Would the devs be willing to livestream?

bornagain234 Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 253

I would LOOOOOOVE to see the devs go up against upper MMR public matches as killer with no slowdown non meta builds, and as a solo queue survivor.

When cote did it, flashlights got nerfed immediately which makes me wonder if they actually play the game.

Would they ever do this again? There should be like 5 people at BHVR whos entire job is to just play all day and give feedback instead of relying on youtubers.


  • KingFieldShipper
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    It's not the devs job to play at the highest level, in any game, period, end of story.

    DBD devs are NOT going to spend 8 hours developing a game, then play the game for another 8 every night after work to grind to the highest level of every killer, and survivor. Just saying.

  • GolbezGarlandGabrant
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    MMR is not real. Just because you think you are high MMR does not mean the other 4 players are.

  • Unusedkillername
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    MMR is real but it is so loose people saying

    "I'm high MMR so (insert point here)" need to stop using MMR as a way of proving anything

    I have seen comp players from teams like x9, and I have seen streamers with loads more time in the game than i will ever have but guess what I have also seen players who could not find a loop in the audi logo.

    being high MMR does not prove anything and I wish people would stop talking about it as if it does.

    Unless they want to complain about MMR or praise its existence there is no other reason to bring it up.

  • IIITweedleIII
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    All this talk of MMR this and that and how to show who is High and who claims it. I honestly believe setting somethung a kin to Rift Challenges to that standard the player is at would define who actually is a pro and who's casual and who are the blowhards.

    I'm honestly tired of these MMR talks, it's just a game. I'd love to see actual proof

    Like the saying goes: Either Put Up or...


  • mangomilkshake
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    May we have their twitch/livestream names for us curious, would-be followers? @Jocelynbee

  • tyantlmumagjiaonuha
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    I'm not interested in whether the developer can play the game well or not, but at least understand what kind of play is good and how the adjustments that will be made will affect the game.

    Who came up with the new map and implemented it? The almost endless chases with warp portals and Window, which exploit the breakdown of chase decisions, etc., are too extreme in balance, with a significant advantage for survivors and a killer advantage if the two gates are brought to the final stage due to their extreme proximity. Is the feedback from many players of last year's Halloween event being ignored?

  • Neaxolotl
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    Honestly I'm believing there is always an internal war for balancing in BHVR, many many decisions are so weird

  • TheSubstitute
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    It's pointless for the devs to do that. The people who are watching who want to slam the devs will:

    (a) find an excuse to say the games don't count; and/or

    (b) ignore that a 2200 MMR player will be better than over 99% of the playerbase but will still look like a chump against a 2800 MMR player.

    Calls for this remind me of when I would point out that a few months after Knight's release it was possible to win the majority of matches in public games without 3 genning, camping or tunneling since the matchmaking was so loose. The people arguing against it would say the survivors aren't good etc and ignore that after close to six months of over an 80% win rate these are still the survivors I was matched with.

    I wasn't arguing tournaments or anything like that but, during that time period, matchmaking was loose enough that it could happen and a random selection of games showed that.

    The issue is that people look for other reasons other than themselves a lot of the time when their own play is normally a part of their loss the majority of their time. That's not an insult as some people take it; it's just a fact of life.

    Their own gameplay isn't the only factor the majority of the time either but it is a factor. I generally find that calling out things like the devs are doing this with DbD on a regular basis generally implies the person who is doing so likes putting the blame for any losses on external factors entirely instead of considering what mistakes they could have made and trying to improve.

    So why would the devs do that? There are enough people employed by BHVR that there is probably is a few high MMR players there but, even if they were the best, nobody who was criticizing the devs as whatever side favored would accept the matches anyway. It also reminds me of a Nurse player who said Nurse was too easy for him (and honestly I would have thought he was hacking if I hadn't seen his gameplay as he was amazingly good) and people would say that the survivors weren't good. He was just showing that matchmaking wasn't giving him challenging matches and was probably better at Nurse than 1 in 1,000 people could ever be and yet people still sought excuses.

    You can't convince closed minded people. It's would just be a waste of time.

  • radiantHero23
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    Well put. Thats propably why its the best for the people in charge not to show any gameplay of themselves. People will use anything to find confirmation to their believes.

    Cant blame them for having them though. I would have to lie to say that all decisions made are completely understandable and comprehensible.

  • joel84
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    That's exactly how I see it. People should just have fun. What's not to understand?

    Exactly. I'm tired of reading these MMR threads too. People can't see their number, so they shouldn't think anything of it either

  • WolfyWood
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    Not ever going to happen sadly, as needed and insightful as it would be.

    All it would take are a few freaks to shut the whole thing down, it also would be a terrible PR decision.

    That being said it feels like there isn't really a point to giving feedback unless you're echoing a popular sentiment or are popular yourself and even that doesn't seem to be relevant.

    The balancing in this game is far from community-driven.

  • Krazzik
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    As has been said it'd be pointless. If the devs did badly, people would use it as proof the game is BLANK-sided, if the devs did well, they'd ignore the result saying that they were just matched with bad players.

  • ReverseVelocity
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    Uh, actually, my MMR is 999999, and yours is 3.

    I know this because of reasons.

  • Junylar
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    If MMR were real and worked as intended, there would be no point in hiding it so secretively.

  • Nazzzak
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    You thinking Matheiu Cote personally decided to put through flashlight changes after that game is exactly why they'll never do as you ask. It's easy to make up scenarios in your head even if it's not reality.

  • edgarpoop
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    No no no. No specific numbers. Yours is "high", and mine is "low"

  • Unusedkillername
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    It is real.

    It exists BUT only to protect newer players think of it like a big public pool with a shallow-end, some middle-depth ground and a deep end. Once they are good enough to beat a bunch of their peer newer players they get moved to the middle and once they win there enough they go to the end.

    But people saying "im high mmr" as a crutch to say I'm better so what I say matters more are doing the same thing as a guy saying he can swim in the deep end of a public pool, therefore, all the new swimmer noobs better listen to what he has to say but just existing in the deep end means nothing Michael Phelps can float in water the same depth as me but I would still recommend listening to his advice on swimming over mine.