Honestly I Dont Understand The Hate For Windows Of Opportunity

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I always see people say "it's a crutch perk" and "good Survivors dont need it," but I personally think it's a good tool for SoloQ players and players learning the game.


It has a high pickrate for a reason, being that most players who use it are by themselves, they dont know what pallets have and havent been used, so WoO prevents them from going into a deadzone and being easy prey for the Killer. Compare this to a SWF, which can just call out which pallets they have used to their teammates for free without any perks.

I also feel as if people also kind of neglect the impact this has on new players. It gives them an easier time understanding how tilesets work, giving them a better grasp of their surrounding. None of this is to say that WoO is solely a "new player perk" but it helps make the game easier to learn which is amazing. I think people forget how different DBD is to other games, it's not like you can just transfer your skills from another game to DBD, so DBD has a huge learning gap that WoO helps with.


And of all things to complain about being "crutch," I really dont understand Windows of Opportunity being one. I have never found myself playing Killer and saying "I lost this match because of Windows (oO)," I never really feel the impact it has on a match, things just kind of feel normal.

I personally feel like people want it nerfed because they assume it's why they lost a match, and I really hate to say it, but it really does feel like it, I think there are an infinite number of things people could complain about, WoO is not one of them.


I know someone out there will probably accuse me of defending it or something, so as always, I feel the need to say this.

I play both sides, I play both Killer and Survivor. I have 2.7k hours on Console and 1.1k hours on PC, not that hours mean much, but I have dumped a lot of time in this game for either side. I bought DBD to play both sides, so I dont consider myself a "Killer main" or "Survivor main," I just do my own thing and form my own opinions.

Now that the obligatory "I dont main either side" part is done, I can actually move onto the real meat and bones of this section.

I rarely use WoO. I prefer Any Means Necessary, I get to see where pallets are dropped while also having the ability to reset them if the Killer does not break them. Alternatively, I just rather run other SoloQ information, Alert and Troubleshooter are also other perks I enjoy.

In fact, here is a list of alternative perks I enjoy using:

  • Alert
  • Any Means Necessary
  • Bond/Empathy
  • Troubleshooter
  • Aftercare
  • Fogwise


Nerfing WoO will simply result in players swapping over to perks that inherently make them harder to kill. I am aware that they already run that but basically freeing up a perk slot kind of shoehorns most players into doing it.

And listen, Idk about you, but Id rather have Windows of Opportunity in my matches instead of another (insert meta perk).


  • ChaosWam
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    I actually hate running it because it makes me double guess myself on loop chaining. Maybe because I learned without it?

    As for other perks, Alert and Troubleshooter combo'd is actually insanely good for chases. If the killer tries to play a loop after pre-throwing, you see them. If they break it, you see them.

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    It's a very useful perk so that you don't get screwed over by rng and pallets that have been dropped without your knowledge. It is sort of a crutch once in a while when new players use it to insta drop every pallet but I don't actually see that often.

    Also pick rate can be an indication of strength, not always but it is most definitely a factor.

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    I don't love it just because of soloq. One teammate without looping skill turns half of the map into huge deadzone just for one chase and will die in a god pallet anyway. And players like these never won't improve their skill just because of this perk. I recently saw such survivor with 3k hour in my killer match, running just straight forward without even knowing where i am, dropping every pallet in a way. I had no doubt it's Windows users and surprise, surprise… he was. "oh pallet, oh i need to drop it quick quick… oh im safe * hit from the same side of the pallet * "
    I don't mind Windows as killer for the same reason, even if i think this perk can make loop chaining a bit strong, but i know that good loopers can do it even without a perk. But you pretty often can say which survivor runs it just for watching his pathing.
    Edit: Agree on AMN, my favourite survivor's perk for almost three years. Very underrated perk, especially after last buff. So much useful info and resources recovery. Troubleshooter also is very underrated.

  • Marc_go_solo
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    I never get the "crutch perk" argument, considering the fact every single perk is a crutch, since they enhance different aspects of the game.

    It's a good perk with good information. It may get less use if some of the mid-tier or lower-tier perks were buffed, and I'm not against some restriction to it, such as it working for a set period of time. However, I only say this because I firmly believe the game will be better and fresher if larger scopes of changes were done every so often to really shake the meta and prevent staleness.

  • devoutartist
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    gonna have to disagree because in a swf the same result happens anyways they just call witch pallet was used witch is still up woo is a soloq perk and always will be a soloq perk in fact i really thing is should be basekit just like shadowborn is with the fov it would free up a slot for solo players and would make the game better just like killers can see gens and hooks aura

  • MoNosEmpire
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    Killers just want something to complain about because they can't double back or anti loop lmao

  • VomitMommy
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    It usually comes into argument mainly when we see nerfs on killer side with reasoning of "pick rate". Like we see in this patch…

    I don't really think WoO is just soloQ / new players perk. It's definetly good for them, but WoO is simply really good perk for anyone. Just fact that you are not affected by map RNG and you just know, where to run is really strong effect.

    It just comes to double standards. Either pick rate is valid reason for nerfs, or not.

  • VomitMommy
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    Yeah, no wonder Ultimate Weapon was so hated and nerfed into oblivion.

  • bobateo
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    I disagree a bit with this. The biggest thing that WoO has going for it is that it is consistent not only match to match but throughout the match. The power of Unbreakable, DS, and OtR, when you need them, is way stronger than WoO. However, if the Killer doesn't slug, then UB is next to useless. If the Killer isn't tunneling or if you aren't the 1st person tunneled, the effect of DS and OtR is dramatically reduced. Adrenaline is useless if you don't reach endgame.

    WoO on the other hand puts out smaller but consistent value. Whatever match your in, you will likely get value out of it from your first chase to your last. I think that steady value, match to match, is perhaps it's biggest draw. It's not like going for that sweet healing build only to find yourself in a match against Plague.

    I think the other big argument against WoO, when it comes to basing its strength off pickrate, is that there is no other perk like it for survs. Yes, there are other information perks, but none that really give the kind of information that WoO does. If SB were suddenly the only exhaustion perk available that gave a speed boost, no one (I hope) would claim that its much higher pickrate is a sign its stronger than it actually is. It's just the only option in that category of perks that gives a particular effect.

  • Snowbawlzzz
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    Play a game with blindness perks and watch the Window Lickers flail helplessly

  • AmpersandUnderscore
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    One of the biggest complaints in this game is maps and map rng. If course a perk that is designed to give information about that is going to be popular.

    WoO isn't broken or overpowered.

  • Nazzzak
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    "I personally feel like people want it nerfed because they assume it's why they lost a match"

    It's because of this. They lose, they see the survivors are using Windows, rinse and repeat. Eventually they believe that's the reason. I agree though, I don't think it's a strong perk. I think it's just one of the better options among an increasingly dismal set of options. It simply shows you what's there. And Blindness counters it. I personally can't use it as all the auras make me feel overstimulated. I'm simply more conscious of my environment when I hop on a gen.

  • Marioneo
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    This having perfect knowledge where every pallet is and if your teammate has used it or not is ridiculously strong information i get why its the most used perk now after running it you dont become a god looper but you sure can never run into a deadzone and pallet chain more easier

  • DragonMasterDarren
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    Personally, I just hate the perk because the people who run it basically just play the game on autopilot

    It’s like Distortion, the perk itself is fine but the people who run it are insufferable

  • Rulebreaker
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    We don't particularly care about windows but we see it as a "crutch" due to definition. A crutch is: "Something that provides help and support you depend on, often too much". Emphasis on too much as whenever one of us runs some blindness, we often see a noticeable deterioration in skill from survivors. Its a good perk, but survivors are relying on it like killers relying on stacked gen regression.

    Again we don't care about it and never blamed it for a loss or some wild take like that, but when we see people call "crutch" on we kinda can't disagree atm.

  • The_Yosh
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    As a killer, you can definitely see when people are using WoO as they run from yellow to yellow. In the past this was not much of a problem because you were destroying resources. However, as the maps have shrunk, and the new maps have increased pallets, pallet and window density has significantly increased.

    When I am playing a killer that may be hindered by a WoO user, I simply run blindness. Most killers have a blindness addon, and there are many blindness perks out there. You can actually see an instant change in player skill as soon as you inflict them with blindness. They go from looping effortlessly to making rookie errors.

    On the other hand, I also see WoO as an accessibility perk. Some players may have reduced working memory. Some players may be unable to learn loops effectively, no matter how many hours they have. WoO reduces the cognitive load and reduces overload.

  • edgarpoop
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    The "only bad players need it" take might be the worst take I regularly see. There's nothing skillful about RNG or a lack of communication regarding pallets. It's a ridiculous take. And it's a sign of skill if someone knows maps well enough to know that they need to see which way a window is facing, for example.

  • HauntedKnight
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    I don’t think the perk should be nerfed but the gaslighting really needs to stop. It is a very useful and pretty strong perk that is not only run by new and inexperienced players. Those players may use it to know where to go but good players use it just as much to tell them where not to go.

    Consider this scenario: You have shack to your left and a jungle gym to your right. Shack pallet is down, the jungle gym pallet and an interconnecting filler pallet are both up. Thinking shack is stronger you run there only to find the pallet gone. You get downed when if you’d gone to the right you could have wasted the killers time for a good amount.

    This whole scenario does not play out if you’re running windows (or in a SWF) and that’s why the perk is strong. Really it boils down to this- do you believe the above scenario I described is a fair one in a 4 vs 1 game? In that context I’d say it is, as resources are meant to be shared amongst the 4. But if you think it’s unfair not knowing which resources have been used then I get why you’d think windows was totally fair and balanced.

  • Mr_K
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    I guess it's because the survivor never has to keep track what resources have been used or where the next pallet is located.

  • MrPenguin
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    These things are not mutually exclusive. They can all be true.

    Windows is good for new players.

    It's also good for SoloQ.

    It's also a crutch since you never need to learn a fundamental skill of the game with it on.

    It's not OP. That's a map design problem not a problem with WoO.