feedback: Make current modifier permanent

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I really wish you would make this a permanent mode. I absolutely love it!
Ive played since 2016 and the game has been feeling very stale. This definitely brought me back. Im at work waiting to come back and play lol I havent felt that urge for a long time. As a frequent (almost 100%) solo player, it has definitely been a better experience.
I really enjoy going into the game and having random perks and knowing everyone else does too. it has changed the gameplay up a bit,. especially when most games are meta build on blight, nurse and wesker…
While im still getting the same type of killers, its actually refreshing to see people have to play it differently and being surprised by genuinely good players. I haven't seen 1 DC yet (touch wood)

i genuinely love not knowing what ill have til im in the game. It has made this game feel more enjoyable again (for me at least).

I also think this mode is a perfect opportunity to also test it as an unranked mode. No MMR, No Ranks. It would probably be the only mode balanced enough to do this because every perk is random, every game, for everyone

Please consider making this a permanent game mode.


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    I think having rotating gamemodes at all times will be very healthy for the game in general. I don't think this one in particular should always stay, as many people are not a fan of it, but having alternative gamemodes is a great way to prevent burnout and the game becoming too repetitive/boring. We'll see how the 2v8 gamemode works, hopefully it will be fun too.

  • blithes
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    perhaps not a permanent game mode, but maybe a permanent toggle option when you're in just a normal lobby to randomise your perks if you so choose, i know myself and a lot of my friends enjoy not finding out our perks until we load in :-)

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    Maybe for a 4 man SWF who wanna mess around, sure. Definitely not for soloq though, please. It's already full of trolls, I'd rather not load in and have a teammate with No Mither and Object of Obsession that gets tunneled within 1 minute of the game, because he chose random perks.

  • its_vk
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    In this game mode, it's all about choice. The ones picking it are keen on that particular style of play.

    You won't find hardcore competitive players, those who stick to their perks religiously, or rage quitters here because it's just not their cup of tea. This mode is about mixing things up, having fun, and keeping a bit of a serious edge without getting stuck in the same old routine and mentality.

    Adding other modifiers is cool and all, but if this mode were a permanent fixture, it'd add a whole new layer of fun to the mix while also periodically having other modes to test.

    • It shakes things up because you've got to adapt your strategy based on your perks. I've been playing it non-stop, and there's a bunch of people who can't imagine playing without their perks. That's cool, this mode isn't for them. But there have been some seriously skilled killers and survivors, and the end games have been solid.
    • Yeah, there have been a few disconnects since I posted, but those aren't the folks who'd be into this mode. It's been maybe a handful of people, compared to the loads you see in the regular game.
    • There's none of that cutthroat competitiveness or petty behavior here, and I reckon it's a lot friendlier to noobs too. They get to try out different perks in real matches without worrying about matchmaking rankings, and the spray theyre going to cop in end game. They get to face a wider variety of killers because, let's be real, this mode allows that option. There's no METAS here
    • Without matchmaking ranking in this mode, you get quicker games and a broader range of skill levels without all the drama in the end game chat.
    • People are more inclined to learn how to deal with pressure because you cant just run gen perks so again, if you find yourself frustrated after a few games, go back to the regular game.
    • having this mode also gives the devs the option of harsher dc penalties. Maybe an option could be that if you play the regular mode and dc, the lock out for a first dc is longer and it gets harsher a lot faster (People who dc in the other mode still get penalties)

    I've been randomizing my perks in real matches for years, but it's not the same as this mode when nobody else is doing it, especially the killers. It causes end-game issues because some see my choices as a waste and rage quit when I use unconventional perks. The killer then has the advantage with their meta perks while I'm just trying to enjoy myself. I get it, winning matters to them, it matters to me as well, i just dont think its dead by daylight anymore when its the same killers, same play style and same perks every game. The other mode still allows for serious play while still allowing for fun and experimentation with strategies.

    Having options means players can perform better since they're selecting based on how they feel. Adding this mode would offer a more balanced lineup. It lets you choose a mode that fits your mood.