Chaos Shuffle - how fun mode can not be fun

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The amount of tunneling and proxy-camping in the new mode is just ridiculous, literally most of the killers I have played against at all costs show that they must win.
Everyone can play how they want, but if anyone is looking for reasons why survivors give up, maybe one of them is that when survivors don't have a certain Off the Record / Decisive Strike, killers go back to tunneling.
I can't choose a build for myself, I can't do genrush, I can't take something to help me heal others, my drawn builds have perks like “No one left Behind”, “Boon: Dark Theory”.
The best part anyway was how I was slugged because killer wanted to find the last survivor for 4K at all costs.
R e a l l y?


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    My survivor games have been fine regarding killers, I'm actually really enjoying the event. It's currently Saturday where I am, so it'll probably be sweaty today (usually is on weekends) but Thurs and Fri I had a blast and made crazy bp with everyone bringing BPS etc. Sorry you've had a bad time though, I think this modifier is great but as always bad apples can ruin the mood.

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    I've had no team mates giving up in my games thankfully, but had two killers DC shortly after loading in. I'm assuming because of their perks. They both had Shattered Hope, so I wondered if that's why. The only common denominator anyway.

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    I really don’t understand lol. Getting trash perks is part of the fun😂

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    People feel like they are at a disadvantage without their usual builds. It's to be expected.

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    I dunno. I mean, I didn't enjoy the Lights Out modifier as i felt the disadvantage was too great for me, so I opted not to play it. I do realize though that everyone gets something different out of the game, I just wouldn't personally play this mode if I didn't feel it you know? The Tome is pretty easy to get through too, so sweating isnt a requirement. Majority of people in my games are chill, and I honestly hope people discover a love for lesser used perks out of this so we get some variety once it ends.

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    Killers have been mostly chill in my games. Most people play hard cuz they don't want to be shamed by others, but both sides have the easy excuse of saying, " I got a lousy perk roll." I believe this makes both sides more relaxed.

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    My trials - with the exception of one - have been nothing like that. Even the one where I was tunnelledI could understand, because the Singularity player was really struggling.

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    Because the best way to reduce the number of players is to delay against Gen. As long as you have to play in a random park, you have to play more strictly than in a normal game, because once a Gen has advanced, it is more often than not impossible to get it back.

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    So loop well? If you can't loop well you should lose yes what do you just wanna hold m1 on gens and just let the killer roll out a red carpet for you to walk out while giving you a massage?

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    Thats just naive. Every modifier showed that killer strategies are a fundamental issue for this game. It doesnt matter how survivor play, killers always rely on this to make an unfair advantage.

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    I've experienced the same, most matches are all about slugging and excessive camping and tunneling. I assume it's because the new mode has a different pool of players which may affect MMR? In normal mode I only experience this kind of cheap play style on occasion and with killers who are clearly weaker or inexperienced players, whereas killers who know how to effectively use their powers rely on their skills to win and are the majority of people I go up against when I play survivor.

    But in chaos mode it's literally almost every match. I usually decide which side to play based on where the BP bonus is but I've been mostly playing killer regardless because being a survivor has been really boring. I think it could be because weaker players don't know how to use their killers without their favorite perks.

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    Somehow I've seen more styptics/syringes/bnps in this mode than in normal matches... Haven"t tried playing survivor so can't really comment on killer behavior.

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    I couldn’t agree more. I’ve mostly played survivor through this mode and my experience has been great. Me and my buddy have played just fine against the worst (most skilled) of killers. Our teammates aren’t always up to par or sometimes we make bad plays. However this event has been a greater fun to me than the last several years of DBD. I really enjoy it and hope this mode continues

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    That’s too bad that your matches have been so frustrating. My matches as Survivor during the modifier have actually been really fun and exciting.

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    Unfortunately, I don't really think they can change anything about how killers decide to play or how survivors decide to play. I've had matches in the chaos shuffle where survivors will just give up on hook like in the normal queue games or a survivor going afk and throwing (maybe because they aren't happy with the perks they randomly received). I still think this mode is fun. I haven't played the normal queue since it's release. It feels nice to have a change up in DBD for once. I would run random perks in normal queue but it was never balanced out because killers would bring the meta slow downs. Now it's doesn't matter. They may or may not have it. I really hope this game mode stays and maybe make some adjustments to items so survivors can't bring bnps or something like that. Other than that it is a nice experience.

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    Lets not, its both sides thats being #########, I have played 10 games of it now (as killer) so far

    6 map offerings, 3 rpd, 2 the game and 1 crows erie.

    13 pink addons (bnps/instaheals)

    13 flashlights.

    Not to mention people dcing or suiciding on first hook after teabagging their nuts off

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    I totally cannot share the same experience, my games were enjoyable overall, certainly better than my usual soloq experience. Some games were a bit frustrating, but that was down to the random perks (killer getting usable perk, but my team only junk; team mates not using their perks sense fully). No rampant camping / tunneling like many here are saying, games were pretty chill.

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    This 100% at least 1 to 2 Survivors have a insta heal/bottle time or a toolbox with a Bnp I have yet to find a match without these

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    It's been pretty rough in my experience. I've had more games in a week of chaos mode where killers will do a 4 person slug and hump everyone for the entire bleed timer than I have since the game came out.

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    It basically comes down to a large percentage of Killers that only know how to play with certain perks i.e meta gen regression stacking builds. When you remove that from the table they find themselves unable to keep the pressure on teams due to bad decision making and micro/macro play mistakes. This often leads to frustration and will ultimately push them towards tunneling or camping.

    Survivors also have this problem when they become reliant on certain exhaustion or information perks and will go down very fast in chase. I've started to notice a lot of Survivors in Chaos Shuffle playing very safe and will run/hide as soon as the terror radius indicator starts. It's not really an issue on high mobility killers or stealth but Killers that generally struggle with map pressure really struggle to maintain map pressure and Chaos Shuffle really amplifies the lack of pressure for certain weaker killers.

    Its still a fun mode and ultimately I think its beneficial for both Killer & Survivors to improve certain aspects of their gameplay that might be lacking due to only using meta perks that can carry them during games.

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    I see people doing totems and looting chests all the time, even if they're already holding an item.

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    It’s not even that. I understand survivors objective is to do gens and killers is to kill. But when the game is over and 2 people are dead, one slugged, why look for the last person to get a 4k in a mode with zero MMR? Kills and escapes don’t matter in this mode. Go play regular mode if you want to sweat for the 4k.

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    I honestly feel bad that I don't like the mode. When it was challenge on the rifts, I would intentionally fail the challenge so I could play it again. It's been awful today and pretty much every time I've played it. Tunnel or genrush 100% every game.

    I hope it stays because I believe there is great potential. I just think moving forward, one should be able to pick one anti tunnel or anti gen rush perk and have the rest random.