Thought's on Onryo?


(My favorite 1# main)


  • Rickprado
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    I think they nerfed her too much. Althought i don't think we should go back to the 2.0 Onryo (global condemn) BHVR at least should make her power more opressive in the current version. Her condemn only makes pressure when someone is very sloppy and doesn't get the tapes when she start spamming teleport.

    They've made her too weak by making too counterable.

  • danielmaster87
    danielmaster87 Member Posts: 8,500

    Terrible killer after they changed her again. She has nothing in chase, and Condemned is basically non-existent once they pick up a tape.

    BOOTtoFACE Member Posts: 41

    Who? Oh, the ######### version of Spirit.

    Yeah, she's bad.

  • Blueberry
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    Her phasing is desynced between what you see and what the survivors see and the duration of her disappearance also isn’t lasting as long as it’s supposed to (roughly .8 instead of 1.2). Both bugs have been acknowledged in the bug forum and are being looked into, no ETA yet.

    She has a “stealth” that is basically non existent since it has a lullaby that tells them when you’re near and it’s even directional for that matter.

    Surprise teleports don’t actually work because it’s again, directional, as well as showing you all the TV auras so there’s no chance for catching them off guard.

    No difficulty in finding TVs for tapes as they’re all lit up for you.

    No negative to holding tapes.

    No longer realistic counter play to preventing survivors from dropping off tapes and removing condemn since they can drop off at off TVs and hits no longer destroy tapes.

    They can completely turn off your power and map mobility by just walking around turning off all your TVs. It’s again the issue many killers suffer from which is survivors controlling your power more than you do. They decide if you get to use it.

    Since hits don’t destroy tapes anymore and the tape drop of animation is so fast they can drop the tapes off at the TV right in your face preventing the stack lock in or the condemn.

    The lock in limit per hook is so pitiful that it makes many Onryos just slug because the incentive isn’t good enough. Lock in condemn at one hook is the only thing that matters because once you’ve hooked them twice the condemn is now completely irrelevant since they’re dead on hook anyway. You also aren’t saving hook time on that condemn either since you probably wasted more time condemning them than that condemn kill saved.

    Many, many bad addons and addons that functioned based on her old kit but were never updated with her rework so they just don’t make sense anymore.

    I do very well with her but it’s because of people playing bad, not respecting her condemn or not knowing what to do, not because of her strength. She relies on bad players to do well.

  • Chocolate_Cosmos
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    Sadako release version (1.0): D tier, top among worst killers in the game

    Sadako 2.0 (first rework): A tier, the only killer that had bad chase power but had insane macro and slowdown potential. It was pretty unique since it was the only killer that didn't rely on chase power.

    Sadako 3.0 (current): bottom C tier, just slightly better than original version in terms of chase but worse in terms of condement and power function.

    Result: She needs buffs.

    ARTRA Member Posts: 882

    In bad shape. Yes you can play and win but.

    • 0 chase power
    • Hard to apply condem
    • Easy to remove condem

    It could get some buffs, i like Oreo but some love could be nice.

  • MechWarrior3
    MechWarrior3 Member Posts: 1,519

    Agreed. She’s really awful. I love her and I won’t give up…but yeah…low ctier killer for sure.

    Non existent stealth with a directional lullaby..

  • ObsidianButterfly
    ObsidianButterfly Member Posts: 8

    Pretty much all of this.

    Bad chase, laughable condemn mechanic, worthless stealth. Sure, she has decent map mobility, but that doesn't matter if she sucks at everything else. She's a slightly better M1 killer, but she needs a lot of help right now.

    They need to turn her back to her 2.0 version, with some changes here and there. Let her stay bad in chase and boost her macro game and map-wide pressure. Condemn and TVs should be an actual threat rather than a minor inconvenience.

    Not EVERY killer needs to be chase focused.

  • MechWarrior3
    MechWarrior3 Member Posts: 1,519

    The only thing I didnt like about the 2.0 version is it took away from her original characteristics from her power. I really miss the passive condemn on tapes. Tapes are free right now. There are no downsides to tapes. Only upsides unless if you have Ring Drawing which should've just been basekit.

  • MechWarrior3
    MechWarrior3 Member Posts: 1,519

    Yeah its a shame sadly. Its okay to suck in chase. I am 100% okay with that with her but shes gotta make up for it with her powers. AKA Condemn and Stealth. She has so many flaws hurting her still.

  • this_aint_h00die
    this_aint_h00die Member Posts: 68

    im not sure what you mean by "Every" killer, especially not Onryo, she's horrid in chase, coming from a Onryo main