Survivors, what is wrong with you?


I’ve been playing a lot of Bubba lately with the BP build and trying to hook everyone 2x but why do most survivors just tbag me so much at the exit gate like tf is your problem man? I’m not camping/slugging or BMing or using 4x slowdown perks, I’m just here having fun and grinding the bloodpoints. And it doesn’t help that most of them say ez in endgame chat 😂 btw if you see a handsome Bubba with his purple suit and letting you escape, you are totally welcome ❤️


  • KA149108
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    I love seeing a Bubba in this economy, I'm sorry if you are getting bad messages from survivors that's not cool.

  • Z0mbiv0r
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    Sounds like the average survivor team to me. That said, it might be possible that they have faced plenty of camping Bubbas before and they can't realize that the killer is not the same as the player. Learn how to ignore them, which is easier said than done, since I can't seem to learnt it myself.

    I wish it changes for the better.

  • SoGo
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    Its the same with the devs, too.

    They put out a good killer perk:


    They put out a good survivor perk:


    But yeah, It feels rough.

    I played as a 8 hook jumpscare Myers multiple times, sometimes the survivors are glad they aren't tunneled and sometimes they shame me fro being bad.

    Like, you can be grateful I didn't bring Infinite Tombstone.

  • ImWinston
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    after 100 games with camping, slugging and tunneler killers.... it's their way of letting off steam (I guess)

    in recent times toxic/bullying behavior on the part of killers is more common than survivors (my experience)

  • The_Yosh
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    As a fellow Bubba main, the secret is to not watch them at the exit gate. Just go around the map breaking doors, and farm more BP.

    For the event, I'm currently running an M2 only BP farming Wesker. Beast of Prey, Distressing, Thrill of the Hunt, Bamboozle. Addons are Egg and Cricket. I just chase and chase. Hook and leave, I'm even ignoring others near the hook, or instant unhooks to find others. When the last gen is done, I open the exit gates and tell them to leave.

    I'm having a blast with it and practising my M2 at the same time. Survivors are also loving it, no BM, no teabags, no garbage in endgame chat. 😎🤙

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    I despise tbaggers at the gate. Both on survivor and killer side. However, tbagging tunneling and camping killers is completely fine imo.

  • radiantHero23
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    Some people are just built this way. They see everything as negative. They cant have nice things.

    Its truly a shame. Games are supposed to be a form of relieve from the stressful world outside. Why do so many people want the outside to be the norm in something that is supposed to make one happy?

  • radiantHero23
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    Cant say the same from my experience.

    The worse your killer / build, the worse the attitude of people gets. Some will get downright nasty if they see you dont run meta.

  • Starrseed
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    It is completely fine but I do think they breed each other to some extent.

    You play fair maybe non meta and want to have fun and get that non verbal f u at the gate that can lead some players to think why not use tunneling eich is easy and strong to shoe it to those poky survivors and on the other side I absolutly get that after tunneling and camping and 4man slugging you use every opportunity to show the killer that he is a looser.

    Maybe online gamer should try to breed a better community instead of a digital p contest and smack talk fest. And that goes for every game not only dbd

  • solarjin1
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    If the killer play with honor i will always drop my item at the exit gate before leaving. Some survivors just t bag no matter what it super cringey. A good portion of survivors don't even know when the killer is intentionally playing for hooks. That's probably because a lot of them don't play killer much. I pretty much only play for hooks and i get them survivors every once in a while as well.

  • xltechno
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    The important thing is not to make your enjoyment dependent on the other person. You don't know what your opponent is thinking, the only information you receive is that they are your opponent in the game.

  • TheSubstitute
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    People like that can be very annoying but if they're not smart enough and/or don't have enough game sense to realize that you're 2 hooking everyone on purpose they're not anybody you should take even remotely seriously.

  • Yharwick
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    This is why while I think survivor needs a little bit of a buff they shouldn't buff it too much because I unironically think this game is much less toxic when survivor is weaker.

  • Doxie
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    I played several games against a clown that would meticulously hook every one twice. Was soooo fun to play against. So basically don't let the stupid people get to you. As for the toxic talk... I eat that up personally. My word slinging and trolling is better than most.

  • TheycallmeLix
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    Thank you everyone for the kind and sweet words! Really made my day ❤️😄

  • bazarama
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    Some survivors are just toxic and some are just bully flashlight and head-on sqauds.

    You get good survivors who play the game and appreciate it if the killer is playing nice.

    Some survivors think unless they die on hook your a bad killer.

    I've had 8 hooks (much more fun) then survivor got free escape with bt and to be fair a decent body block.

    Clowns still wanted to t-bag at gate even though I could have tunnelled a couple of them out the game earlier and ended with a 3k or 4k.

    I've been practicing huntress and seeing how far I can hit someone.

    I've had some terrific hits although the vast majority of my throws are so bad you would think I'd never played huntress before.

    Now the last couple of games I've 2 and 3 man swfs that t-bag, flashlight clicking (yeah for lightborn) and body blocks that it seems you're not allowed to practice a killer.

    You must chase me so we can be toxic especially at the gate - although I don't give them the satisfaction. How much noise can we make with fast vaulting or locker jumping hoping you'll come over to get t-bagged before we leave. (Sorry I'm on ps5 so you can't continue your toxic behaviour with pathetic comments).

    I just ignore these people and continue to practise my throws.

    Enjoy the game your way and appreciate the decent survivors and ignore the toxic ones that set out to make the game miserable for the killer and their solo survivor teammate(s) who are left to do all the gens.

    Nothing against swfs in general just the toxic ones that have no intention of doing any gens even if they all eventually die on hook.

  • canonjack001
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    why do you care about tbag when you are following survivor rulebook?

  • TheycallmeLix
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    and done with my grind on Killers! If you see a handsome Bubba with this fit, you know you gonna have a good time! 400% BP bonus let's goo! ;)

  • MaTtRoSiTy
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    Man... the more Bubbas in circulation the better!

  • MoNosEmpire
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    The reason for this is due to lack of interactions in the game. If any new ones are added you will see less of it.