Why do the devs want the game to be so easy for killers?

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Playing survivor is terrible but when I play killer it's not fun getting 4k after 4k because there's no challenge. Why do the devs want this?



  • Quizzy
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    Keep in mind this is a party game. And even Cote said they want the killer to feel like this powerful force to be rekon with. It's also why in a recent interview he was fine with nurse being this OP killer that's very fast at getting downs when played well. It puts the survivors in a horror setting where the pressure gets very high. But they seem to be fine with their 60/40 win split I guess. Although I wish they could do better at making the experience better on both sides

  • ChuckingWong
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    Assumptive, but no have challenging matches sometimes, but they are usually do to some restriction put in play by myself. Or on the other extreme end of that, comp SWF teams. These are extreme, rare, occurrences that do not show up often even for people who play this game as a career.

    So what I said still stands for killer, you are left with challenging matches that YOU HAD to cause on killer since Solo's really just dont stand a chance due to a lack of systems in place..., or you go up against something that is blatantly not intended like comp SWF's. And still have a high chance at 3/4k if you play one of the stronger/broken killers ie: Blight/Nurse/Billy/Wesk/Spirit/Unknown... or use silly addons like Black incense plague or Tombstone/Piece Meyers...With the remaining majority of your killer matches ... just pub stomps.

    Literally Hens, a comp tourney player, on stream against a nurse. Gets tunneled out of the game at 4 gens yesterday. So just imagine us lol.

    And then again, the survivor SoloQ side is just ... a mess.

  • Pulsar
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    Look, let's cut to the chase.

    We should balance around a 75% KR

  • WolfyWood
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    It would I agree. But then it'd also take more money and effort to do so.

    Which means...

  • th3
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    I'd be content if i could get more points even if i don't escape. Don't really get the horror feeling after 5,500 hours so it gets boring fast when every match is almost impossible to escape from the start.

  • RpTheHotrod
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    That would be awful. That would mean the killers on average win all of their matches. The middle ground between not winning and winning is 62.5%. The devs want it to be 60% which means winning roughly half their matches with an occasional extra loss in there. At the moment, a lot of killers are actually in the low to mid 50 percenttile on kills...way underperforming.

  • MaTtRoSiTy
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    Honestly I am mostly fine with it how it is, as the game was stupidly survivor sided for the longest time and I say this as a survivor main myself (though I have played a lot of killer).

    The only issues I personally have is killers stacking 3-4 gen slowdown perks and especially on top tier killers and the tunnelling epidemic at present.

  • xltechno
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    A perfect article that captures the current situation. The sad truth is that almost no one is at a level where they can realize this. The number of people who only care about the kill rate far outweighs the number of people who can talk about whether they made a mistake or did a good job with each action.

  • sinkra
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    50% kr is balanced. Anything else isn't. You can't just say "draws" don't count when it's 2k.

  • KA149108
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    Can confirm I'm on EU servers and BPs are on the survivor role 90% of the time. Survivors are quitting and I don't blame them.