punishment of the Damned attack has its range increased by 50%.
  9. Iridescent Torment: Survivors who remove their Torment status suffer from the Broken status effect for 120 seconds.
  10. Iridescent Seal: Pyramid Head can see the aura of any tormented survivor within 16 meters.
  11. Iridescent Cage: Sending a survivor to a Cage of Atonement reveals the auras of all other survivors for 10 seconds.
  12. Iridescent Curse: Pyramid Head’s Rites of Judgement trails remain in the environment twice as long.
  13. Iridescent Silence: Pyramid Head’s terror radius is reduced to 0 when not in a chase.


Nemesis Rework Idea by AI

Secondary Power Rework (Zambies)

Zombie Horde: Upon activation, Nemesis summons a group of zombies at strategic locations that can block paths and slow down survivors. This would force survivors to take alternate routes, potentially leading them into Nemesis’ grasp.

(summoning a small horde of zombies would be SO cool)

  1. Relentless Pursuit: When in a chase for more than 10 seconds, Nemesis gains a token. Each token increases his movement speed slightly, up to a maximum. Tokens are lost when the chase ends.
  2. Viral Resilience: After being stunned, gain a token that reduces the next stun duration.


  1. Outbreak Mastery: When a survivor is hit, they are infected with the T-Virus, causing them to cough and reveal their location intermittently. Other survivors can heal them, but doing so risks spreading the infection.
  2. Modified Parasite: Survivors hit by Nemesis become infected, slowing their action speeds and causing periodic coughing fits that reveal their location.
  3. Enhanced Vaccine: Nemesis’s power recharges faster, and infected survivors suffer from the Exposed status effect for a short duration after being healed.
  4. Umbrella’s Prototype: Hitting a survivor with the T-Virus Overload grants Nemesis a token that increases his lunge range for each infected survivor.
  5. Infectious Fear: Survivors hit by the tentacle strike scream, revealing their location to all other survivors, inducing panic.
  6. Umbrella’s Oversight: Gain the ability to see the progress of all generators while in tier 3.
  7. Tyrant’s Grasp: Breaking a pallet or wall reveals the aura of survivors nearby.
  8. Engineered Pathogen: Survivors who cleanse the infection suffer from the Broken status for a short time.
  9. Bio-Organic Weaponry: Gain a token for each downed survivor, increasing lunge range.
  10. Modified Parasite: Survivors hit by Nemesis become infected, which now also affects their healing and repair speeds.
  11. Zombie Heart: Zombies take longer to respawn but gain a speed boost after seeing a survivor.
  12. (imagine seeing a zombie turn into the flash)
  13. Brian’s Intestines: Contaminated survivors increase the Zombie’s movement speed.
  14. Iridescent Umbrella Badge: After a survivor uses a vaccine, they become Hindered for a duration.
  15. Iridescent Mutation: Nemesis gains a token for each infected survivor, increasing his movement speed.
  16. Iridescent Parasite: Infected survivors’ auras are revealed when within 12 meters of Nemesis.
  17. Iridescent Contagion: Nemesis’ infection can spread from survivor to survivor within a 4-meter range.
  18. Iridescent Research: Nemesis can infect generators, causing them to regress when touched by survivors.