Killer mains!


Do you use meta perks to try to win, and try hard? Or do you come up with fun builds to play for fun? Or meme builds which can fall under the second thing I guess lol just curious how many people play like I do.


  • BlightedDolphin
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    Usually only ever run 1-2 slowdown depending on which killer I’m playing and then the rest are chase or tracking perks. Usually Jolt/Corrupt or just Pain Res or Pop.

    Ghost face is who I play 90% of the time and I typically run Jolt, Corrupt, Coup, and Enduring.

    I don’t tend to run the main meta build on either side because I know I hate playing against it and I don’t want to make others feel that way.

  • The_Yosh
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    I main Bubba. I take Ultimate Weapon/Nowhere to Hide for information followed by Game Afoot, Nemesis, Rancor. I don't care if they smash gens and escape. I'm just there for the chases. However, if I feel I am facing a bit of a bully squad, I will equip Mad Grit.

    I also dabble in Wesker because his power feels rewarding when it hits (although lately and with the new map I have been getting robbed on slams/throws). On Wesker I'll play something like Bamboozle/Iron Grasp, Agitation, Awakened Awareness, and Starstruck. I love a good backpack build.

    I also love a good skill check build on Doctor/Legion/Wesker. Overall, I only play meta gen regression during peak times when there are a lot of dedicated hardcore SWFs on.

  • Sava18
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    I don't play killer much but I still run shadow born bbq most of the time, I literally forgot what shadowborn does now but I don't care to take it off.

    Sometimes I want to not challenge myself so much and run a slow down.

  • arcaneGospel
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    I try to run fun builds, go up against the most obnoxious survivors ever, and immediately return to my dearly beloved Knight w/ three slowdowns.

  • OmegaXII
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    What do you think? "Too OP Please Nerf" /s

    Well jokes aside, I don't run any slowdown perks, and prefer info perks.

  • RaSavage42
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    I tend to play a bit try-hardy

    But the perks I like are:

    Whispers- so I know if I'm close to Survivors

    Corrupt- so the Survivors can't get the first Gen done before I find one of them

    Surveillance- So I know if a Survivor is repairing a Gen near me and if a Survivors gets on a Gen that I kicked

    Oppression- So I know which Gen(s) I need to be at in order to start a chase

    There are a couple others that I am comfortable in using

    But there is one Killer I do Meme with… Wraith

    And for him I run:

    Hex: Thrill Of The Hunt- So I know if Survivors are cleansing Totems

    Fire Up (But this one I haven't found a replacement for yet) maybe Hoarder when I get it

    Whispers- So I know that I am close to Survivors

    And I can't remember the 4th

    But I stay Clocked for the entire match and see how fast the Survivors catch on and do the Gens (or chase me around the Map)

  • burt0r
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    I have my personal favorites:

    Iron maiden - for faster locker opening (most of the time I forget the other effect 😅)

    Bamboozle - faster vaults (the window block is also nice)

    Brutal strength - faster breaking of pallets and doors/kicking gens

    Lightborn/franklins - the first is a staple for me.the latter if I am in a bad mood

    Until it got killed for me, BBQ, since mainly played for BP

    So in general mostly perks that passively enhance base interaction, nothing else. A kind of quality of life thing for me that doesn't really hamper the survivor, except franklins 😈

  • Marc_go_solo
    Marc_go_solo Member Posts: 4,970

    I'm 50/50, and my uilds are 100% randomized every trial. That's not just perks, but add-ons, offerings and items.

    It adds a lot of fun, experimental and unpredictable experiences to the trials. I'm also really surprised at how effective these builds can be and when certain perks have turned the tide on a trial, which you'd normally not expect to.

    It also makes me more reliant on my general skill and experiences, instead of perks.

  • CrimsonMothKing
    CrimsonMothKing Member Posts: 399

    I like builds that work together well.

    I've been mainly playing Unknown and Singularity recently and have been trying a bunch of different perks together:

    For Singularity:

    • Rapid Brutality: Speed
    • Unbound: Speed
    • Unforeseen: Undetectable
    • Nowhere to Hide: Aura Reading

    For the Unknown:

    • Unforeseen: Undetectable
    • Machine Learning: Undetectable + Speed
    • I'm All Ears: Aura Reading
    • Hex: Two Can Play: Funny Perk


    • Friends 'Til The End: Aura Reading + Exposed + Scream + Obsession Swap
    • Furtive Chase: Undetectable + Speed
    • Rancor: Reveals Survivors + Exposed/Kill Obsession
    • I'm All Ears: Aura Reading

    I mainly enjoy perks that allow me to play as a stealth killer and perks that give me information to start chases or during chases. I don't really care for perks that are based on regression.

  • WaveyTrey
    WaveyTrey Member Posts: 643

    I went Mini Mori EG, and never looked back. Its satisfying to mori the toxic players

  • Header
    Header Member Posts: 308

    depends on the strength of the killer. on demo I run discordance, pop, batteries included, rapid brutality. but on blight I only run coup. I also never use addons

  • Katzengott
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    +1 for the ingame name reference. And still playing Pig.

    As surv all i see is Pain Res Pop, Pain Res Pop, Pain Res Pop… like almost every game.

    And hey, i get it. It's the "strongest" gen defense left and pretty much needed when you reach a certain MMR.

    And i know for fact that many killers who use it are bored of it aswell. But what should they do, they kinda need to "balance" the game with perks as normal gen regretion isn't enough against good teams.

  • Livion
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    Recently I've been try harding to get Weskers prestige 4 weapon, but now I am back to ninja Myers and body blocker hag

  • solarjin1
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    Most killers i play come equip with 3 builds. A meta build, a chill build, and a meme/gimmick build. I'll usually stick to the chill & meme ones....but the opposition been extra sweaty lately. I value synergy of perks/addons over raw power naturally leading to more diverse builds. My main goal is a change in play style when i use a different build so I don't get bored. C

  • SoGo
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    Artist main

    Mostly my build consists of Tinkerer (addicted to this one) 1-2 slowdown perks and one other perk. Sometimes I play with Pentimento & Plaything.

    Sometimes I try to get value out of Make Your Choice

  • JamJam
    JamJam Member Posts: 12

    Depends on the killer, on somebody like huntress you need info so that survivors dont just hide the whole game so i run 2 tracking perks and 2 slowdowns. But i love coming up with creative and wacky builds to try out! When you get value from some niche or just decent perks it feels great honestly.

  • SpitefulHateful
    SpitefulHateful Member Posts: 207

    Even if you want to try a fun build, you risk survivors crapping all over you in the endgame chat. No mercy is the only fun there is.

  • edgarpoop
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    My cycle goes like this:

    Run full meta on a strong killer and win easily>get bored and run semi-meta on a bottom tier killer only to get rolled>Run full meta on a strong killer and win easily>repeat cycle

  • radiantHero23
    radiantHero23 Member Posts: 3,631

    Fun builds most of the time. Games are supposed to be fun. I still play to win (without tunneling and camping if possible).

    I rarely want to play extremely sweaty. The game starts to feel like a job if one goes that route. I try to avoid a game feeling like work when my everyday life is already busy enough.

  • Deudermont
    Deudermont Member Posts: 15

    Recently I've been running hex placing, spies from the shadows, nowhere to hide, and starstruck. Scratch that, I took out spies and put on lightborn because I've been running into a lot of bully flashlight squads

    That's if I am Pinhead or Trapper, which are my two mains. If I'm messing around with, say, Myers, then I'll run lightborn and a blood points perk. And I'll just mess with people, I won't actually try to win. I'll pick them up, carry them around, I'll even go to a hook look up at the hook shake left and right so they know I'm saying no, and just keep running around.

  • caligraph
    caligraph Member Posts: 359

    I usually like to take 2 info perks + NWO and a slowdown. Ex: blight build is lethal, bbq, nwo, deadlock.

  • HerInfernalMajesty
    HerInfernalMajesty Member Posts: 1,318

    Fun builds or adept builds! What are some of your builds?

  • I_Cant_Loop
    I_Cant_Loop Member Posts: 274

    If you don't bring at least a couple meta perks, the likely results of the match will be all 4 survivors t-bagging you at the exit gate. It's an unfortunate reality of the current state of the game. Fun, chill matches don't exist anymore.

  • Spare_Them_Mori_Me
    Spare_Them_Mori_Me Member Posts: 1,328

    Not a killer main, but a Trapper Main. My usual build is Hex: Plaything, Trail of torment, Agitation and Mad grit.

    Going in having fun, spinning while n chase makes things pretty fun pretty quick. Most survivors beckon me mid-late game for 1v1's at shack, as its clear the trial has a killer with personality lol.

    I'll never use regression, as it is great, but less so on Trapper imo. Most of the roster NEED to gen regress, even the S tiers. Trapper…. not so much.

  • LeFennecFox
    LeFennecFox Member Posts: 1,232

    Depends on the killer mostly. DBD curse of bringing 4 slowdown and getting 10s chases or bringing 4 fun perks and getting the best survs in the game.