How Do You Feel About The Game And Forums?

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Any opinion goes, Id just like to see how people feel about the current state of the game and/or the game's future, or the Forums.

Im not going to bother putting my likes/dislikes here, frankly most people wont even bother to read it, seems that long responses dont generally get engagement so Im just moving away from long posts. Also generally editing, correcting, and fixing is overall a pain with my ADHD and I just really need to transition away from long posts.

Of course I will read the responses to this post though, so there is something.


  • Iron_Cutlass
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    Id like to add to this a bit.

    Ive talked about things I am passionate about only for it to be merged into another thread and get buried to the point to where hardly anyone reads it since they dont look far enough into the thread it got merged into. I understand the point of merging threads, but it can be frustrating at times.

  • Xernoton
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    Every single one of you guys should know that I hate…

    Peanut butter.

    Jokes aside, the community really isn't as bad as some say. I like discussing different ideas and opinions with you people and for the most part we keep it rather respectful.

    As for the game, it's something special. Clearly. If DBD was just some ordinary game we wouldn't have as many extremely passionate people in this community. It's not the same game that I fell in love with 3 years ago (I would really like to go back to that time for a week or so) but it's still fun. I've been getting into different killers lately and it keeps the experience fresh. I just hit my first hatchet from the ground on a survivor working on the gen on top of the main building and I'm still gloating.

    As for the future, I want to be optimistic, really I do, but it's not easy when you see things like PTB Twins and millions upon millions of bugs or the sudden rise of complaints about SBMM again. I wish the devs were a bit more let's call it mindful of these things.

  • tippy2k2
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    I've kind of fallen away a lot from both

    For the game, I still play but I'm at the point where I play maybe 2-3 games a day (assuming I even boot it up)

    For the forum, as stated, there's only so much to talk about on here so it's consistently the same arguments with the same people with the same talking points. I was never a super prevalent poster (I've just been here a long time :D) but it's common that I don't even check the forums anymore except for Off Topic in case someone has posted something adorable in the animals thread.

  • Yippiekiyah
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    Two major issues that go hand in hand tunneling and gen rushing.

  • ohheyitsbobcat
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    I don't really have any major problems with the game because as survivor I almost always play in a 2-man with a buddy and we just chit chat without caring too much.

    As killer I also tend to just mess around most of the time and don't really care about what goes on. I don't take this game seriously on either side. Not saying I don't try to win but I just don't care what happens all that much. Did I just get tunneled for the 5th game in a row? Might be slightly annoyed but that's fine as it gives me more time to focus on chit-chatting.

    The forums are more hit and miss. There's a lot of times I write out a long response and delete it because I'll ask myself if I really want to debate the issue and most of the time I don't. I'm also not super great at wording how I feel sometimes and I'll tend to reread my posts a lot before actually commenting to make sure what I'm trying to say gets through.

    I try to stay neutral most of the time as well so I don't really have much of a presence; this makes me not really care when and where I do post. I have a similar personality on other forums as well; I have around 10k posts on a different forum and I bet not a single person there would even recognize me lol.

    I also don't want to be an ######### and some of my opinions on certain subjects certainly go there so I just keep my mouth shut since really, it's not even a problem. It doesn't effect me or my time in the game so if some people feel certain ways I can just roll my eyes and remember different strokes an all that.

    The point being the forums will actually annoy me more then the game.

  • fussy
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    I don't know why, for some reason I can't read the forum for a long time lately. I'm tired of reading the same thing, reading one-sided "opinions", survivor mains make drama OUT OF LITERALLY EVERYTHING.
    Also really good opinions, suggestion and longreads remain completely ignored, i feel like people come here to read only someone's whining or whine themselves.
    Like yesterday i went on a forum, opened first post, read 50th copy-paste comment from some guy "oh more killers buffs on a way blah blah" for no actual reason and i was like "yeah, enough forum on today".

  • LegacySmikey
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    As far as the game goes I'm still set on 2024 being my swan song in the fog.

    I never intend to come back from January 1st 2025 after 7 years & over 14,000 hours (yes really) I think i've had enough.

    I've already dropped from 8+ hours a day to less than 8 games sometimes not even 8 trials in a week!

    Doesn't feel like burnout I just enjoy other things / games more & even finishing the rift feels like an unwelcome chore at this point.

    As for the forum I visit daily, I read a lot, comment little (I too write too much this being a prime example!) So get less engagement which is fine not looking to be popular.

    Plus many posts just have me rolling my eyes 🙄

    I've written many a response only to delete & never post because its hard to have an alternative view without arguments here for the most part.

    P.s @Iron_Cutlass I always read every word especially long posts so make them as long as you desire!

  • goodfriday
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    Both is bad because everyday its same this needs to be nerfed from a survivor which the hottest one being nerf bgp(a perk barely used since ofc adrenaline is near its death bed).

    I will say it over and over and I do not care which killer main get mad. Killers want easy games period, if its not making 10million topics on the same nerf this perk for survivor(the recently hot bgp perk) or complaining about swfs (the only Asymmetric game I see people complain about people playing with family/friends) no other Asymmetric game I see does this lol. I mean again at this point start the survivors injured with 2 hooks each by the hook cause what can survivors have that killers never complain about?

    The game lawl I been into identity and today is my 5th day on it. Dbd is at a point for me that two or even one bad match literally makes me nope and play something else, worst if am streaming and like uh ok viewers next game. I remember when I use to love this game and will play and stream it for hours and everyday. Now I may play one day get one or two bad matches and do not touch it for a week or two. I honestly at this point I may hit uninstall.

    Tbh I am glad and just falling in love with identity more and more. Even being tunneled or camp on it seem to only make me laugh and cause 0 effects on me vs dbd tunneling/camping that makes me feel am going insane and seriously hit the uninstall dbd button. It has plenty to do and am already making good friends and building my community far better on my stream and discord more(dont know why I didnt listen to my friend and got right on it since the first day I saw him playing it.

  • KayTwoAyy
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    I stopped posting on this forum when I realized you express every opinion I have about the game in a way that doesn't run me the risk of getting banned for some smartass remark.

    I've been letting you do all the talking for me for months now XD

    @Iron_Cutlass to answer your question, I feel like the forums are dead. For many months I thought I was shadow banned—so many of my comments get 0 replies and 0 upvotes. I'm pretty stubborn, and I'm prone to overdramatization for literary effect, so I've also considered tons of users have blocked me.

    I'm definitely not a bait poster, but I'm not afraid to defend some hot takes, so it's surprising how little engagement I've been seeing.

    Shoutout to @solarjin1 for trying to revive my discussion on Unforeseen <3

  • Pulsar
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    It is tiring seeing the same things over and over again.

    In-game and in-Forum, the us vs them and furthered competitive mindset have decreased my enjoyment immensely

  • edgarpoop
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    That's my tech support side bleeding into my forum posts. Many years of having to tactfully point out operator error in carefully worded emails. I always appreciate your posts though, and I definitely understand the engagement aspect. I'm just here for the love of the game at this point.

  • RaSavage42
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    The Forums:

    It seems like an echo chamber to those whom don't want their thoughts changed… and a lot of players that play more Survivor are coming to the Forums after one bad match

    The Game:


    OOF I also have a lot that I can complain about and I'm certain you remember some of them… but I think if we are going to actually think about it then I would say that it's better in some parts and the others need a couple changes


    I can only hope that the BHVR realizes that and makes the right changes

  • Nazzzak
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    Forum is fine. Most people are friendly.

    Game is okay. I don't agree with alot of decisions and changes. I also think the devs are a tad out of touch with the playerbase. I play for events and the Rift these days, as I don't feel much incentive to play outside of those.

  • ChaosWam
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    Forum has been fine. Leagues better than Steam Discussion but that's a given.

    The game isn't perfect, but personally I think they've been making some decent changes. Some work, some don't, and some things could be tweaked, but if I compared it to when I first started it's been in a decent direction. The only thing that worries me is gen regression and survivor endurance builds are slowly becoming metas again.

    I guess some killer reworks and designs aren't too great, like Trickster for example. But on the other end, I enjoy Billy matches as survivor and Unknown is a really great killer that I've grown to love going against/playing as.

    I'm also enjoying they're at least attempting different game modes, even if they are limited time at the moment.

  • ArkInk
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    There's a lot of the same people on the forums yeah, but it seems to vary depending on how relevant the game is, so I imagine there's going to be more people when the new chapter comes.

    As for the game, I'd actually say it's been pretty W as of late. I can't imagine the game without the antihook mechanic or anti 3 gen, and every killer Singularity onwards I've been pretty happy with, so I hope they manage to keep the streak.

    Ignoring the current dumpster fire that is PTB Twins, I feel like the reworks have been mostly W as of late. I want to see the anniversary roadmap soon so hopefully there's info on a Freddy and/or Myers rework.

  • Iron_Cutlass
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    I know I dont always agree/disagree with you, but honest, this is a pretty based take.

  • crogers271
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    Forums: I spent the last couple weeks arguing about math.

    10 out 10 on the enjoyment scale, highly recommended.

    Game: I've been at the same opinion about the game for about the last year or so. I really enjoy survivor, even though I'm soloq, though you can sometimes get a run of games that make it look like the worst game in the world. I play killer, its okay, but not nearly as captivating as survivor.

    I regularly take breaks when I find something else to play, but after a week or two I come right back into DbD.

  • Nun_So_Vile
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    The forum: Meh, slightly above Twitter. Only really worth visiting to interact with the handsome, intelligent, naturally funny, dashing, straight-shooting, delightful individuals of the Society of Swine, @radiantHero23 @UndeddJester @AbsolutGrndZer0 @Atsuka_Anarchy @Nun_So_Vile and co.

    The game: Strictly keeping to the gameplay, meh, not nearly as fun to me as it was in years past. Don't enjoy seeing them cut unique features and inhibiting skill expression. It's gotten too vanilla for my taste and not enough flavor. Like going from Bebop to Bubblegum Pop, ya dig?

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  • SoGo
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    Like, same. I post an idea to change a certain thing in the game and it gets 1-5 replies and that's it.

    But if someone posts some weird controversial take everyone flocks to it.

  • JeanGreyarea
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    this game would be so much better if they gave out more bloodpoint or iridescent shard codes

  • solarjin1
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    The good threads always go under the radar unfortunately.

    @Raconteurminator you will be a major character soon! we just gotta convince C3tooth to give u more character development.

    wouldn't let me tag u or qoute your post for some reason o well

  • Raconteurminator
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    EDIT: Turns out the last post was deleted because the post I quoted was edited by a mod. They could have deleted the quote from my post (like they have done previously) because contextually, the post wouldn't have changed. Now this post has had a sentence removed that completely erases all the context and makes it look nonsensical. Neat. If you're a mod and you see this post, please delete it. Thank you.

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  • Archol123
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    For the game it is somewhat the same as usual… changes are happening but way too slow, features that would expect any game from 2010 onwards to have are still missing. The variety of graphics settings for example is below the standard of a decade ago, somewhat forcing people into changing settings in the files directly. Changing keybinds is a struggle and has different actions on the same button leading to frustrating situations on both sides, especially bad on console. A chat filter that cannot be disabled for whatever reason, despite the age restriction of the game and that censors the weirdest things, making it so communication and working around it becomes a struggle. There are just so many things that should be optional and the players should be considered mature enough to decide for themselves whether they want a option or not.

    As for the forums getting your posts changed without being able to see what got changed is really frustrating, because sure I can phrase things differently, but for that I would need to know what got changed in the first place... The rules are somewhat too strict, using figures of speeches or a little rougher language is a pretty common thing in debating culture, especially if you look at parliamentary debates in the UK or US, even in my home country the language is allowed to get rougher, even in debating tournaments, but the restrictions here are a bit too much. I mean sure personal attacks don't lead to anything but calling an opinion dumb is really not too far off if it is on the level of some flat earth nonsense or completely neglecting every logical or mathematical argument someone else brought forward, it is hard to argue against fixed values of for example movements peed and not really something you can agree to disagree on, if for example demogorgons ms while shredding is x then that's the case, there is no agree to disagree in that kind of cases.

    I remember a post where someone compared the forum rules to some really rough stuff from the past when it comes to censoring, and while I do not agree with that on the level of severity or anything for that matter I do think as a figure of speech it was barely passable, maybe a bit off, have heard rougher stuff at the debating tournaments I have been on so. Other than that the guy was calling the censorship a violation of freedom of speech, which a mod corrected in telling him to research what that part means. Which I found kind of funny in the following sense. Disclaimer: I can only talk about the law in my home country. Some people think freedom of speech only works against the state, however that is not really true. There are exceptions to that where it also works in private, for example if Twitter or Facebook delete your posts you can sue them and your freedom of speech can be an argument why the post should not have gotten deleted, the state is however only involved as the judge deciding the case, that post that got deleted does not need to Adress the government the state or any other matter that would fit the "defensive right against the state" part in that case. The reason it works like that is that by deciding such a case the rights of those private persons need to be taken into account and can potentially be violated if the judge didn't take them into proper consideration. So a few years ago we had a case where a public figure got insulted on Twitter or so I think? And the question was what comes out on top freedom of speech of person A or "right to develop their personality" for person B, no state involved other than in the court room but freedom of speech still applies. So what I want to say by that is that while I don't agree with the comparison to the censorship of the past, having a too strict ruleset and being too quick in changing and deleting posts can potentially be a violation of freedom of speech, even among private people. And I don't think that the strict rule set is a good thing for those before mentioned reasons. (Also no, you cannot just write anything in your terms and services, there is limits to that as well)

    Sorry for the long post, it is hard to sum this up even more. Also is not to be taken as legal advice, as that would involve a guarantee function for it being true.

  • Neaxolotl
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    I don't understand random "spam prevention" happens on post editing, that's one bad on this forum, it takes hours to even a day to show up

  • BlightedDolphin
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    Wow I can't believe I'm a side character! I always considered myself a background extra.

  • Nazzzak
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    A "strong" one too. I'm a main character who doesn't mind their own business 😭

  • alpha5
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    Mod edits are weird to me. Sometimes one is in blatant violation of forum rules which gets your post edited, one gets a warning and that is fine. Though other times: nothing. One posts, comes back 2 days later and sees their post edited by a mod with no notification or warning of why or what and then more than the only possible offending part gets deleted. I'm not crying mod abuse… yet but it is peculiar.

    As for the game: it is frustrating that evidently even every minor balance change is a project and thus takes forever.

  • crogers271
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    My initial reply was eaten by the edit - just wanted to say this was a really entertaining post.

  • Unusedkillername
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    The game is in a good state or as good as its ever been. Generally in DBD if there is nothing completely breaking any of the major mechanics its in a good state. The fact buckle up, for the people is the biggest grievance a lot of people have right now speaks volumes about how far this game has come but I don't think its getting better in every way I don't enjoy survivor nearly as much as I use to because a lot of the newer killers I don't enjoy playing against (but ive said this so many times in not elaborating)

    This next part is going to be blunt but im not naming anyone nobody needs to take what i say personally but if i am going to give my full opinion not self censored it is…

    The Forums are awful its not as bad as stuff like the overwatch forums but DBD has a better community than overwatch so that's to be expected compared to the overall community howver meaning the in-game Playerbase, it's Comp community, the YT community, the Twitch community, Dbds Discord, and Reddit. I think Reddit and the DBD Discord are the only worse places but then again a lot of the players there are new.

    You tend to see the same things being posted over and over but that's mostly because if you make a long post about anything outside of what is already considered the consensus it won't go anywhere.

    Nobody is willing to type long responses to long posts to talk about the game really you will just see a 2 line response that says you are wrong about 1 of the 6 things you talked about in your post and it will get upvoted 17 times and now people saying "the same things get posted all the time these forums are boring" and I can't stress this enough. So I'm making it bold and splitting it up


    On a side note you will see people saying that it's just "both sides doing us vs them shenanigans everywhere" and if we are being real these posts are not common and you can tell what they are when reading the title you need to go out your way to see them cmon.

    lots of people just refuse to think for themselves and post anything outside the community consensus. Before Scott Jund made a video about tunneling you would see threads about tunneling all the time and even accounts from users that have been around for years talked about it like it was DBDs biggest problem now where are you all im going to smugly say I commented a month ago that tunneling was an overrated issue and it's been gradually decreasing because i will say what i see in the game and not self-censor (i think that much is obvious from this post) but so many players here feel like they are either balancing their opinions based off what others would post or just don't think for themselves.

    I honestly think these forums are full of people who all have the same ideas saying the same things over and over again and if anything new is said its not entertained so anyone saying these forums are boring and nothing new is posted needs to understand this forums community creates this situation which means as a forum about DBD it's failing in its purpose because people don't say anything new about DBD or are willing to discuss the game in any form of depth.

    Thats my honest take i don't know if it will be taken down but if you want my thoughts about the forums thats it. I'm considering leaving them tbh because i dont see a point in them as they are.

  • pseudechis
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    The game is still fun.

    I miss some of its nastier elements, DBD shines when its kinda confronting to play.

    The forums can be just as entertaining. In the right dosage there can be a lot of negativity here.

  • BlightedDolphin
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    Don’t worry you’re a strong and compelling main character :)

  • Smoe
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    I'm not nearly spending as much time engaging on the forum like i used to since i've kinda moved away from it

    As for the game, nothing has changed for me, it's still my primary game to play along with other games as well for variety sake whenever i'm bored with playing DBD for the time being.

  • Beatricks
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    I've been online since 1996 dial up modem times. I have never seen a single internet community this dedicated to gaslighting. That's all I can say.

  • Shroompy
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    Game Im fine with

    Forums on the other hand, well lets just say theres a reason why my posts have slowed down more and more throughout the years

  • glitchboi
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    Us vs. Them has reduced a bit on the forums, but it's still there. It's my biggest pet peeve on this forum. To be fair, this game is asymmetrical so us vs. them is bound to happen, but some people can just be so needlessly entitled. Thankfully, it's not as bad as the Steam forums, and I like most of the people here anyways.

    As for the game's future, I feel like BHVR is onto something good. Billy finally had Overheat removed, DS is getting buffed, the killer tweaks last update were solid. Even if the next update will certainly be underwhelming, BHVR has proven they are trying to listen to the playerbase more, even if they still occasionally make mistakes.

  • HerInfernalMajesty
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    I love the game. I know that it will always be changing but overall it satisfies me. I get what I want out of it.

    The forums are awesome! I love it here. There’s a tremendous amount of passion for the game and it shows! It’s been really fun and educational interacting with everyone here 😊

  • Pulsar
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    That's why I'd be super interested in a "podcast" Forum.

    It can be really hard to type out replies and give things the proper attention, not to mention misunderstandings and such.

  • ays12151
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    Bug Reporting - it's bad. I literally reported like 6 or 7 very heavy bugs on Leatherface and they just fixed 2 of them in 3 years…

  • Venusa
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  • Nun_So_Vile
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  • ratcoffee
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    I'm taking a break from the game. Maybe I'm burned out, maybe fluctuations in the player base have made the game less appealing, maybe the design philosophy has changed. I'm not currently enjoying the game, I'll see in a couple months how I feel.

    Forums are a mixed bag. Some people I quite like, some people I disagree with but find make for great discussion (partly because I misunderstand what they're saying and have to have it explained differently lol) and some people fit into a third category I will tactfully not describe.

  • Marc_go_solo
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    There's clearly something I'm interested in the forums, but the forums are quite predictable. Many posts revolve around "us v. them" subjects, which by now are irrelevant due to how much evidence to the contrary there is. There are fun posts and topics, but there's a number that hang around the main page which just feel uninteresting or - probably more accurately - worn-out. I do wish there was more levity than antagonism.

    The game itself is still as enjoyable as always. Overall, there's less bad manners than what's made out to be, and recently I'd say good manners is about on the same level.

    The game is more a victim of the perceived viewpoint of the game than the reality.

  • MrPenguin
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    The game is better than it has been in the past. Still has some problems but its overall moving in the right direction. Just really slowly.

    The forums however I feel went the other way. I've been around for a few years, and before it had a lot more middle ground minded people. Don't get me wrong we still had plenty of extremist for both sides but it was pretty even. Lately if feels noticeably more survivor slanted. But maybe that's just due to having more of the very vocal members being that way. Not naming names.

    That said, its always been and probably always will be an "us vs them" warzone. One side just seems like it has more or louder soldiers nowadays.

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