Let's come up with unique and fun Killer add-on rework ideas


I'm thinking of add-ons that change the playstyle or affect gameplay in a more fun way and not just some number tweaks. Some examples are LoPro Chains, Bloody Coil, Tension Spring, Iridescent OSS Report & Wakizashi Saya.

Just to make it easy for all the visitors in this thread and for you to present your ideas, let's make a small form:


Which pre-existing add-on to rework:

New effect:


  • RaSavage42
    RaSavage42 Member Posts: 5,545

    Killer: Pig

    Utility Blades: Applies Hemorrhage until the RBT is removed

    New Effect: Survivors can't heal fully while they have an RBT (90% at most and cannot be regressed)

    Rusty attachments: Applies Mangled until RBT is removed

    New Effect: can be sabotaged either delaying the death timer or making it a down not a death and Survivors can't heal fully ( 50% at most and cannot be regressed)

    Slow Release Toxin: Applies Exhausted until the RBT is removed

    New effect: Applies Obliviousness and shrinks FOV by 1 degree every 10 seconds while the RBT is on and for 15 seconds after the RBT removal minus the shrinking effect

    There's more addons that she has but I can't think of new effects

  • HexHuntressThighs
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    killer: Huntress

    Iridescent head: Hatchets inflict the dying state on survivors, limits hatchet count to 1

    New Effect: Hatchets that hit generators cause the generator to explode, immediately losing 5% progress and causes survivors on it to scream. Fully charged hatchets break pallets and breakable walls.

    Soldiers Puttee: Move at 115% when out of hatchets

    New Effect: Move at 110% while carrying survivors, kick pallets 25% faster, can vault windows and kick pallets while carrying survivors.

  • sizzlingmario4
    sizzlingmario4 Member Posts: 6,642

    Killer: Freddy

    Which pre-existing add-on to rework: Swing Chains (purple addon)

    Old effect: Survivors in the dream world have 50% louder footsteps.

    New effect: When the Nightmare completes a dream projection to a generator that is not being worked on, that generator starts to regress. The first Survivor to interact with that generator receives a difficult skill check that will not wake them up if failed.

  • D0NN1ED4RK0
    D0NN1ED4RK0 Member Posts: 792


    The executioner

    Addon: misty day remains of judgment (common addon)

    Effect: increases killer instinct duration by 1 second

    New version

    Misty day remains of judgment (iri addon)

    New effect: Any dropped pallets or breakable walls hit by punishment of the damned instantly break

  • SoGo
    SoGo Member Posts: 563

    Killer: The Trapper

    Add-on: Tar Bottle (Rare) Painting Set (Rare)

    Old effect: Makes the traps darker

    New effect: Changes the colour and texture of traps based on the enviroment around them (mostly the floor)

  • Archol123
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  • radiantHero23
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    Telephone: the onryos lullaby is silent.

    Rickety pinwheel: survivors can hear the onryos lullaby map wide outside of a 16m radius around the onryo while she is demanifested.

    Sea soaked cloth: the onryos lullaby plays near survivors every 20 seconds despite the onryo not being near them when demanifested.

    (I collected tons of ideas for her in the two ptbs she had.)

  • radiantHero23
    radiantHero23 Member Posts: 3,641
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    Pig seal of approval 🐽

    Edit: the rusty attachements I don't really get. Does the trap take longer to trigger for a healing debuff? That would be a pretty bad addon.

  • CaptainRaider
    CaptainRaider Member Posts: 150

    Doctor: replaces electric shock with electric traps that shoot out of the doctor’s hand and when colliding with pallets, windows or generators sets a trap that can be seen by the arching electricity from the object. Causes survivors to scream and be stunned for 2.5 seconds if attempting to interact with the object.

    Hag: Replaces Teleporting traps with mud walls that deploy when a survivor triggers the proximity trap. These walls have collision and will generate a wall from object to object of the left and right from which direction the hag placed the trap. This wall has a range limit of 4 meters.

    Wraith: instead of cloaking the wraith now has a bell which takes longer than unclocking normally does, but immediately grants 150% speed for .3 seconds. after the bell ringing action is complete.

  • Unusedkillername
    Unusedkillername Member Posts: 215

    Killer: freddy

    Addon: all current fake pallet addons give access to both fake pallets and snares

  • Kjøttkaker
    Kjøttkaker Member Posts: 77

    Half of the killer roster need buffs, reworks and proper changes.

  • RaSavage42
    RaSavage42 Member Posts: 5,545

    I got ahead of myself…. Yea the RBT can be sabo'd but will take 16 seconds and 4 skillchecks to complete but if interrupted the RBT will go off killing the Survivor

    So it'll allow Survivors to have another way out but comes at the cost of time and if complete then they will be in Deep Wounds at the end of the death timer not delaying it entirely… sorry for the misinformation

  • Devil_hit11
    Devil_hit11 Member Posts: 7,353


    Hellshire Iron: Survivors that mend themselves suffer a decrease of -30% healing speed for 120 seconds.

  • Marc_go_solo
    Marc_go_solo Member Posts: 4,974

    This went a bit nuts after a while and some may be overpowered, but here's a full Executioner add-on rework:

    Black Strap: Survivors crossing the Torment Trails are Hindered for 3 seconds and increases Killer Instinct duration by 1 second.

    Copper Ring: Increases the Torment Trails in the environment by 20 seconds.

    Dead Butterfly: Punishment Of The Damned attacks on a healthy survivor no longer injures, but instead inflicts Tormented status. Survivors can only be injured by Punishment Of The Damned once Tormented.

    Lead Ring: Rescuing a survivor from the Cage of Atonement inflicts Blindness for 60 seconds upon the rescuer.

    Cinderella Music Box: Increases the duration of Rites of Judgement by 2 seconds. Any injured survivor who is affected by the Torment Trails becomes Broken for 60 seconds.

    Forgotten Video Tape: Reduces recovery of Rites Of Judgement by -2 seconds. Any survivor injured by Punishment Of The Damned have their aura revealed for 5 seconds.

    Leopard-Print Fabric: When a survivor is sent to the Cage Of Atonement, all tormented survivor auras are revealed for 5 seconds.

    Spearhead: The reach of Punishment Of The Damned attacks is increased by 1.5 metres.

    Wax Doll: Survivors who become Tormented suffer from the Mangled and Hemorrhaged status effects for 80 second.

    Burning Man Painting: The reach of Punishment Of The Damned is increased by 2 metres.

    Mannequin Foot: Whilst performing Rites Of Judgement or walking on Torment Trails, you become Undetectable.

    Misty Day, Remains Of Judgement: Once a survivor is sent to the Cage Of Atonement, all survivors who are or have been Tormented up to that point become Exposed for 30 seconds.

    Tablet Of The Oppressor: Survivors affected by Torment will cough occasionally, and the volume of their grunts of pain are increased by 50%.

    Valtiel Sect Photograph: Reduces recovery of Rites of Judgement by -4 seconds. The Executioner can now execute any survivor on their final hook stage regardless, so long as they had been Tormented at least once previously.

    Crimson Ceremony Book: Survivors hut by Punishment Of The Damned suffer from Haemorrhage and Mangled status effects for 80 seconds.

    Lost Memories Book: Survivors suffer from the Oblivious status for 30 seconds when affected by Torment.

    Rust-Coloured Egg: Once a survivor is rescued from a Cage Of Atonement, all other survivors have their auras revealed for 6 seconds.

    Scarlett Egg: Once all generators are completed, any survivors who have been sent to the Cage Of Atonement are permanently exposed, and any survivor who is Tormented becomes permanently Tormented.

    Iridescent Seal Of Metatron: Once any generator is completed, any survivor who completed it becomes Tormented.

    Obsidion Goblet: Any survivor executed can be resurrected as an AI minion for the Executioner. They run at 3.8m/second and any survivor they hit will not only be injured but also Tormented.

  • Xernoton
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    Cracked Primer Bulb on Hillbilly: Only does 1 health state damage but allows Hillbilly to vault windows and curve again similar to the LoPro Chains. Also allows Hillbilly to keep on running after hitting a survivor but disables Overdrive.

  • VantablackPharaoh91
    VantablackPharaoh91 Member Posts: 252

    I have never liked Chewed Pen or Lasting Perfume, they both encourage camping as Ghostie and I think his reveal should jus take 3 seconds anyway. So here ideas I had for new addon if Ghostface got them, applied to those:

    Unsolved Murder Headline (Replaces Chewed Pen)
    Rare Night Shroud Addon

    The initial headline article that sowed chaos in Roseville and caused people to check for Ghosts everywhere, even when he wasn't actually present. Wracked by deep paranoia, the city could only lock their doors and wait to see who would die next.

    After activating Night Shroud, 5 seconds after doing so, Survivors will begin to become Paranoid and experience fake images and effects unpredictably. Whenever a Survivor experiences one and you are at least 24 m away, their Aura is revealed to you for the next 5 seconds. These effects can include fake Marks, false images of The Ghost Face stalking or approaching them, or a false Terror Radius coming from nearby dull Totems. These effects end after leaving Night Shroud by any means.

    "What's wrong with you? You look like you've seen a Ghost." - The Ghost Face

    Undeveloped Film Roll (Replaces Lasting Perfume)
    Rare Night Shroud Addon

    A roll of film he never developed, containing the final photographs of several victims later found dead in their homes from multiple stab wounds. Nobody ever caught the perpetrator behind these murders, and nobody ever will.

    After activating Night Shroud, Survivor Auras are revealed to you for the next 5 seconds. While in Night Shroud, you can see the aura of Generators being repaired by the intensity of their Auras.

    "I have just one question for you. What door am I at?" - The Ghost Face

  • Heliosse
    Heliosse Member Posts: 82

    Since Pyramid head already got some love, i'll do Xenomorph. This is a first try, please feel free to correct me if i overdid some things.


    Cereal rations:

    The Xenomorph can see the auras of flame turrets while travelling trough the tunnels. Exiting the tunnels will destroys every turrets in a radius of 6 meters from the control station.

    Drinking birdie:

    Exiting a control stations grants you the haste status effect (5%) for 10s.

    Improvised cattle prod:

    The Xenomorph cannot enter the crawler mode but is granted the undetectable status effect. Exiting a control stations is completly silent. Flame turrets are limited to 8 per matches.

    Ripley's watch:

    Noises produced by exiting a control stations are reduced by 75%, exiting a control station is 0.25s faster.


    Ash's Innard:

    Turrets take 30s longer to respawn in control stations.

    Brett's cap:

    Destroying a turret with a tail strike reveals the aura of the survivor that placed it for 6 seconds.

    Crew headset:

    Increase the footprints detection radius by 8 meters, detecting footprints will automatically highlight the path to the closest control station.

    Lambert stars map:

    When the Xenomorph enters the tunnels, every turrets stops beeping for 10s.


    Increase the speed of the Xenomorph in the tunnels by 2 meters.


    Emergency helmet:

    Every 20 to 40s, turrets will start beeping randomly for 3 to 6s. Each turrets has it's own countdown.

    Kane's helmet:

    The Xenomorph does not passively recharges crawler mode outside of the tunnels. In his bipedal stance, the Xenomorph breaks and vaults 30% faster.

    Moulted skin:

    At the start of the trial, control stations are empty. The first turret per unique control stations takes 30 seconds longer to appear.

    Multipurpose hatchet:

    Downing a unique survivors whith the tail strike grants you a token, each tokens reduces the size of your terror radius by 3 meters. You can collect a maximum of 2 tokens per unique survivors.

    Kane's headband:

    Press the designed button to initiate the fleeing. While fleeing, you rejoin the nearest control stations at a speed of 9 m/s. This action is automatic. If the Xenomorph is fully burned by the flame turrets, the fleeing actions will trigger instantly and reveal the auras of the survivor that placed the turret for 10 seconds.


    Cat carrier:

    Downing a survivor with a tail strike will muffle his/her scream and mark them. Hooking the marked survivors will deactivate the motion trackers for 30s.

    Harpoon gun:

    While in the tunnels, noises produced by survivors are 125% louder. Exiting the tunnels is 0.5s faster.

    Semiotic keyboard:

    Crawler mode and tail strike are deactivated for the entire trial. The Xenomorph can press the secondary attack button to skulk, skulking makes the Xenomorph enters it's quadrupedal stance. While skulking, survivors auras in a 32 meters radius will be revealed to the Xenomorph. Skulking makes the Xenomorph considerably slower (2.3 m/s). Standing up or down takes 0.6s. Burning out the Xenomorph will make Skulk enters a 20s cooldown.

    Self-destruct bolt:

    In crawler mode, vault speed is increased by 30%.


    Acidic blood: Your tail is injured, making it launch your deadly blood.

    Increase the range of the tail strike by 25%.

    Hitting a pallet or a breakable wall with your tail strike will mark it, marked pallet breaks after 3 seconds.


    For each seconds in the tunnels, this add on gets charged. When exiting the tunnels the Xenomorph gains the undetectable status effect and the motion trackers are deactivated. This add on can stack up to 180s and resets to zero every time the Xenomorph gets burned out of crawler mode.