Pain Res Nerf = Good Pop Nerf = Bad, other Regression perks are all bad.

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Pain Res will still be extremely good, 20% of MAXIMUM progress is absolutely massive, and it will still be a very strong perk and let's be real, it did need this 5% nerf, especially taking into consideration the 50% buff that normal kicks got. However, the Pop nerf is just not it chief, 20% of CURRENT progress is basically nothing, I remember when I first started playing it was at 20% and no one ever used it because 20% of CURRENT progress is really bad. 25% is completely fine, because again, we can all agree these 2 are a bit strong, but they only need small nerfs, nerfing Pop by 33% is not a good call.

We could also use buffs to other regression perks so these 2 aren't the only viable ones. Make Jolt 10% instead of 8% and/or increase the range to 40 meters. Call of Brine should be buffed to 175% of normal regression. I personally hate playing against Overcharge so I'm glad it's dead but I think it could use an entire rework honestly. Maybe make it like "The next instance of regression applied to this Generator is increased by 25%, the Generator regresses at 125% the normal rate, this can only be applied to 1 Generator at a time, once the 25% extra regression is applied this perk is removed from the Generator it is currently on" or something like that to make it a perk for keeping that one very important Gen up, like Mid on Ormond for example. Oppression is actually a good perk tbh, but the cooldown is just way too long to be actually useful in any meaningful way aside from 3 gen Andy's. Reduce the CD by even 20 seconds and it would be more appealing. Ruin should get an extra effect that increases the amount of progress Survivors have to repair before a generator stops regressing by 20%, because I mean it's called RUIN so have it actually RUIN the generator in a sense, and this new mechanic is great for the game, and Ruin can be removed from play entirely so I think this is not only fair, but also adds a bit of uniqueness to it. Those are just some of my ideas that I think could be nice.


  • Royval
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    wouldn’t say 20% is massive and it’s only 4 times. I rather have the old pain res 15% unlimited uses. Without the screaming and reveal ofc.

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    The problem is that anyone can just stack those perks, so if both of them are strong individually, they are very, extremely strong when stacked together.

    Also, buffing the other regression perks won't really diversify the meta. Players will just stack the strongest ones that are available and we will have the same issue as described above.

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    not really, if you make them similarly effective, then each killer has better use for one or the other, which is going to lead to diversity.

    Issue was after 3-gen feature, nothing was even close to pop/pain res. Pop is just not valid at 20% in my opinion, pain res will still be used, but it won't be viable as single slowdown.