Why did Chucky get nerfed so hard?

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I do not understand.

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  • tyantlmumagjiaonuha
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    Please join the PTB and play it yourself. Some parts have become more comfortable with the cooldown reduced to 2/3, while other parts have become more annoying with more scenes where you can't do anything against a survivor who uses his palette properly during the chase. However, in the latter case, a big part of Chucky's identity is lost and you don't have to use him anymore.

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    They nerfed him because of the 6 month cycle that shall not be named. If you know, you know, that's all I will say

  • LeFennecFox
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    Chucky comparable to spirit blight nurse? Are you talking about PTB because that sounds absurd he's a pretty bad killer outside having potential free hits every 18s.

  • ArkInk
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    Chucky main here, this isn't a hard nerf. Yes losing scamper was big, but it feels so good to get such a versatile power back so fast I'm honestly fine with it.

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    I love this new version of chucky. After flicks got removed it just felt like free hits every 20 seconds with scamper and i completely stopped playing him. Can't wait to play him more on live.

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    That is pretty comparable to Spirit don't you think? People even argued for him to be up at this level before the current PTB changes…

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    u really really reallyyyy wanna know??? because of scamper! using him became child play....🤓

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    The changes to chucky were a nerf IF you only used his power to scamper outside of his dash. If you played him in the normal, not brainrotted, skillful way and you use your dash a lot, its a pretty substantial buff.

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    We don't, actually. Could you please elaborate for the class?

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    I play a good bit of Chucky although I'm a Survivor Main, and I would tend to agree. I've always seen Scamper as being similar to Legion's ability to skid across downed pallets while Feral Frenzy is active. It only works if the special ability is active, and it SHOULD, in theory, cause Survivors to quickly think twice before dropping a pallet. But in practice, Survivors like to cry about nearly anything that compels them to interrupt the all-holy 'Meta', so it became a problem.