Pallets are way to easy to respect

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As killer it's too easy to respect pallets right how while it's too hard to get a stun off that is all along with pallets being impossiable to actually use most pallet lopps now a day favour killer at tear 2 bl

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    Firstly, play against good survivors cause if you talk like that, you definitely didn't try comp enough, then try playing killer once to understand how they think ...

    Then ill be mean and say you play at low level, the solution to that problem as survivor is to not drop that pallet :) and to work on your pathing :) edit : i don't mean to not drop it at all but to wait to waste time ...

    No they are just all in on money and don't really give that much of a though about what they do in the game ...

    At least the huntress buff is not just temporary to promote a skin ? right ? right ?

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    It makes no sense to me why they want the game to be EZ mode for killers and miserable for survivors when survivors are 80% of their playerbase.

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    Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

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    You're meant to outplay them to get a stun since its like double distance if they choose to break. Dropping a pallet already guarantees some distance by default, doubling it should be as hard as it is.

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    Well, people who don't understand the mind game through palettes will never be able to understand it, so it would be futile to ask them to understand it. Eventually, there are even advanced feints that are meaningless for intermediate players but are effective against advanced players.

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    Nice stalk. But this was just about three days of me playing DbD. I've also mentioned at the end of my post that I have days were I lose (Thus, Idc about winning or losing, the important part for me is the match itself not the result). And if you read other posts from players that play killer, they also confirm that they lose. In addtion, I've never said or suggest the game is fine as a PvP game (please, don't act like I've said something like this) - it's the opposite, you can find posts from me in which I want/agree about QoL changes for SoloQ because I play SoloQ too and know the issues (I don't play only killer). I'm also for nerfs for specific killers. Would be nice if you could count this too, especially I mentioned these things in earlier posts.

    However, what I actually want to say with my post is that you - and other players - behave like killers are in general very easy to play and that the issue this game has lies in killers overall and not in other things. That's why I suggest you could play a little bit of killer to see the issues don't are killers in general but rather other things. Too say something is generally wrong but won't help in the long-term. Hope that's understandable for you

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    :) i have been summoned (:

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    yay throwing very cute birds off a cliff for a good cause :)

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    I play both roles and while Survivor is easier mechanically, killer can be a downright breeze in most matches due to matchmaking and poor game design. For every frustrating match I'm placed in, I generally will win eight or more beforehand. In solo queue, it is the opposite. Some matches are a lost cause where you might as well not even play as it's already outside your control. Camping/Tunneling is rampant due to the lack of punishment and little risk for a greater reward. Depending on the time of day, you can downright meme as the killer and win with little resistance from the solo teams. You can dodge matches from the lobby with zero punishment if you feel it's outside your control. Dead by Daylight continues to forgo solo improvements where help is needed most.

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    on the topic of this there was one time where I stood still in a pallet for a solid 15 seconds because a wraith refused to be stunned by pallets lol

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    I mean, while I also sometimes get Killers who jump back 3 meters before they get stunned, I dont really see an issue here. The issue maybe is Bloodlust, because at the not so safe Pallets a respect will result in a hit which can feel very cheap (since the Killer just has to wait a few seconds to be fast enough to get the hit), but this is not really an issue with respecting pallets.

    And well, when I play Survivor the bigger issue I have is that sometimes I am meshing Space and the Pallet is just not thrown and I get hit. And as Killer it sometimes seems like my Hitbox is massive and I get hit while I am surely far enough away (I mean, apparently not, but at least it looked like I was far enough away to avoid getting stunned...)

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    That also works really well against many Legions since they are often afraid of losing their frenzy, just stand there, MENACINGLY!

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    I got tired of living my life in constant fear and embraced the Enduring+Dissolution combo.

    When I was playing Legion on the reg I was bagging 1 free Enduring down every match minimum. Then the topic becomes "killers don't respect anything!" so there's no winning there

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    when I play Survivor the bigger issue I have is that sometimes I am meshing Space and the Pallet is just not thrown and I get hit.

    Same. This seems to be happening a lot recently and it is getting really annoying.