Please make Chaos Shuffle permanent


it’s so refreshing to be able to play a game without the same perks on both sides every game

To just go into a game and enjoy it, without having to face a full meta build and being “forced” to run a full meta build yourself to counter is so much fun and very reminiscent of your early days on the game where each match was chaotic randomness

Please make this mode permanent, or at least a recurring mode every few weeks


  • rysm
    rysm Member Posts: 221

    Hard agree. This is the most fun i've had playing this game in ages. Going into games not knowing my perks is exciting. I've used perks in this mode that i've never used before and my games overall have been much more fun.

    Every one of my games have also seemed much more balanced, with no side having a huge advantage over the other which feels so so nice.

    I also like the mini tome that has been added with it - helps keep me in check. I know the challenges are fairly simple but would be great to have a more difficult tome to try and work towards with my random perks.

    I'm really happy with this mode. Nice work devs!!

  • Cryopier
    Cryopier Member Posts: 59

    It would be nice to get some basekit anti tunneling. I swear, everytime there is a special mode, killers result to the most mindless strategies.

  • Krazzik
    Krazzik Member Posts: 2,426

    It should certainly be an option for normal matches, just a box you can tick and it gives you random perks.

  • Aven_Fallen
    Aven_Fallen Member Posts: 15,756


    But they should make it impossible to use Items, Add Ons or Map Offerings. The gamemode is fun because it is great to not play against 4 Meta-Perks for once. But people dont need to use BNPs in it or bring a Map Offering + strongest Add Ons.

  • MikeyBoi
    MikeyBoi Member Posts: 537

    Separating a small player base with a game mode that mechanically plays the same that will inevitably get boring to the majority of the player base faster then what people think will result in increased queue times. Chaos shuffle is alright, it’s really nothing amazing, I went back to public matches after I completed the event tome, I enjoy my algorithm of meta..sorry having another permanent game mode ain’t healthy for the game..

  • The_Yosh
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    edited May 18

    In your opinion.

    I like it as a way to blow off steam and goof around. I also know many others that have quit due to the current meta, and killer play styles. These players have come back for Chaos Shuffle and are loving it.

  • Marc_go_solo
    Marc_go_solo Member Posts: 4,983

    Absolutely agree this should stay. I play like this even in regular trials and it has always kept the game engaging and never stale. To have an option whereby people who want to be random but are worried about any disadvantages can now play on a level playing field would be great!

    From my experience, you can still be good playing random in the main game and have good results, because people rely too heavily on perks and not gameplay. However, this is the perfect equalising of the playing field. I'd admit I'd probably jump straight into this mode if it became permanent.